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special A local Italian guide
special QC thermes, the most luxury in Milan
special Italian dinner cooked by me
Have you ever seen one of the most iconic city with the guide of a real local?? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for?? Come to Milan with me and let me show you around and bring you to best places in Milan!🌃 You will be amazed of the beauty of this city! I can’t wait to show you everywhere and see the reaction in your eyes! This city is unique and you should visit it with your own eyes🤩

Who am I??? I’m Valentina, I’m Italian and I live in Milan, I’m a super energetic girl who loves to stay in movement and never stop going. I want people next to me who enjoys the adventure, who likes to stay with others and who wants to share amazing experiences together!

Details about the accommodation I will book an entire apartment or some hotel rooms for you all! I will not live with you during those days because I have a house in Milan, but unfortunately I can’t host you, that’s why you will enjoy your own place together while we share all the moments of the day together🥰 I will have more informations about the accommodation when you’ll book! Any questions about the trip feel free to let me know in the Q&A section below!

What's included?
A local guide through the best places
Italian dinner cooked by me
QC therme experience
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Before starting I want to let you know that I’m super flexible with everything you want or don’t wanna do, we can just talk about it! The very first day we all will meet at the central station of Milan where i’ll wait for you and I wil bring you in your house, where you can unpack everything, refresh yourselves and finally we will start our experience. So let’s star big from the city centre! We will reach the Duomo by metro and we’ll walk by Galleria Vittorio Emanuele looking at the amazing Christmas lights all around the city and Christmas Market. To warm ourselves a little we will taste amazing and unique Italian food. Get ready to eat everything 😍

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Day 2-3
The second day we’ll start from one of my favorite place, Gae Aulenti Square, in here you’ll find the fascinating skyscraper of Milan and many streets full of rich shops where we can admire Milan’s Fashion! After having lunch somewhere we can walk around and go to another main place called City Life. In here we’ll find an amazing park and we’ll see the Christmas lights that invades Milan! It’s cold and we can warm up a little with a hot chocolate and after a light dinner we’ll go to the one and only QC thermes. This place is AMAZING I suggest you to don’t spoiler yourself the magnificent of this place by searching it online but you’ll see it with your own eyes.


Day 3-4
Our last real day we will have the chance to see some parts of the city that we didn’t still visited, of course having some shopping and enjoying the coming of Christmas even more! Remember, in Milan you will always find something to do, before dinner, we’ll move towards Navigli area where you will find the place where every young person goes to have fun! And later we’ll go to my house where I’ll cook for you all a very special Italian meal and together we will decide what to do afterwards, if going back home or going to a party!! After all it’s your last night in Milan!

Milan Malpensa Airport

Day 4
Goodby goodbye, this is not forever, I know for sure that we will meet somewhere in the future in some place around the world! I really hope you enjoyed the most out of it and you will travel with me again!
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Milan, Piazza Gae Aulenti & 2 more
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