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+ 13 days, with 11 days of hiking + Up to 30 hours of transformational activities + Invigorating coastal breeze & plenty of vitamin D + For women who want a Greater Life + Fulfilling and enriching experience + Big bang for your bucks and boots Rugged, remote, and spectacularly defined by sculptured shorelines, secluded coves, and sun-drenched dunes with groovy vegetation, especially in Spring. We’ll visit charming whitewashed villages along the way, and there are opportunities galore to go for a dip or two in the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean from one of the many ridiculously gorgeous beaches. This is an awesome hike where the coastal vibe delivers its alchemical magic. It's a transformational walk for women. I'm coordinating it as a test run for my transformational hiking business. So the intention is to lead it as if it were the real thing and that by joining in, you participate in the transformational activities included in the trip. This is free for you and by the end, you'll walk away feeling lighter and brighter, ready to boldly pursue your Greater Life. THE HIKE We start in Lagos and head north to finish in Porto Covo walking mostly along the coast with a few inland deviations. It's pretty spectacular scenery with views for miles, and of course, there are daily challenges to face. Primarily it's a sandy trail without much shelter or shade which can be a tad exhausting. It can also be really windy and we'll be going up and down a lot to access beaches and navigate cliffs. The daily walk times vary between 4.5 - 8 hours and there are no rest days included. It all adds up to a hike that's overall moderately challenging. You'll need to be relatively fit and capable of carrying a pack with plenty of water, clothing, overnight essentials, and daily food. There are luggage transport services available if you want to walk light, but these will need to be self-organised. THE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM Includes a wide variety of tasks, activities, and challenges to help you grow and experience the magic of your deeper intelligence! It's a highly participatory trip, and as a thru-hike including a transformation program, it doesn't allow for a flexible itinerary. That means it's only suitable for those women who are seeking more, want to grow and move, and are willing to get involved and face challenges. But I'll make sure we have time for fun, laughter, and relaxation along the way. This is a first-time trial run for this trip, so please forgive if there are any hiccups and pack a good sense of humor. If in the end, you feel you benefitted or if you have some value to add, I'd totally love your direct feedback and reviews. The trip price is calculated for 3 participants. The price reduces as the number of participants increases.

ABOUT ME I guess you could say I've done a lot of hiking and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!! It's such an exhilarating, healing, and transformative experience to walk long distances. So now I've combined my great love and extensive experience of hiking, with my passion and professional and personal experience in facilitating / coaching and personal and spiritual development, to help others realize their Greater Life. I really look forward to a transformational hiking journey with you and I'll do my best to help make it extraordinary and rewarding for you. Reach out if you're interested but perhaps a little intimidated or if you have any questions and want to know more. In case you love the idea of joining a transformational hike but you're wanting an alternative destination or challenge, I'm offering similar test run trips in other countries. Coming up in Join My Trip is the Sole Change hike in Slovenia.

ABOUT THE ACCOMMODATION The accommodation ranges from very comfortable to simplistic. It's also shared, either with members of the group or with other travelers. The sleeping arrangements can be side by side, in some cases, on a sofa or in individual beds. We'll play Lucky Dip to determine who sleeps where. Some of the lodgings have a pool, and many are self-catering for the option of group cooking. Keep me posted in the Q&A section if you would like to have a video call to share more details about the trip or if you have any questions about the trip or accommodation.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Whitewashed buildings, cobbled streets, seafaring heritage, charming Portuguese character, and vibrant nightlife is our starting point for this hike. The first day is spent in Lagos itself with a morning arrival and free time. It's a superb time to check out Lago's old town and pick up any last-minute supplies. We'll have a meet and greet and commence the priming activities for our transformational hike at 2 p.m. The check-in for our lodging is from 4 p.m.


Day 2-3
Our first stream of picturesque beaches is surrounded by limestone cliffs and pinnacles, followed by a major highlight called Ponta da Piedade, a spectacular cape with breathtaking views. We'll hang out here and check this place out a bit before continuing on to Luz. We'll enter the National Park at Burgau which is a very cute fishing village full of white houses and narrow streets. Further along, we pass by the ruins of a medieval fortress and then scramble across a river estuary before reaching Salema, our overnight lodging.


Day 3-4
Two short stretches take us inland through the countryside, but mostly it's a cliff-top walk along the coast today, so you can anticipate breathtaking views, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, dramatic drops, stunning lookout points, and secret lagoons. We pass one beautiful sandy beach after another. Some say this stretch is the most spectacular of the Algarve coast. It's also a touch challenging with the sun in your face, invasive vegetation, and a bit of up and down to reach divine secluded coves. 

Vila do Bispo

Day 4-5
Cabo de São Vicente not far from Sagres was the end of the world as early Europeans saw it. The region is known for its migrating seabirds and dramatic horizons of cliffs and sea. Some say there's a mythical atmosphere surrounding these parts as they've been dedicated to the gods for thousands of years. It's where nature combines with history to create a unique province that's well worth the visit.


Day 5-6
The large plateau that leads us out of Vila do Bispo contains deep ravines. One of them flows into a beautiful little beach with a small sandy cove and groovy rock formations. The trail back to the coast is easy to follow and there we'll be stunned yet again with superb scenery. Here the path gets a little challenging with loose stones and some steep gradients both up and down. A little further on is a wooden boardwalk on a cliff with the remains of the 12th and 13th-century Islamic settlement of Ponta do Castelo. Next to this cliff is a restaurant with fabulous views and a great rest spot before our final stretch to Carrapateira.

Praia da Arrifana

Day 6-7
The cliffs along this section reach up to 100 meters high, displaying rocky strata with spectacular folds displaying their geological history. Not long after Carrapateira, we're challenged by a fair bit of sandy trail and beach walking assuming we miss the high tide. Today the trail is both coastal where we can see many surfers attempting to conquer the waves and inland through the hilly countryside and small wooded forests.


Day 7-8
Another delightful day along the narrow coastal path covered in aromatic shrubs, medicinal and edible plants, and endemic and rare species. Following the geologically changing coast, we can expect some spectacular views out to the Ponta da Atalaia. We also pass through an Islamic fortress-convent, occupied by warrior monks in the 12th century which was dedicated to prayer and watching over the coast.   In the town of Aljezur, you have the option of checking out the famous castle that makes its appearance on the Portuguese flag.


Day 8-9
An inland wander through wetlands, farmland, fragrant pines, and eucalypts dominate most of the day.  After a stroll through the village of Rogil, we make our way to the beautiful 5-star Odeceixe beach where the roar of the surf greets you well before you reach the sand. This area is home to a mosaic of wildlife and flowering plants living amongst the dunes. You can opt for a swim in the ocean or a dip in the river as it greets the sea and comes together like a piece of art. Leaving via the picturesque hamlet we follow the River Seixe toward the colourful Algarve town of Odeceixe.

Zambujeira do Mar

Day 9-10
It's an invigorating walk today with a few ups to pretty cool views and downs to one pristine beach after another. Some say the views today are the best on the whole of the Fisherman’s Trail. When we get to the majestic rocky headland of Ponta em Branco, remember to turn around for an outstanding panorama back to Odeceixe. The number of heavenly beaches with amphitheater cliffs and cascading falls will challenge your motivation to keep walking and not just relax in the magnetism of it all.  There's a great tip for a lunch stop in the village of Azenha do Mar.

Praia do Almograve

Day 10-11
Zambujeira do Mar is a gorgeous resort town that'll be hard to leave, but we must and early too since this is one of the longest days yet. Naturally, the spectacular scenery continues and we're thrilled with a few pleasant surprises throughout the day. Like the steep gorge and seemingly inaccessible Tonel beach, red dunes that remind me of outback Oz, storks nesting on the imposing cliffs, and during the spring, immense vegetation and flowers of all shapes and colors.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Day 11-12
It's an easier day and a short one that we may be able to shorten even further by taking a boat ride across the river at the end of the day (recommended). The morning provides plenty of opportunity for barefoot walking along the sandy paths if that's your thing. Our winding trail dips inland through forest and cultivated fields and back out to the diversity of the dunes and the sea. The paradise of Brejo Largo makes for a great rest spot with its fine golden sand and the crystal clear sea is absolutely breathtaking. Further on and not far from our destination, we'll visit one of Alentejo's award-winning beaches. 

Porto Covo

Day 12-13
From the beautiful town of Milafontes to the beautiful town of Porto Covo along the beautiful coastal path, past beautifully diverse beaches on our beautiful last day. What more could you want? It's simply spectacular! There's a pebble beach and beaches like Faquir or Farol where sandstone dunes slide toward the ocean. Then sandy beaches with coves caressed by rocky slopes and beaches with rivers, small streams or tiny freshwater springs fed from the hilly interior, and even a beach with a pretty little offshore island. Totally iconic.
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