How to Have the Perfect Log Cabin Stay

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Destinations, Travel Tips, worldwide

There’s something romantic about staying in a log cabin and enjoying nature. Here’s how to get planning your next log cabin stay, including the best destinations for the ultimate log cabin vibes! Plus… summer is upon us, and we all know that a log cabin stay is the ultimate way to de-stress ourselves. 

What to know to have the perfect log cabin stay?

  1. What to do on your log cabin getaway
  2. Best countries for a log cabin stay
  3. When to go
  4. How to prepare

What to do on your log cabin getaway

Man fishing on a river in the mountains

Well, you’re surrounded by nature, so make the most of it! It’s often a good idea that you consider if your stay is located by a body of water because then your activity possibilities will also be doubled. Here are some activities to add: 

  • Biking: check out the biking trails in the area, and get on the trails!
  • Swimming: get out on the lake!
  • Firepit: check if there is a firepit around and spend a cozy evening by the fire
  • Hiking: if you’re not up for getting on the bike, check out the hiking trails in the area before departing on your trip
  • Fishing: test out your luck with getting a good catch!

Best countries for a log cabin stay

Log cabin in a forest

Some countries are known for their log cabin vibes, so arranging your cozy getaway to these destinations will be easy peasy! 

  • Finland: Finland is a paradise for log cabins, and you can find plenty of options on Airbnb for your stay, plus on other platforms like Finland Cottage Rentals. But make sure of one thing: that your log cabin is equipped with a sauna! Make sure you know these things before traveling to Finland, though!
  • Iceland: Iceland also has its fair share of cute log cabins. For example, on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you’ll find Mulakot Cabins, and you can be sure your stay will be cozy as ever. While you’re in Iceland, make sure you check out at least one of the ten best waterfalls in the country
  • Canada: Canada is also a paradise for cottage lovers. Especially in the Vancouver area or Northern Ontario, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for making your cottage dreams come true. 
  • Sweden: Another Nordic country on this list is Sweden. To make your visit all the more special, spend your time in a traditional red cottage! 

When to go

Cabin with northern lights overhead

Although probably most people see summer as ideal for log cabin stays, winter can also be a magical time. In all of the log cabin countries, you also have the possibility of spotting the northern lights in wintertime, which makes the stays all the more amazing- if you get lucky! So, if you’re planning to get varied experience, aim for the dead of winter (November-January) or midsummer (June-August)!

How to prepare

Two people hiking in hilly scenery

Some log cabins are equipped with all the fancy amenities- so if you get lucky enough, the packing will be pretty easy. However, if your log cabin is only equipped with the very basics, you might have to consider packing a little more. Especially in Finland and Sweden, you’ll find many cabins that are not super luxurious, so just think of it as leveled-up camping when it comes to your packing list. Here are some things you might want to consider bringing: 

  • Bedding and towels
  • Cooking gear, including a cooler
  • Toiletries (make sure not to forget bug spray, sunscreen, and a first aid kit) 
  • Activities (board games, sports equipment…) 

The most important thing when planning your stay, though, is that you’re with the right people. That’s why it’s essential that you have like-minded TravelMates with you just to spend some quality time away from everything. Plus, with more people, you’ll be able to plan all kinds of fun activities during your stay. 

Getting out into the forest can be the ultimate way to reset and restart. We hope you’ve gained some valuable tips so you can start planning your log cabin stay! Start discovering JoinMyTrip now to see the opportunities for outdoor adventures with a group of like-minded travelers from around the world. Guided by our experienced TripLeaders, you will get the best experience you’ll never forget!

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