10 Reasons Why You Must Travel to Albania

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Head to a country brimming with a glorious history, spectacular nature, and bursting cultural wonders that will leave you speechless. Albania offers everything you wish for a perfect vacation. Shining its own light, Albania is an incredible hidden gem in Europe. Then, why do we highly recommend you travel to Albania? Why is Albania such a big deal for your next trip? 

In this blog, we will show you the ten reasons why you must travel to Albania. Buckle up and get ready for an amazing adventure!

Albania’s natural landscapes are exquisite 

travel to Albania reasons

Nothing looks as wonderful as Albania’s nature. It displays a picturesque landscape on both land and water. Find swirling mountains and snow-coated peaks in the spectacular Albanian Alps. Verdant meadows and misty streams adorn the mountains’ foothills, creating an unforgettable scene for everyone who visits. 

Meanwhile, the southern part of Albania becomes the meeting point of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Flawless, powdery beaches stretch along the land, offering a perfect sunbathing spot. Get ready to be captivated by the popping colors of the brilliant blue ocean and the white-tinted coastline. Therefore, travel to Albania to see these exquisite scenes with your own eyes! 

It is brimming with world-class historical sites 

travel to Albania history and culture

The nation’s history dates back as ancient as 100,000 years ago. Well-known empires, such as the Roman and Ottoman, reigned in the area for centuries. For that reason, the cities in Albania keep a lot of history and tell a tale beyond time. Centuries-old castles, ancient fortresses, and timeless artifacts adorn the historical cities of Albania. Therefore, Albania’s cities are open-air museums that await to be discovered. 

Besides that, archaeological sites are scattered all over Albania. You will find the ruins of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine structures in the country. Head to Southern Albania and find the Butrint Archaeological Park to see mesmerizing artifacts. Other than that, spend your time exploring some UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Gjirokastër and Durres Amphitheater. 

It is home to some of the best beaches in Europe

beaches in Albania Ksamli travel to Albania

We have heard about the sparkling beaches in the French Riviera or Greece. However, Albania’s beaches are ready to compete with them. Every beach offers an unmatched scene, ranging from white-sand shores with gentle waves to fine-pebble beaches. Not to mention, the brilliant blue sea is stunning to adore. Whether you want to sail through the Adriatic Sea or dose off on a beach bed, Albania’s beaches are the perfect place! 

Travel to Albania this summer to enjoy an amazing vacation. You can stay on the Albanian Riviera, which offers lovely fishing villages and sprawling small towns. Thus, you can spend the day under the sun, explore the beaches, and stroll around the town. 

The culinary scene will make you happy 

visit Albania Mediterranean food

Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean and Balkan in Albania. Thus, find well-known staples, such as baklava, burek, and roast lamb, in the country. Besides that, you can find yourself munching tavë kosi and byrek, which are Albania’s traditional dishes. Also, don’t miss trying out some seafood, especially when you visit southern Albania. Have a feast on freshly-caught seafood served with wine and bread. Therefore, Albania won’t let you down when it comes to food. If you are a foodie, you must visit Albania and try its amazing cuisines! 

Huge love for drinks and spirits 

Drinking is highly popular in Albania. So, it won’t be a surprise to find lots of awesome drinks and alcoholic local delicacies in the country. Albania is proud of its crafted raki, which is made from fermented fruits and nuts. Raki is an important part of the Albanian culture, so make sure to have a shot if you are mingling with the locals! 

Besides that, Albania also produces high-quality wines. It has a centuries-old winemaking tradition that stays until today. Moreover, Albania has a lot of spots that are perfect for growing grapes. For that reason, Albania wine is sumptuous and delicious. Travel to Albania and go for a wine-tasting session – you won’t regret it! 

Traveling to Albania won’t break the bank 

Albania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Currencies like Dollar, Euro, and Pound are stronger than the Albanian Leke, so everything is more reasonable in Albania. Besides that, you can get the best deals and have more by paying less. A luxury room in a lavish hotel can cost around €50, while a full meal costs around €10. For that reason, Albania is a great budget-friendly destination to spend your vacation. 

Find smiling faces everywhere

Albania is also known for its hospitality. The people in Albania are warm and welcoming. You can easily find smiling faces in tourist spots, neighborhoods, restaurants, and bars. They would greet you with a smile and are likely to welcome you to their house. Moreover, a lot of people in Albania also speak English. You will find it very comfortable to visit Albania and explore the country. 

The culture is fascinating and welcoming

As the meeting spot of different nations, Albania’s culture is impressive and unique. It highlights the Balkan culture but also displays a mix of the Mediterranean culture. Thus, you can find the amazing culture through the traditions, museums, and everyday life of the locals in Albania. 

Moreover, Albania is also diverse. People in Albania have various religions, but everyone lives peacefully and is highly tolerant of each other. In every town, you can see churches standing a few meters away from mosques. Therefore, traveling to Albania allows you to see this respectful scene. 

It is not crowded and relatively serene 

travel to Albania less touristy

Stays off-the-radar and unexplored, Albania is far from crowded. You can rarely find a scene of bustling tourist spots and crowded areas. The main towns, like Tirana and Berat, are also relatively calm. For that reason, Albania is perfect for the list of hidden gems in Europe. So, if you travel to Albania, you can expect a lot of time to relax and unwind from your everyday life.

Get around safe and sound 

visit Albania safe and secure

Is Albania safe for tourists? – You might ask. Well, the answer is yes. Albania is one of the safest countries in Europe. According to the UK Foreign Office, Albania has low crime rates, and almost none is directed to tourists. For that reason, Albania is safe to travel to, even for solo female travelers. However, you should remember to be cautious and aware of your surroundings during traveling. Thus, you can also choose to travel in a group to feel safer and more comfortable.

Staying off the radar, Albania is a charming country you should add to your bucket list. The flawless beaches, magnificent historical cities, and smiling faces of Albania invite you to visit and have an awesome vacation. Then, are you thinking about traveling to Albania but wanting to make it easy? Then, we have something for you!

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