Top Affordable Cities in Europe if You are Traveling on a Budget

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Traveling on a budget to Europe? Check out these cities!

Europe is the world’s top destination, with 288 million travelers on the continent each year. Europe has lots to offer, from exquisite natural landscapes to magnificent manmade wonders. The good news is Europe can be both fancy-expensive and budget-friendly. So you definitely can go for a Europe budget travel!

If you are traveling on a budget, you can always consider Europe as a destination. There are tons of beautiful cities and places in Europe that won’t make your pocket hurt. We have compiled a list of amazing places to visit for a Europe budget travel. Check them out for your bucket list if you are going to travel on a budget!

1. Albania

Europe budget travel destination : Albania

Looking for both jaw-dropping nature and fascinating history? Try visiting Albania! This Balkan country has every best piece of Europe, from sandy coasts to ancient ruins. Albania is the perfect place to visit if you are missing sunny seaside, laidback cities, and a tour around historical areas. 

Albania is very affordable! You can visit the Albanian Riviera, the coastal area with pristine beaches, glimmering turquoise sea, and ancient Greek ruins. You will be surprised as you only pay €8 for full-set seafood and nothing for a visit to ancient sites. 

Average daily spend: €45

Currency: Albanian lekë (LEK) – 1 lekë = €10

Food: Street foods and standard restaurants start from LEK 583 (€5) 

Accommodation: Hostels in Tirana start from LEK 1170 (€10) 

Transportation: Cities in Albania are walkable. If you want to visit other cities or regions, you can ride a bus that starts from LEK 600 (€5). Prices are based on distance.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Europe budget travel destination : The beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Balkan country is a melting pot of culture and history. Located between Croatia and Serbia, it is the meeting point of several ethnicities and religions. Bosnia and Herzegovina also offers alluring natural landscapes, laidback cities, fascinating historical sites, and interesting cultures. You can spend a few days in Sarajevo, the capital, then continue to explore other beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina cities like Mostar. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is surprisingly affordable in spite of its majestic views. You can spend an average of BAM 98 (€50) a day, which already includes accommodation. There are lots of free and cheap places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as the Sarajevo Museum and Tunnel of Hope. This European hidden gem is great for a budget trip. 

Average daily spend: €50

Currency: Bosnian Convertible Marks (BAM) – 1 BAM = €0.51

Places: Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, and Trebinje. These cities offer lots of cheap and free sightseeing and natural landscapes. 

Food: Standard restaurants start from BAM 8.00 (€4)

Accommodation: Hostels in big cities start from BAM 20 (€10) 


3. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is one of Europe's most affordable city to travel

Bucharest is both bustling and elegant. The town was once called ‘The Little Paris’ and the nickname fits its elegance, lifestyle, and atmosphere. Bucharest is the home of renaissance architecture, serene parks, and a stunning old town. Besides its century-old buildings, Bucharest’s main charm is the rapid internet connection. For that reason, lots of digital nomads choose Bucharest as their coworking destination.

Bucharest is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. The train rail of Bucharest is also considered the most affordable in Europe. So, you can already know that the city is budget-friendly!  You can get the best of Bucharest for only €34 daily. Walking tours are the highlight of Bucharest, as the city has numerous gorgeous landmarks. You can always spend a day in Bucharest by strolling around parks or visiting beautiful castles. Good news: They are either cheap or free!

Average daily spend: €34

Currency: Romanian Leu (LEI) – 1 LEI = €0.20

Places: Bucharest Old Town, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Herăstrau Park, and Ceausescu Residence. 

Food: Standard restaurants start from LEI 35 (€7)

Accommodation: Hostels in big cities start from LEI 20 (€10) 

Transportation: Buses and trams start from LEI 3 (€0.6) 

4. Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful Budapest for an Europe budget travel

Who could have thought that a magical city like Budapest is an affordable destination? Budapest looks like a fancy destination, with its elegant castles, towering cathedrals, and the picturesque Danube River. Actually, this historic city has lots of cheap places to visit. It is also easy to find affordable food and accommodation. 

You can spend your trip to Budapest visiting museums, like The Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery. As Budapest is walkable, go for a walking tour. You can stop at notable landmarks such as Heroes Square and the Great Market Hall. Make your Budapest experience perfect by grabbing street foods. There are indulgent treats like chimney cakes that cost less than a euro.

Average daily spend: €55

Currency: Hungarian forint (HUF) – 1 HUF = €0.002

Places: Great Market Hall, Castle Hill, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Danube River, and the underground labyrinth. 

Food: Street foods start at less than €1 and standard restaurants start at HUF 2,500 (€5.90)

Accommodation: Hostels start from €9

Transportation:  A single-trip bus starts from HUF 450(€1.06)

5. Kotor, Montenegro

The beautiful bay of Montenegro

Who says you have to pay a lot of money for a tropical vacation? In Montenegro, you can get the best beach experiences without making your pocket hurt! Kotor is one of the best destinations in this Balkan country. The city is located in a lush bay, with brilliant blue waters and stunning limestone hills. This exquisite city will remind you of an island in Thailand or the Philippines. You will be surprised by how beautiful the Balkan Sea looks in this city! 

Kotor is one of the most affordable havens in Europe. You can keep a budget of €50 per day to enjoy this beautiful bay. You can spend a day by the beaches, stroll around the famous Old Town, or visit some UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Average daily spend: €50

Currency: Euro

Places: Montenegro Old City for sightseeing, San Giovani Fortress for sightseeing, Our Lady on Rock island, and Farmers’ Market for cheap and fresh food. 

Food: Budget restaurants start from €5 and fast food restaurants start from €4

Accommodation: Hostels in the city center start from €10

Transportation: Kotor is quite small and walkable. There is also a tourist bus that costs €20 for a loop, which can be skipped to save your budget.

6. Krakow, Poland

Travel the Western Europe on budget in Krakow

Thinking about a superb and history food tour on a budget? Krakow got your back! Located in Western Europe, Krakow is considered the most affordable city in the area. This small city is the home of stunning medieval-style buildings, eye-opening history, and amazing food. You can see lots of churches and find the infamous Salt Mines in Krakow. 

Krakow is the best place to find superb and affordable street food. We recommend grabbing some obwarzanki, a popular Polish bagel, and zapiekanki. Hunting for street food can be an exciting experience for a Krakow budget trip. 

Average daily spend: €50

Currency: Polish złoty – 1 złoty = €45 

Places: Jewish Krakow, Old Krakow, Schindler Factory Museum, Krakow Castle, and Church of Saint Joseph. No entrance fee for all the destinations. 

Food: Street food starts at less than zł 4.83 (€1) and standard restaurants start from zł 9.50 (€2) 

Accommodation: Hostels in the city center start from 14 (€7)

Transportation: Krakow is walkable, so you don’t need to hop on public transportation. If you want to reach outer Krakow, you can ride a tram that costs zł 7 (€2) for a round trip.

7. Riga, Latvia

Entering Riga feels like entering a wonderland. This capital city of Latvia is known as the ‘City of Culture’, as it has tons of museums and art centers. Riga is the home of fairytale-like houses and buildings with a touch of Noveau art. You can see an example in the House of Black Heads, a fascinating building that is considered Riga’s special landmark.

Riga is a cheap destination in Europe, fit for budget travel. You can easily find free tourist spots, food, and transportation in Riga. It is super worth it for the magical vibes of Riga.

Average daily spend: €40

Currency: Euro (€)

Places: Old City Riga, Riga Cathedral, House of the Black Heads, Bastejkalna Park, and Riga Town Hall. No entrance fee for all the destinations. 

Food: Standard restaurants start from €5

Accommodation: Hostels in the city center start from €7

Transportation: Bus, trams, and metro start from €1.50 for a single ride

8. Slovakia

Slovakia hides its beauty perfectly. This Central European country has a lot on its plate, from lush mountains, sparkling rivers, and picturesque towns. It is an underrated gem in Europe that shouldn’t be missed.

There is an abundant history in Slovakia due to the reign of various empires. You can see the remains of their glory in Slovakia’s landmarks, such as the Oraka Castle. Take a tour around Slovakia’s cities, like Bratislava and Zilina, to see the beautiful history and culture of the country.

Average daily spend: €40

Currency: Euro (€)

Places: Bratislava, Levoča, Zilina, and Košice (cities), Dobšinská Ice Cave, and High Tratas Mountain.

Food: Standard restaurants start from €6.00

Accommodation: Hostels in the city center start from €7

Transportation: Buses to go around Slovakia start from €4.50 for a one-day ride.

9. Sofia, Bulgaria

There are a lot of reasons why Sofia is called ‘The Pearl of Danube.’ This capital of Bulgaria is the home of stunning Roman-Celtic architecture, medieval landmarks, and luscious history. Sofia is also highly diverse, as people from various cultures and religions live in this city. You can see a small example of its diversity in the landmarks, from Orthodox churches to an Ottoman mosque.  

Sofia is known as one of Europe’s most affordable capital. You can easily find cheap food, destinations, accommodations, and experiences in Sofia. As the city is walkable, you can save up on transportation. Entrance fees to landmarks are mostly free. A budget trip to Sofia is absolutely worth it! 

Average daily spend: 47

Currency: Bulgarian leva (BGN) – 1 leva = €0.51

Places: St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral for sightseeing and marveling at the cathedral’s murals, Vitosha Boulevard for a picturesque stroll, Baniyabashi Mosque for sightseeing, and Rila Monastery for a historical trip. No entrance fee for all the destinations. 

Food: Street food starts from BGN 2 (€1) and standard restaurants start from BGN 10 (€5) 

Accommodation: Hostels in the city center start from BGN 14 (€7)


  • Metro starts from BGN 1.60 (€0.80). If you are staying longer in the city, you can buy a full-day ride ticket for BGN 4(€2)
  • Bus starts from BGN 1.60 (€0.80)

10. Zagreb, Croatia

As we are talking about budget travel, we have to include Croatia. It’s highly recommended to visit Zagreb, the charming capital of Croatia. You can get beautiful cityscape, great food, and an amazing view of a glimmering river without making spending too much. Once standing in the golden age of the Roman and Yugoslavia, Zagreb has a fascinating history. Numerous historical landmarks are standing in the city, from churches to castles.

Zagreb is a paradise for budget travelers. There are lots of fascinating places to visit that don’t cost you anything. Walking is the best way to explore the city. You can see the Lower Town, which has the Blanc Jelacic square and Zagreb Cathedral, then walk to the Upper Town to see the famous Saint Marks Square. Food in Zagreb is surprisingly affordable and delicious, such as the classic štrukli

Average daily spend: 45

Currency: Croatian Kuna (kn) – 1 kn = €10

Food: Street foods and standard restaurants start from kn 583 (€5) 

Accommodation: Hostels in Tirana start from kn 1170 (€10) 

Transportation: Zagreb is walkable, so you don’t need to hop on public transportation.

These cities give out the best experiences though they can be explored on a tight budget. It is very recommended to put these great places on your bucket list!

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