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Vacation Buddy

Are you looking for a vacation buddy? Would you like to travel but nobody will come with you? At JoinMyTrip you will find a suitable vacation buddy who will accompany you on your adventure. Discover wonderful places around the world with your holiday buddy, after all, it is the goosebumps moments and encounters with other people while traveling that change us for the better. Share your experiences, experiences, and the costs! Traveling is even more fun with a vacation buddy and you come back from your adventure with new friends. It doesn't matter whether you discover the beautiful landscape with your New Zealand travel buddy or cruise the seas with your sailing travel buddy.

How to find the right holiday buddy

There are many reasons to look for a companion in a travel buddy exchange for a trip. wanting to travel with a vacation buddy.

1. Vacation buddy mean security

This topic is particularly important for women in certain countries. Not necessarily because it is not safe there, but often only because as a woman you feel more comfortable in other cultures, away from home, when you are in the company of a holiday buddy. In many situations it is helpful to have a holiday partner with you who you can trust - and if it's just taking care of your luggage if you have to go to the toilet quickly.

A vacation buddy means safety while traveling.

2. Save money together

Another advantage of vacationing buddies is that you can share many costs. Many tours offer a discounted group rate. In addition, you can share the cost of food, accommodation, and transport - because every penny counts when traveling. Is your sunscreen empty? One of your fellow travelers will be happy to help out.

Safe money with a vacation buddy.

3. Vacation buddy offer you great photo opportunities

Have you finally reached the top of the mountain, the dreamy beach, or the famous viewpoint? Now all that's missing is the perfect photo to capture the memory! Selfie stick, tripod - you don't need that! Your vacation partner will surely like to take these photos of you! Or are you a passionate photographer? At JoinMyTrip you will surely find a photography travel buddy.

4. Share goosebumps together

That moment when you finally see the northern lights, run back into the hut and say to your vacation buddy "Hey, look!" - Together you share your euphoria and you will remember this moment for a long time to come. Many of the most beautiful travel memories have nothing to do with the place, but with the people with whom you were there.

5. Find new friends through vacation buddy

If you are out and about with your vacation buddy, you are guaranteed to meet extraordinary people. The feeling of community, togetherness, and trust that you build up in each other cannot be compared with anything. Travel connects people - no matter how different they are. A connection is established between you through shared memories that can develop into long-term friendships. You probably would never have met these people if you hadn't traveled with strangers.

Find a new friend for life in your vacation buddy.

Where do you find the perfect holiday buddy?

As is well known, many roads lead to Rome and this is also how it looks when looking for the perfect vacation partner. That's why we're going to show you the three best ways and places to be successful.

Travel Events - for everyone who wants to speak right away

You can think of travel events as networking events. It's about getting in contact with people who share your interests and who are therefore compatible. The best way to do this is to look for groups on Facebook or Meetup that represent your intentions, e.g. "Thailand holiday partners". You will surely be proposed to an incredible number of groups and Meetup is all about meeting the group members in real life. At these events, you then have the opportunity to get to know travelers who may already have travel plans themselves and are looking for holiday partners. So just get together and plan the adventure together.

Facebook groups - vacation buddy with similar interests

As already mentioned, Facebook groups are a great way to find people with similar interests. This is especially useful if you already have specific travel plans and are now looking for support. The best way to do this is to share a contribution in your selected groups, which includes the following aspects:

  • Where do I want to go
  • How do I imagine my vacation?
  • How many people would I like to travel with?
  • When do I want to travel?

We at JoinMyTrip also have our own Facebook groups for exactly this purpose. You can find all of these Facebook groups here.

JoinMyTrip - the world's largest exchange for holiday buddy

Of course, we also want to show you why our platform is extremely suitable for finding a vacation buddy. We combine all the advantages that you know from other platforms and we even go one better. With us, you can either appear as a trip leader or a TripMate. TripLeaders are all people who already have fixed travel plans and want to share them. To do this, they create trips that TripMates can book. TripMates are travelers who are not in the mood for big plans but also book their next adventure at short notice. So you can decide for yourself which type you feel you belong to. Of course, you can be both!

When you as a TripMate have found a trip that you like, you can either book it directly and make a deposit, or you can talk to the trip leader first to get to know each other better. Either way: You will definitely find holiday partners!

At JoinMyTrip you will find travelers from all over the world who are just waiting for you so that you can discover the world together.

Travel group found at JoinMyTrip with people smiling into the camera while traveling.

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