10 Best Waterfalls in Iceland

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The land of fire and ice… and waterfalls

Iceland is known for its images of magnificent waterfalls and has quickly become one of the hotspot countries in recent years because of its incredible natural beauty. One of the most picturesque things about Iceland is its 10,000 waterfalls. So, if you’re about to go chasing waterfalls… you can be sure that you will not run out of something to do. It can be hard to pick from 10,000 waterfalls, so here’s a list of 10 of the best to help you plan your trip!

10. Hàifoss

The waterfall Hàifoss or Tall Falls is located near the volcano Hekla in southern Iceland. Out of all the waterfalls of Iceland, it is the fourth highest. There is a parking lot both at the top and the bottom of the waterfall, so you can view it from both directions. The panoramic view of these roaring falls is simply incredible. You will also find the waterfall Granni, or Neighbor, located nearby.

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The Haifoss is the fourth highest waterfall in all of Iceland
The incredible Hàifoss

9. Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss is also located in southern Iceland and it’s one of the most beautiful ones you will see. What is special about this spot is that you can actually hike behind the waterfall. It is also one of the waterfalls that are often included in tours of the country. Because of the popularity of the waterfall, you can be almost sure that you will not be the only one there. An insider tip is to visit Seljalandsfoss during the night in the summer because the daylight lasts for so long. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, you can visit Iceland during the off-season, which is from November until March.

Another secret you should know about when it comes to visiting Seljalandsfoss is that there is actually another waterfall hidden in a cave directly beside it called Gljúfrabúi. Not all tourists know about this spot, so you might get lucky when it comes to avoiding the crowds. Looking at Seljalandsfoss, a trail to the right leads you to this hidden cave. The picture opportunities are also endless!

8. Skógafoss

Skógafoss is also known as one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland. You will certainly not miss this one, as its thundering beauty is right by the road when you are driving south in Iceland. Here, you have the possibility to take the stairs by the falls all the way to the top, so you can enjoy the views from all angles. The waterfall is on the Skóga river, and it actually used to mark the former coastline before the coastline receded. Because of the spray of the waterfall, on a sunny day, you’ll always be able to spot one (or even two!) rainbows.

There’s actually an overnight camping spot also directly in front of these falls, so if you’re lucky, you might spot the Northern Lights, which makes for an unforgettable experience.

The magnificent Skogafoss in summertime
Spot a rainbow at Skógafoss

7. Dettifoss

The Dettifoss is located in the Vatnajökull National Park in the Northeast part of Iceland. The falls are 100 meters wide and the falls are the second most powerful waterfalls in the world. Getting to Dettifoss, especially in the winter, requires a four-wheel drive. Because of the enormous power of these falls, the area around is also wet and muddy. So, drive carefully, and watch your step!

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6. Goðafoss

This waterfall is also located in the northern part of Iceland along the ring road. Viewing this wonder is very accessible if you have a rental car. The same trail actually connects Goðafoss and Dettifoss, so you can visit both places at the same time! The name Goðafoss stands for “Waterfall of the Gods”, and this one certainly lives up to its name.

The magnificent Godafoss at sunset
Goðafoss is a sight to see

5. Kirkjufellsfoss

Kirkjufellsfoss or ‘Church Mountain Falls’ is right by the famous Kirkjufell mountain, which is seen in Game of Thrones seasons 6 and 7. Although the waterfalls in themselves aren’t that big, the scenery of having the Kirkjufell mountain as the backdrop just makes them all the more special. You can find these falls on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, known for their dramatic and varied landscapes. The peninsula is often also referred to as ‘Iceland in miniature’ because you can see all the wonders of the country packed into one area.

4. Gullfoss

Gullfoss is located right by the famous Geysir in southwest Iceland and is deemed as one of the most popular falls in all of the country. So, it goes without saying… there must be a reason why tourists love this location! That being said, the location also tends to get quite touristy, something you might want to keep in mind. There is also a small shop and café with all kinds of Icelandic handiworks, and a visit here should definitely be included after admiring the power of the Gullfoss, or “Golden Falls.”

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The powerful Gullfoss on a summer's day
Check out Gullfoss when visiting southwest Iceland

3. Dynjandi

Going to visit Dynjandi will take you to the most remote part of Iceland, the Westfjords. When traveling here in winter, make sure to check the road conditions before heading out. But, after your long journey (from Snaefellsnes the drive is about 4.5 hours), you will not be disappointed. The roads on your way are curvy and sometimes narrow, so making sure that you have the car to fit the task is essential. The drive will take you through the remote and rugged landscapes of this beautiful country, and most likely you will not meet a whole lot of people on the way. Dynjandi is incredible because of its cascading nature and height of 100 meters. This waterfall is so powerful that you will hear it thundering from far away!

Big cascading waterfalls in rugged Icelandic landscape
The cascading falls of Dynjandi

2. Fagrifoss

This one is for all of you adventurers out there… getting to this waterfall requires you to cross a river ford. So, make sure your 4×4 is equipped for the trip to these remote falls in southeast Iceland. The interior highlands of Iceland are a very remote area but hold inside a lot of Iceland’s wonder and best-kept secrets. That is also one of the best things about seeing Fagrifoss, the contrast of the falls against the rough (and beautiful) Icelandic scenery.

Fagrifoss is a remote waterfall located in the interior highlands of Iceland
Adventure out to Fagrifoss

1. Glymur

That’s a lot of waterfalls to visit… but, there’s one more! This second-highest waterfall in Iceland cascading at a height of 198 meters, is located in the Hvalfjordur fjord in West Iceland. The waterfall is not visible from the road and requires a bit of a hike, but as we can see from images of Icelandic waterfalls, the hikes are for good reason. It is also recommended to hike along the Southside to get the best view of the falls! The hike will take you through some rivers and caves, a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping.

Glymur falls are worth the hike
Glymur is worth the hike

Iceland surely has no shortage when it comes to waterfalls, so it’s time to get chasing them! Whether you head to the south or north of Iceland, or perhaps the remote interior, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We also have a special deal for the JoinMyTrip members where you can save 10% on your base fare booking with Icelandair. 😍 So, book your flight to Iceland today! 




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