Road Trip and Wine in Italy From Florence, Venice and Turin

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Are you a wine lover, just like me? There are twenty regions in Italy, and each region comes with their own wine! This is because each flavor of grape that is grown in each region alters the taste of the different wines. Each region, city, and town also has their own distinct dishes that go well with their wines. Whether it is pasta, meat, polenta, or even chocolate and cheese that you were after, you were going to find it somewhere in Italy. Join me as we go on a wine and food tour across some of the small towns in Italy.

My name is Jai, and I am American, but I have traveled extensively, and have been living overseas for 5 years and counting. Not only do I love travel, but I also like cultures and languages, as well as random adventures. Stay tuned for music festivals and extreme sports, and other adventures.

Our Accommodation: We will stay in shared accommodation (apartment or hotel). We are mainly in this for wine and food, and not so much for flashy, comfort. Our comfort will be in our stomachs. How to get around: We will rent a car. Looking for at least one TripMate with a driver's license eligible to drive in the EU. If not, we will rent a car and pay for fuel. Let me know if you have a question using the Q&A function. See you in Italy!

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I am Jai. Former IT. Trying now to travel and enjoy life while I still can.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We will meet in Florence to start. This way we have a central meeting point, so everyone can join together. We can walk around Florence, eat, begin drinking wine, and we will stay in a hotel (so there will be airport shuttle) for one night. The next day,.we will start the wine tour of our lives!

Marmore Falls

Day 2
Built by the Romans to protect against a river, there are waterfalls and trails to allow us to have a day trip of hiking and sightseeing in the beautiful, historical nature of the Italian countryside. We will pack a picnic lunch to share. Bring comfortable shoes, good clothes, plenty of water, and an adventurous, positive spirit for the day.


Day 2-3
This is one of the wine stops. This town in its wine is not known so much outside of Italy. It is some of the strongest and most expensive. But a glass should still cost around €5 depending on inflation of course. We will pair this wine with traditional dishes from the region. We will likely stay in an apartment overnight.


Day 3-4
Our next wine stop will be Montepulciano, which is a picturesque, Renaissance town. We will stay the night in a hotel or apartment here. We will explore the town by day and have a more formal wine festivity in the evening. Red wine is said to be best here, but we will be the judge of that by the end of the night.

Metropolitan City of Venice

Day 4-5
We will stay in accommodation here overnight. While we are here, we will explore around Venice, but it is just a spot mainly to meet up with others who may be flying into Venice to meet us there. We will then continue the trip westward.


Day 5-9
We will use this town as a launch pad to explore the surrounding areas of the Valpolicella region. Especially around Lake Grada. This region is known for a special type of red wine made with dried grapes. We will explore by taking day trips and enjoy the scenery of the lake and have wine tastings and eat regional food


Day 9-10
The last night, we will spend in Turin. We will stay in hostel if possible. Otherwise, a hotel or apartment. Turin is also a city with history and architecture. Turin will conclude the official wine tour.


Day 10-11
Aosta is in a valley not too far from Switzerland. So not only will there be delicious wine and food, but scenery to go with it. We will spend a night here in some accommodation, most likely a hotel or apartment.


Day 11-13
Liguria is a region known for medieval towns, spongy pasta, and white wine. There we will eat and drink plenty as we explore the medieval architecture and history. They also have a special olive in this region too.
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Florence, Marmore Falls & 7 more
Car, Train
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