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Hi there! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I'm Emilia from Poland! I'm 26 years old graphic designer/tourist guide and I'm a very optimistic extrovertic soul who loves spontaneous decisions, pasta, sports, meeting new people and culture, pizza, wine and... parrots. 😄 You can easily guess that my greatest passion is traveling and Italy. I have traveled through Europe many, many times - alone and in the company of friends or strangers. I have experience in managing a group and I have completed the expedition leader course. Italia is my most traveled destination - I have visited Italy 5 times in the last year and I still can't get enough (and I think I'll never get enough). It's been a while since my last trip so I'm looking for 3-4 friends to join my co-working trip! I'm planning to rent a villa (with shared rooms, large terrace and a swimming pool!) near to Siena because Tuscany is an ideal destination for a workation! During the day we will take care of work surrounded by beautiful Italian hills and wonderful landscapes. After work, I suggest cooking together or discovering nearby towns where we will search for the perfect pasta and wine. On weekends, I propose longer trips, hiking, exploring the area, visiting cities like Siena, discovering history, art and culture! I would suggest renting a car for our group to make it easier to get to nearby cities and attractions.(It would be wonderful if there was a person who would find himself in the role of a driver, because unfortunately I can limit my role to becoming a navigator. 🙈) I would like this trip to be a new experience, possibility of relaxation and gaining new energy and inspiration for work and it would be great if this trip would be flexible enough that each participant could propose something from themself ✨ Also I have some local friends in Italy who will surely advise and tell us what to see, try and avoid! About the trip costs: These only include the accommodation on site - it will be around 20 € per night and a trip leader fee per person. As the organizer, I will certainly try to make sure that everything is planned so that you do not have to worry about anything and I will certainly do my best to make it an unforgettable adventure for all of us! (in a positive way of course 😁) Costs for the rental car are not included, we will decide later! The car will cost about 75 € per person for 7 days. We pack other costs for fuel, purchases, etc. on site in Splitwise and settle them at the end. If you want the dream of Italian La Dolce Vita 🇮🇹 to come true without the need to take a vacation from work, write me a message! I will be happy to learn more about you, your ideas and I will gladly answer any questions!
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Trip Itinerary

Province of Arezzo

Day 1-7
Our location is near to Arezzo, a wonderful countryside on the edge of Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany with olive groves and vineyards. About 25 minutes to Arezzo and Siena. The house is on the site of an old vineyard and is very spacious, with spacious bedrooms and balconies overlooking the picturesque landscape. There is also a large garden and a swimming pool!


Day 7
Although it is full of monuments, you will not meet crowds of tourists in this underrated city. Arezzo is a real "hidden gem"! It is also the capital of an important wine province, so you can find all kinds of wines here, from the local Chianti for example 🍷


Day 7
In our free time after work or on the weekend as part of sport and relaxation, I suggest hiking in the wonderful Tuscan hills, we can take food with us and have a picnic with local wines from Arezzo!


Day 7
Siena is perhaps the loveliest city in Tuscany. More compact, and therefore easier to visit, than the relatively large city of Florence, and on the other hand larger and more lively in the evenings than the dozens of small towns in the Chianti region, visited by crowds of tourists. Moreover, Siena has something that distinguishes it on the map of Italy - unique atmosphere!


Day 7
We can't forget about the most important thing, that is food! What would a trip to Italy be without trying local dishes and delicacies. Although Tuscany is famous for its Ribollita, Pappa al pomodoro and delicious gelato, what would a trip to Italy be without pizza and pasta! 🍝
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Province of Arezzo, Arezzo & 3 more
Car, Trekking
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