Best Places to Visit in Europe for Group Travel (2024 Edition)

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Destinations, Europe, Group Travel, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Travel Bucket Lists, UK

Head to a continent that has witnessed thousands of years of history. Legacies framed in magnificent pillared temples, cathedrals adorned with stained glass and carvings, and exquisite castles furnished with gold and silk. Not to mention, travelers can enjoy an unbelievable landscape painted with meadowed mountain ranges, glimmering coastlines, and beautiful aquamarine lakes. Simply put, Europe is too gorgeous to miss. Our TripLeaders (experienced/expert travelers who host our trips) have to say something about their personal best places to visit in Europe. Of course, they are group trips friendly!

Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Island is the one destination that travelers would not want to miss. From the brilliant aquamarine sea to the spectacular ranges of volcanoes, the Canary Islands feature an exquisite natural beauty.

“I want to promote the Canary Islands in a more local and sustainable way. The islands are facing many issues due to the large number of tourists and digital nomads visiting, and I firmly believe that this should change. I would like to raise awareness for people to engage in more responsible tourism that supports the local community. I aim to organize trips to the islands that focus on supporting local businesses and showcasing the authentic Canary Islands lifestyle. Canarians are increasingly feeling displaced in their own land, and this should not be the case. Additionally, I want to showcase the Spanish spoken in the Canary Islands and all the rich culture that exists, beyond the beauty of the islands.”


Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia

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