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special Vibrant Portuguese Carnival (Nazaré)
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OVERVIEW: Embark on an Unforgettable Portuguese Carnival Adventure with Me! Dive into the rich tapestry of Portugal's Carnival, an ancient tradition celebrated as one of the country's most exhilarating festivals. Rooted in centuries of history, this vibrant celebration boasts a unique blend of influences, with its own distinct traditions that captivate all who partake. Nazaré, in particular, stands out as a pinnacle of Carnival excellence in Portugal. Here's the exciting plan: Upon arriving in Portugal, let's kick off our journey in Lisbon, capturing your favorite spots through a personalized tour tailored to your preferences. Along the way, revel in the joyful ambiance of Children's Carnival Parades that add an extra sparkle to our adventure. Next, we'll set our sights on Nazaré, the beating heart of Carnival celebrations, preserving the essence of traditional Portuguese revelry. Get ready for exclusive access to the main Carnival Ballrooms at Mar Alto or Casino, where each night pulses with the rhythms of live 2024 Carnival Marches, captivating Carnival group performances, and engaging Satire Theater Group presentations, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Thrill in the spectacle of three sensational Carnival Parades—Saturday Night, Sunday, and Tuesday—immersing yourself in the mesmerizing essence of Portuguese Carnival crafted by the local communities of Nazaré. Witness the entire town alive with Carnival festivities, where even the local pubs host their own jubilant celebrations. And keep an eye out for remnants of the parade passing through Nazaré, adding an extra touch of magic beyond the parade hours. You'll even have the chance to visit the North Beach and the breathtaking views of the vibrant and colorful Nazaré from Sítio da Nazaré. Who knows? Perhaps the grandeur of the Big Wave might grace us with its presence. As we bid farewell to Nazaré, we return to Lisbon, leaving you free to embrace city's charm. Our Detailed Itinerary: February 28: Explore Lisbon's Charm February 28- March 5: Revel in Nazaré's Carnival (Beach, Sitio, North Beach) March 5: Return to Lisbon Would you prefer to join solo and mingle with new friends or bring along your own group of up to 8 people for an exclusive group experience? Thinking about making a marriage proposal amidst the magic of Carnival? I'm here to make this moment even more special. Additionally, for groups, I am pleased to offer an attractive discount to elevate your Carnival adventure. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating Carnival experience in Portugal! Let me know your preferences, and together, let's make this journey an extraordinary and unforgettable one.

ABOUT ME: I'm a passionate chemical researcher deeply devoted to unraveling the mysteries of our world. But that's just the beginning of my story. I'm also an avid traveler on a mission to merge my love for science, education, and the arts into a meaningful journey. My journey's tapestry spans various ventures—I'm the proud founder of CO2 Diamonds, a groundbreaking startup committed to combating climate change. Through this innovative initiative, we're reshaping the future by turning CO2 emissions into something truly valuable. Moreover, my dedication to education shines through STEM explainer—an online platform fostering STEM education, igniting curiosity, and nurturing the next generation of bright minds. It's a cause close to my heart, one that aims to make learning an exciting and accessible adventure. But beyond the lab and the digital world, you'll find me under the spotlight, reveling in the realm of music and musical theatre. It's my artistic sanctuary where I pour my soul into melodies and storytelling. Now, I'm embarking on a new quest—one that melds my passion for exploration and environmental conservation. I've set my sights on destinations pivotal to our planet's preservation. Nazaré and the entire Portuguese Litoral are among those sacred places, deserving to be safeguarded for generations to come. I intend to lead by example by showcasing sustainable travel practices. Our journey will be powered by electric transport, reducing our carbon footprint while immersing ourselves in the beauty of these treasured locales. Throughout our eco-adventure, you'll have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of CO2 Diamonds. Discover how we're turning environmental challenges into innovative solutions that shape a greener, more sustainable future. Come, join me, and let's embark on a journey that transcends mere exploration. Together, we'll learn, preserve, and create ripples of positive change that echo far beyond our travels. Get ready for an unforgettable experience where adventure meets advocacy!

ACCOMMODATION: Experience Comfort at Its Best: Your stay will be hosted in a Nazaré marginal hotel, offering a picturesque sea view. You can choose among a studio with multiple single beds, ensuring a comfortable and restful night's sleep. With the convenience of two bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen, you'll have all the amenities you need for a relaxed and enjoyable stay. Private or double room options available. While meals aren't included, fret not! You'll have access to the kitchen, and with the Nazaré Market and Supermarket in close proximity, as well as a plethora of nearby restaurants, culinary delights await your exploration. Have queries or need more details? Feel free to engage with us through the Q&A section—we're here to make your stay exceptional!

What's included?
Electric transport between stops
Personalized Day Tour (Lisboa)
Carnival Ballrooms (Mar Alto / Casino)
3 Carnival Parades (Nazaré)
A Carnival Costume
10% discount at a Seafood Restaurant
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Day 1
Explore the picturesque vistas that Lisbon has to offer, perfect for capturing stunning photographs. Tailor your day with a customized tour to Portugal's capital, where you'll have the freedom to choose which scenic spots you'd like to visit. As an added delight, you might chance upon Children Carnival Parades in select areas during this tour, adding a touch of festive joy to your experience. And what's a visit to Lisbon without indulging in its culinary treasures? Delight your taste buds with the iconic Pastel de Belém or Pastel de Nata—regarded as the world's finest pastries by Taste Atlas—making your excursion even more flavorful and memorable.

Nazaré Praia do Norte

Day 1-6
Think you know what the Big Wave is? Think again. Carnival in Nazaré is the monumental wave, an event where the entire community comes alive. Prepare to be awestruck by Nazaré's vibrant culture, immersed in joy, colors, and the rhythmic beats of typical Carnival music. Witness the spectacle with thousands of enthusiastic visitors, experiencing the essence of this grand celebration. Throughout the festivities, you'll have access to the Saturday Night, Sunday, and Tuesday Parades, alongside the Carnival's main Ballrooms at Mar Alto or Casino. These venues offer lively musical performances, Carnival group showcases, Satire Theatre presentations, and a chance to meet the Kings of Carnival 2024. Explore the Carnival Exposition at the Cultural Center of Nazaré, a showcase of the event's rich history and significance. Unwind by the Nazaré Beach or the North Beach, where you might just witness the legendary Big Wave that defies expectations. But here's the thrilling part—you'll get to don your offered Carnival costume and enjoy like a Carnival group. It's an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and be part of the vibrant Carnival spirit in Nazaré. Get ready for an experience that'll leave an indelible mark on your journey!


Day 6
Upon your return to Lisbon, the vibrant city transforms into a vast playground awaiting your exploration. You are free to wander and discover new places that intrigue you, indulging in the rich culture and history that Lisbon has to offer. Whether it's exploring historic neighborhoods, savoring local cuisine, or admiring breathtaking views from scenic viewpoints, the possibilities are endless. Lisbon beckons you to immerse yourself fully in its charm and allure, promising unforgettable experiences at every turn.
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