10 Best Cities in Sweden to Visit

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Sweden is among the top countries in the world, popular for its innovation and creativity. Moreover, the country has many diverse cities which offer different traveling experiences. Each city has distinguishable characteristics which are interesting to learn and explore, from nature to city life. Here, we have compiled a list of the best cities in Sweden to learn more about Swedish life.

Explore the charms of cities in Sweden

  1. Stockholm
  2. Gothenburg
  3. Visby
  4. Malmö
  5. Lund
  6. Linköping
  7. Uppsala
  8. Örebro
  9. Umeå
  10. Kiruna


stockhom cities in sweden
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As you already know, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. One fact about Stockholm that most people do not know is that this city is actually an archipelagic metropolitan. Stockholm consists of 14 islands which beautiful canals and neighborhoods scattered around the city. Even more, Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Nordic countries. This is so true because this city is home to a mix of modern and traditional architecture with many fun activities to experience.

If you use public transportation in Stockholm, try using its metro system. You will love how beautiful the metro stations are; every station has different artistic decoration styles. If you want to experience slow travel in Stockholm, you can enjoy adorable cafes scattered around to have a Swedish Fika with your friends. Many kinds of museums are also interesting to visit, such as Vasamuseet, ABBA Museum, and more.

Best places to visit: The Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, Skansen, Fotografiska, Drottningholm Palace, Moderna Museet, ABBA The Museum, Gröna Lund, Stockholm City Hall, Nordiska Museet, National Museum, Nobel Prize Museum, Djugården, Stortorget, Kungsträdgården, Tunnelbana, Södermalm, and Gamla Stan.


gothenburgh cities in sweden
Copyright: Jonathan Noack

The next top 10 cities in Sweden that you must visit is Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden located on the west coast. Known as the rainy city of Sweden, Gothenburg has a magical touch to make every corner looks so romantic. With streetcars rattling alongside the 17th-century canals, you will enjoy the views of hilly roads and parks everywhere. 

Gothenburg also hosts many cultural events throughout the year. One of the most popular events is “The Gothenburg International Film Festival,” which is the biggest film festival in Scandinavia. This city is also home to the Scandinavian’s largest amusement park, Liseberg, which features numerous fun playgrounds such as rollercoasters, log flumes, and many more. Besides, you can also take a day trip to its beautiful chain of small islands just by riding a bus or ferry.

Best places to visit: Southern Gothenburg Archipelago, Liseberg, Botanical Garden, Volvo Museum, Haga, Aeroseum, Slottsskogen, Tradgardsforeningen, Universeum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Skansen Kronan, Feskekörka, Museum of World Culture, and Maritiman.


Copyright: Oleh Holodyshyn

The island of Gotland is located on the east coast area of Sweden, which stands in the Baltic sea. This biggest island in Sweden has a tranquil landscape for you to enjoy countryside living. There are a lot of sheep farms, ancient ruins, fishing villages, sea stacks, and medieval churches. Even more, the city of Visby in Gotland is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

This largest city on the island even has one of Scandinavia’s best-protected medieval cores, such as the Gotland museum, where you can learn about the island’s rich history. There is also a largely magnificent intact city wall that has witnessed the development of this city from ages ago. Therefore, this is a good reason for you to visit this city in Sweden.

Best places to visit: Gotlands Museum, Visby City Wall, Botaniska Tradgarden, St. Karin Cathedral Ruins, Högklint Naturreservat, Lummelundagrottan, Tjauls Adventures, SwedenTrotAcademy, Almedalen, Visby Cathedral, Hansestaden Visby, Stora Torget, Galgberget, and Södra Hällarna.


malmo cities in sweden
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Going all the way down to the south of Sweden, you will get to see the third largest city, Malmö. Connected to Copenhagen, Denmark, by the famous underground tunnel and bridge called Öresund, Malmö is like a sister city of Copenhagen. Historically, Malmö and other cities in Sweden in the province of Skåne were a part of Denmark until 1720. So, you can expect that the atmosphere in Malmö is slightly different from many other big cities in Sweden.

Malmö is one of the most diverse cities in Sweden regarding people and cityscape. You can hear people here not only talking in Swedish, but some also speak English, Arabic, and many other languages. Besides its multicultural society, Malmö is home to many international restaurants. One fun fact about Malmö is that this city hosted Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1992 and 2013.

Best places to visit: Turning Torso, Öresund Bridge, Malmö Castle, Teknikens och Sjöfartens Hus, Lilla Torg, Stortorget, Slottsträdgården, Kungsparken, Sankt Petri Church, Malmö Konsthall · 6. The Disgusting Food Museum, Malmö City Library, and Limnhamn beaches.


lund cities in sweden
Copyright: Samuel Bryngelsson

Are you looking for a smaller city to escape from urban city life? Lund is the perfect place for you and probably one of the best-hidden gems in Sweden. Only 15 minutes away from Malmö by train, you will get caught in the charms of this little town. Lund is home to Lund University, which makes it famous for being one of the best student cities in Sweden. Even more, the University Library in Lund is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Sweden.

Thanks to its vibrant student culture, Lund offers its citizens and travelers a young and fresh vibe. The whole town is accessible within walking distance. Along its cobblestoned streets, you can find many cute cafes that are excellent for working or having a Fika. You can also sightsee its historical heritage by observing the medieval architectural style in many buildings.

Best places to visit: Lund Cathedral, Kulturen, Botanical Garden, Museum of Sketches for Public Art, Stadsparken, Lund University Historical Museum, Lund University Library, Drotten Church Ruins, Lund University Main Building, Lundagård, All Saints’ Church, Vattenhallen Science Center, and Lund Art Gallery.


Copyright: Wikimedia

The next city in Sweden worth visiting to learn about the Swedish lifestyle is Linköping. Linköping is a small city located in the green countryside in the center of Sweden. Although it may seem like an underrated place, Linköping has been awarded the city center of the year three times due to its vibrant lifestyle filled with cultural, sports, and leisure events. Once you step foot in this city, you will find the reasons why.

Linköping is known to be an innovation hub due to many technologies and business communities growing rapidly in this small Swedish town. Some of the growing industries in Linköping include aeronautics, artificial intelligence, medical images, and green technology to name a few. There is even a Swedish Air Force Museum that you can visit if you are curious about aeronautics and technology in Sweden.

Best places to visit: Gamla Linköping, Linkopings Stadsbibliotek, Linköping Cathedral, Söderköping, KolmArden Wildlife Park, Östergötland Museum, Sankt Lars Kyrka, Fenomenmagasinet, Vreta Klosters Kyrka, and Linköping Konsert och Kongress.


uppsala cities in sweden
Copyright: Vijith Quadros

Besides Lund, another city in Sweden has also been named a student city in Sweden. That city is Uppsala, which is also the fourth largest city in Sweden. The city hosts the oldest university in Sweden and Scandinavia, called Uppsala University, founded in 1477. Therefore, this city is renowned for its relationship with science. Even more, some crucial inventions and discoveries were born here, such as the Celsius temperature, which was invented by Anders Celsius in 1742 at Uppsala University.

Not only is this city famous for being a student city, but Uppsala also has rich history and nature. In the 3rd century AD, Uppsala was a vital economic, religious, and political center for Vikings. In addition to that, the city itself is quite beautiful because there are a lot of green spaces you can explore.

Best places to visit: Uppsala Domkyrka, Gamla Uppsala, Museum Gustavianum, Botaniska Trädgården, Linnaeus Garden, Uppsala Castle, Gamla Uppsala Church, Museum Gustavianum, University of Uppsala Botanical Garden, The Linnaeus Museum, Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka, and Sigtuna.


Copyright: Philip Myrtorp

The next city in Sweden you must visit is Örebro, which is nestled in nature reserves and national parks. Therefore, you can find green spaces and magical historical buildings everywhere. Örebroe lies on the shore of Lake Hjälmaren, which makes the city even looks more stunning. Throughout the adorable cobblestoned streets, you can find much charming architecture on many buildings and many cafes and restaurants you may want to go to for a meal.

Getting out a little bit from the city side, you can also go to the countryside part of the city. Due to its strategic location, Örebro is surrounded by lakes and forests where you can go for a winter dip or hiking. This is actually the perfect kind of Swedish lifestyle that always adore and enjoy nature whenever and wherever they have the opportunity. Surely, you will not dislike this city at all.

Best places to visit: Wadköping Open Air Museum, Stadsparken, Orebro Castle, Lost City-Gustavsvik, Karlslund Manor House, Vattentornet Svampen, Park Run Örebro, Karlslund Cultural Reserve, Askersund Hamngatan · Stora Trollkyrka, Tiveden Nationalpark Haupteingang, and Grillplatz. 


Copyright: Wikimedia

Umeå is among the many cities in Sweden that are considered hidden gems of Sweden. You need to wear your winter gear properly if you visit this city during the winter because it will be really freezing. In Umeå, there are a lot of winter outdoor activities you can do, such as dog sledding and skiing. If you are lucky, you can also get the chance to watch aurora in some best spots in Umeå.

Not only can you enjoy the winter outdoor activities, but you can also learn about their culture and history. When you are traveling up north in Sweden, you will find the culture is a little bit different here. Umeå is a good place for you to learn about the indigenous Sami tribes if you are into Swedish history and demography.

Best places to visit: Guitars the Museum, Vasterbottens Museum, Bildmuseet, Arboretum Norr, Väven, Umedalen Skulptur, Navet, Umeå Rådhus, The High Coast, Tegs Kyrkan, Grössjön Nature Reserve, Holmön, Umeå Folkets Hus, Kvinnohistoriskt Museum, and Umevatoriet.


Copyright: Timo Horstschaefer

The last city in Sweden you must visit is Kiruna, located in the far north of Sweden. In fact, Kiruna is inside the Artic circle. Therefore, bringing proper winter gear is a must during winter. Besides, this city is famous for being a tourist destination for watching the dancing northern lights and many winter outdoor activities such as skiing, snowmobile, and dog sledding. There are a lot of guided tour options you can choose from if you want to have an unforgettable winter adventure.

Not only is Kiruna popular for its winter vacation, but you can also visit this little city during the summertime. During this time, you will get to experience the longest day of your life. Kiruna experiences daylight for 15-19 hours across 47 days during the summer. That is what people usually call it “Midnight Sun.” This is surely a unique experience you must never miss when visiting Sweden for a vacation. 

Best places to visit: Kiruna Kyrka, LKAB’s Visitor Centre, Treriksröset, Esrange Space Center, Midnattssolstigen, Samegarden Museum, Snowdog The Arctic Adventure Co., Lapland Sleddog Adventures, Husky Tours Lapland, Husky Voice, and Taube Activity.

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