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Are you an ADVENTUROUS person who only wants to ENJOY a trip with OPEN-MINDED people? Then this is what you're looking for!! If you like to HIKE, and you're not scared of HEIGHTS, this trip is ALL for you! Before this, let me introduce myself..I'm Vale, and I've done already some trips with this platform, I'm looking forward to seeing the whole world and I really hope I can do this with you all. I define myself a loose cannon, I've so much energy inside my body that I CAN'T stay still in one place, I have the urgency to explore and meet new people and learn about them! Soooo let's go back to the trip, we will enjoy and visit the most popular and fashionable island of the moment, we will adventure on the island of Madeira like real locals, we will live to the fullest in an adventurous way trying all the possible experiences that we can do. We will take a car, that I will drive, so you don’t need to worry about anything, so we can move around the island more easily, and we will discover enchanted places that will leave us SPEECHLESS. If you are keeping reading then you are interested in the trip, so let's get down to business and see what is included in the price: - The accommodation (I'll try to get an apartment with single beds, but the rooms will be shared, and of course we'll have a kitchen to cook and save some money for food) - The car for the entire period - The engine for the car - Our surf lesson - An Italian dinner owed by me that I will cook personally for you all! I'm sure you want to know more…so just ask me a question or read the program below!
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I met Valentina as the organiser of the trip to Milan. And I am so glad I joined this group. At a glance, I met Valentina as a very passionate Italian who wants to discover the world and share here experiences with others. From the moment we met, she gave me the feeling we know each other for a longer time. The trip itself was the perfect opportunity to meet new people and to discover the Italian culture. It was organized and flexible at the same time. She made “saying goodbye” so hard… I wish we will meet again, maybe again in Milan, maybe in a new destination somewhere in the world, who knows? Valentina, grazie mille per tutto e spero di rivederti presto! Tanti saluti, Laura!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Heeello wandererssss, We will arrive at this magical island on our own! We'll see each other in Funchal and after getting our car in the airport we'll go to check-in in our home! After refreshed up a little, we'll be ready to start our REAL adventure! Maybe our first day will not be complete, so we can start with a soft thing to connect us with this magical place, we are directed towards our first waterfall called: Cascada dos Anjos! So get your swimsuit on and get ready to be wet soon! After that we'll pass to see the arch and Ponta Du Sol. We'll come back to the house, take a shower and then go out to dinner where we'll have the chance to know each other better!

Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto

Day 2-3
Rise and shine! Today after a huge breakfast we'll take our car, and we'll get near our final spot of the day WE ARE GONNA SURF GUYSS! Whether you did it or not, I know for sure that we will have a lot of fun and will do something uncommon for a day! Before getting there, we'll pass to see the Cristo Rei, and we will feel like we are in Brazil for a moment! After our activity we'll go grab a bite somewhere and go seeing the amazing sunset in an amazing spot called Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto.

Cape Girão

Day 3-4
Our third day we'll go to the other side of the island! Have you ever touched a cloud? Me neither so let's go find out what it feels like! We'll go towards Miradouro Da Bica Cana and we'll pass through this panoramic road which will be speechless. After that we are directed towards Cabo Girão, which is a wonderful place with an epic view, it's a skywalk with a view over the cliffs! Later we can discuss together if cooking something at home and maybe going out for a drink in the night!


Day 4-5
Tonight we are gonna wake up still in the dark and we'll be directed with our own guide towards the top of the mountain to see the sunrise! It will be a beautiful hike with so many nice views and be prepared to sweat a little because the mountains are made to be climbed and together this will be way easier! After this super start of the day we'll be back in our city and we absolutely deserve a huge breakfast and of course a little bit of rest! After that we can decide all together if visiting the capital of the island or going to the beach hoping to take a little bit of tan and relax with a cocktail!

Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto

Day 5-6
Get ready we are going to do another hike, let's take our shoes and take our jacket because the side where we are going is gonna be very windy! We are headed to Ponta Do Rosto, this location is on the far east of the island and in here we'll go there early in the morning so we can appreciate it without so many tourists, the hike is easy and it will take more or less 1 hour, and after that we'll get the chance to go to Ponta do Castelo where we'll decide if taking another hike or arriving to the top by car! But I'm sure you'll choose the hardest way! As we watched the sun going up we have to see it going down so let's go to one of the best spots to see the sunset together in this island in Pico De Arieiro. We can have dinner in a restaurant or decide to stay home again! For sure we will rest a lot!

Caldeirão Verde

Day 6-7
From our house we'll drive 30 minutes to Sao laurenço where we'll have the first hike of the day, it will take us one hour more or less and we'll pass through some magical spots where we have both views over the ocean and over the mountains. We'll continuing towards Caldeirao Verde it’s a really different spot from the others we’ll pass through some amazing scenarios and we will be so amazed from how big and imposing is mother nature! At the end of the path we’ll reach an incredible waterfall. We’ll walk next to steep cliffs and green forest with beautiful view. The path is 6 km long almost everything flat but we can decide together if we’re too tired to do it all! At the end of the day we’ll be quite tired so we can go back home and refresh a little and enjoy our night with a great bottle of wine!

Porto Moniz

Day 7-8
Ponta do Pargo is the name of the place where we’ll see the lighthouse and a spectacular view over the ocean from the cliff, after that we’ll do a five minutes walk and arrive to the view point of Garganta Funda where we’ll have almost the same view plus a waterfall which is falling almost directly in the ocean. We’ll take our car again and we’ll go visit the natural pools of Porto Moniz and almost five minutes from there we’ll visit the beach Ilehus De Janela an in the end of our day we’lll finish our trip and our experience with a view in Bica da cana where we can watch our last sunset together.. when we'll come back home we'll have some time to pack our bags and enjoy our last night together!


Day 8
Our trip has come to an end, we have packed up everything and everyone can decide to remain in the island or come back home! We will say goodbye to each other and I really hope to see you again in the future!!
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