Discovering Sicily: Dinghy Trip to Favignana, Trekking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, Voyage to the Valley of the Temples and the Italy's Best Cannoli!

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PLEASE NOTE: the last available spot is for a MALE buddy! Hi, guys 🤗 this time around we are going to explore one of the World's most beautiful Islands: Sicily! Get ready for a week of discovery of the West Coast, including ancient temples, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and uniquely charming cities! Our home will be based in Mazara del Vallo, halfway between all the major attractions. Our days will be divided into two main moments: mornings will be devoted to exploring towns, archaeological sites, salt pans, and all sorts of things! Afternoons, on the other hand, will be dedicated to relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches 🏖️ in Italy! Except for the trip to Favignana (a small island with crystal-clear waters), which will see us all day in a dinghy discovering Sicily's most picturesque coves! But first… it’s-a me, Giulia! I'm the typical Italian girl, raised on Margherita Pizza 🍕 and weird hand gestures! I love meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. Whether you are looking for a new friend, a new mum, or a new mascotte, I can be the one for you 😬! Where are we going to stay? 🏠 As mentioned, our home will be in Mazara del Vallo, whose distinguishing feature is the Kasbah: a tangle of alleys leading to the courtyards of numerous homes. Our accommodation will enjoy shared rooms, but everyone will have their own personal bed (possibilityfor the ladies to share a double bed for a discount + possibility to have a private room for a little overcharge). We will also enjoy a beautiful private terrace, which we will take advantage of for outdoor breakfasts 🥐 to start our days in the best way! What about transportation? 🚕 As for transportation, we are going to rent 1 big car (probably an SUV) 🚙, and pick it up directly at the arrival Airport (Palermo Airport - Aeroporto di Palermo Falcone e Borsellino-). I’ll be your private driver, so no worries about that! The trip costs include 💰: - Accommodation - Car rental - Daily Boat tour in Favignana (this stunning little island is definitely a must-visit in Sicily). - Trapani Salt Pans WWF Tour - Zingaro Nature Reserve Entrance - Driver (me 😬) - Travel Insurance (unluckily, for now, provided only for travelers from Germany and Austria) What is not included 💸: -Flights -Valley of the Temples entrance (You can consider around 15€) -Food -Gasoline/Parkings -Other activities not mentioned in “The trip costs include” -Travel Insurance (except travellers from Germany and Austria) ❕IMPORTANT GUIDELINES: —> It will be important for this specific trip to be lightly equipped, as we will be sharing a car with 5 of us, and the trunk will only be one 🤓! I suggest a hiking backpack at maximum for the all load and a really small one 🎒 for the daily explorations (as we will be in 5 in the same car, you have to take into consideration we will not always be the most comfortable). —> Despite always staying in the same accommodation, we will travel a lot around by car every single day, so, if you don't like traveling by car or you rarely spend time in it, perhaps this is not the best possible choice... I can assure you, however, that our incredible destinations will be worth the rides! —> We can also buy it locally, but if you can, bring a small supply of sunscreen just in case. —> Always bring with you some cash 💶. Italy has finally switched to mandatory card payment availability… but the old generations are still in love with their banknotes and coins, so it will be easier to buy stuff in small souvenir and food stores (which are usually the best ones to explore!). It will be the middle of summer in Italy, so we won't need who knows how many clothes 😬 —> Dress code 🧥: the temperature will probably be quite high, as it always is in Italy in late July, but I recommend bringing at least a light jacket! And remember the swimsuits (and the beach towel!)! A pair of comfortable shoes (preferably trail shoes) will also be needed, for the entrance to the Zingaro Nature Reserve. —> For the first day, we will leave for the accommodation once you all arrive at the meeting point (airport Arrivals). We will depart probably around 1.30 PM, so it will be essential to book a flight on the morning of July 24th! For any change in the meeting time, I will notify you in advance. For detailed trip stops, take a look at bottom of the page in the "Trip Itinerary" section! For any other questions or curiosity don’t mind sending me a message here on JoinMyTrip 🤗 Can’t wait to meet you soon, Giulia *The accommodation and all the activities planned may be subject to variation based on both the weather and the number of TripMates. Every change to the original plan will be notified in advance
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CIAO, IT'S-A ME, GIULIA! But you can call me Juli 😙 I'm always bouncing around looking for new adventures, hope to meet you in one of them!

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Trip Itinerary

Mazara del Vallo

Day 1-7
Once everyone is assembled at the airport in Palermo, we will depart directly for Mazara del Vallo, our home for this trip (PLEASE NOTE: In case your plane is far in advance of the meeting time -or if you even arrive a night earlier-, you will be totally free to scout out Palermo for a few hours by yourselves. Just keep in mind that it will be necessary for you to return to the Arrivals Gate by the scheduled time!). Our first afternoon together will therefore be devoted to exploring Mazara (or, dependingon the group preference, to relax on the beach in front of our residence), most famous for its Kasbah, that is, a tangle of alleys leading to the courtyards of numerous homes.


Day 7
As mentioned, every morning, after an early breakfast, we will take our car and start exploring the surroundings, and each destination will be within a 30-minute to two-hour drive (the latter for only one of our adventures) from Mazara. MORNING: Waking up early, we will head to Trapani, discovering its characteristic Salt Pans with a fantastic tour led by WWF! The tour is free, but the offering at the end of the visit will be voluntary... in this sense, we usually start from a base of 10€ (in Italy), but of course, payment is not mandatory. AFTERNOON: On our way home, we will stop at San Teodoro Beach, near Marsala, a charming little sandy beach with very shallow and clear water.


Day 7
Again departing for Trapani, we will move this time instead to the harbor, where, having left the car, we will board our private dinghy. At 10.00 am we will depart from the port of Trapani to the largest island of the Egadi Islands, Favignana. During the first stop of our Favignana tour from Trapani, scheduled at 10.45 am, the not-to-be-missed Cala Azzurra with its breathtaking views and azure blue waters will be visited. The next stop on out boat excursion will be at 11:30 a.m. at Bue Marino, one of the island's most beautiful spots for the tuff quarries that surround the deep blue sea. An aperitif of fresh fruit and refreshing drinks will be offered on board. Docking at the pier in Favignana is scheduled at 1 p.m. Where we can stroll through the bustling alleys and choose a local restaurants for lunch. At 3 p.m. we will then be taken to the Grotta degli Innamorati. Finally, at 4:30 p.m. we will sail to the last stop on the tour: Levanzo. A stop for swimming at the Grotta dei Separati and a walking tour of the island is planned.

Riserva dello Zingaro

Day 7
Definitely the least relaxing, but the most adventurous of our days! MORNING After a scant hour's drive, in fact, we will enter through the south entrance and venture out to the pristine trails that characterise this place. The different paths will be interspersed with wonderful coves (more or less crowded depending on the distance from the entrance). PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extremely high temperatures in July, we will not walk the entire available trek to the reserve, but will stop earlier. Depending on everyone's ability, it will then be possible to stop at the first staggered cove (only a 15-minute walk from the entrance) or to continue on for those who feel up to it (in which case, on the way back, we will meet again where we left off!). AFTERNOON: We will then move on to San Vito lo Capo, a destination chosen by Italian families for its white beach, which is on a sheltered bay overlooked by Mount Monaco. We will take the opportunity then, also to taste the best Cannoli of Sicily! During this day you will need to provide yourself with: -Large supply of water -Long (but light) pants in case of trails with bushes -Comfortable shoes (preferably trail or even trekking shoes) -Liters of sunscreen 😬


Day 7
Probably the day with the most hours in the car... but we are heading, finally, south! MORNING: During the morning we will face a journey through time! Our first destination of the day, in fact, will be The Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site in Agrigento, world-famous for its imposing Doric temples that constitute one of the most significant testimonies of Greek culture and art! AFTERNOON: Then in the afternoon we will move on to another point of interest, particularly famous to the Italian public, but still unknown to most abroad! The Scala dei Turchi is a rock face that rises sheer above the sea along the coast of Realmonte, between two fine sandy beaches; it has become a tourist attraction over time especially for its staircase-like shape and the uniqueness of the white cliffs! P.S. although no longer climbable since 2020, It will offer us spectacular views!


Day 7
MORNING: During our first morning, we will visit Erice, a medieval town perched atop Mount San Giuliano. To reach it we will rely on the dedicated funicular railway, and then we will lose ourselves in time discovering this small jewel still unknown to the international public. AFTERNOON: In the afternoon, we will reach Baia Santa Margherita, in Castelluzzo, famous for the beauty of its landscape, its pristine waters and the Mediterranean setting.

Palermo–Boccadifalco Airport

Day 7
On the 30th, we will leave for Palermo around 9 AM (the airport is about one and a half hour from home), to ensure that even early flights can be caught on time. PLEASE NOTE: Despite the morning wake-up call, I recommend not booking flights before 1 PM, otherwise there is a risk of missed boarding. As with the arrival, during the last day, in the case of late afternoon or evening flights, you will be absolutely free to continue your solo explorations in Palermo!
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