Unique Staycations Around the World

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Do you know that staycation is now getting popular among many travelers? Yes, this type of slow travel is for those who are more into staying at home people who love spending time together with their partner or family inside the house. It may sound boring that you only spend the whole day in the room. However, many people find it relaxing and so inspiring, especially when they are going for a staycation in one of many unique staycations around them. Do you want to go to one?

List of unique staycations around the world

Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea

sun cruise resort
Copyright: Sun Cruise Resort

Let us start the list of many unique staycations around the world by visiting Sun Cruise Resort in South Korea, which is situated on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin that has one of the best views of the sunrise in South Korea. What is unique about this resort is that the hotel is distinctively designed as a cruise ship on land, and it is erected on the top of the edge of a mountain. Therefore, it gives you the feeling of sailing into the sea without actually going into the real one. 

Moreover, this resort also provides you with 211 rooms, both in a condominium and a hotel style. There are also western and Korean restaurants for you to have a delicious meal. You can also relax in the revolving sky lounge with a nightclub that provides karaoke and a seawater pool where you can go for a swim. So, are you interested in staying at Sun Cruise Resort?

The Tabernacle, UK

the tabernacle
Copyright: The Tabernacle

Are you one of those who love to travel by escaping from city life? And you are looking for somewhere tranquil to just enjoy being with yourself or with your family? Then, The Tabernacle in Suffolk, UK is the answer to your prayers. During your unique staycation in The Tabernacle, your only neighbors are birds because this vacation cottage is on a private island with 5,000 acres of native woodland.

Going inside the cottage, there is a loveseat next to the fireplace, which makes the atmosphere so homey. There is also a freestanding bath, a hot tub, and Pashley bikes. Do not worry much about being lonely here, because this cottage also provides you with Wi-Fi and a Smart TV for you to keep in touch with your friends. This is really a dream come true for those who love to live in a tranquil little countryside cottage. So, are you ready to spend your nights in The Tabernacle alone?

River Wonders, Singapore

river wonders unique staycations
Copyright: Mandai

Do you love animals? Then you will love to be staying at River Wonders to have a staycation together with Manatees. As a part of its attraction, Mandai Wildlife Group offers a unique and unforgettable experience called River Wonders Staycation with Manatees. In this attraction, there is a list of programs you can join to learn more about wild animals and their preservation. This is precisely a perfect vacation for a family with kids.

This package includes dinner and breakfast, a guided tour of the River Explorers trail, the Once Upon a River Show attraction, and you can also get a chance to play together with squirrel monkeys and another mystery animal. At the end of the day, you can snuggle up at the Amazon Flooded Forest to sleep in its air-conditioned glamping tent with the view of placid manatees. Sounds fun, right? Let us go to River Wonders!

Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara, United Arab Emirates

Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara unique staycations
Copyright: Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara

One of the next unique staycations around the world that you must never miss visiting is Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This accommodation is very unique because it is located remotely at a desert oasis. If you look at it from the above, this resort is a true definition of hidden gems as its surroundings are just deserts without any living things around.

Despite its secluded area, this resort has complete set of amenities you can experience. There are rooms and suites you can spend the night with your partner or family. There are also private pool villas if you fancy swimming in the middle of the desert. All of these buildings are beautiful with the decoration of traditional arabesque dashes and a garden courtyard. Even more, you can also go for a camel ride through the Liwa desert in Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara.

Giraffe Manor, South Africa

Giraffe manor unique staycations
Copyright: Giraffe Manor

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this is an interesting, unique staycation that most people visiting the city go for. It is Giraffe Manor, which is a hotel where you can have intimate interaction with giraffes! You can have a wonderful experience with your family, especially with kids, to interact with the tallest animal in the world. Besides, you can also have an interaction with the giraffes from rooms that have direct access to feeding this animal.

This exclusive hotel has the style of a 1930s manor so it looks pretty vintage. However, the provided facilities are quite complete, including 4-poster beds and 10 refined rooms with balconies or terraces. This accommodation also provides you with Wi-Fi so that you can still connect to the β€œoutside” world. You will definitely love Giraffe Manor. Book it in advance before they are full.

Cube House, Netherlands

cube house unique staycations
Copyright: Mike van den Bos

This is probably one of the best and most unique staycations in the world because of its quirky architectural structure. Cube House, which is in the heart of the port city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a set of innovative houses designed by Piet Blom. The creation of this housing is to accommodate the sufficient space for housing on the ground level, maximizing the space inside. 

Once you step your foot inside this building, you can see some oddly shaped angled walls with amazing skylights. This is perfect for people who adore unique architectural buildings. Therefore, if you want to stay at this distinguished building, you should book a room in the Cube House Hostel before they are full.

Kakslauttanen Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen resort unique staycations
Copyright: Kakslauttanen Resort

The next unique staycation around the world that is worth staying for a night is Kakslauttanen Resort in Finland. You will find it really interesting because you are going to stay in an igloo hotel! This will fulfill your curiosity about how people live inside the ice cubes, constructed as a home in the north pole. This is your chance to experience it firsthand.

There are actually two options provided in the Kakslauttanen Resort for the types of igloos. You can choose between glass or traditional snow igloos for your stay where you can see the dancing Northern Lights just by laying in your bed. Moreover, the Kakslauttanen Resort also offers a reindeer safari and dog sledding where you can explore the north pole life in Finland. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy various winter activities.

IceHotel, Sweden

icehotel unique staycations
Copyright: Asaf Kliger

Still, in the north pole, another experience for your unique staycation ideas is staying at IceHotel in Sweden. Different from igloos in Finland, you can expect to stay at a hotel which is a permanent building made of seasonal ice structures. What is more interesting about this is that the rooms there is a part of a museum during the daytime. However, it turns out to become guest rooms during the night.

Specifically, the temporary rooms which are made of ice provide you with platform beds, warm reindeer hides, and thermal sleeping bags. This IceHotel also has shared bathrooms and saunas for the guests. There are also flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and ensuite facilities in the chic year-round rooms. Meanwhile, for the permanent ice rooms, you can expect to have private saunas, and cabins with kitchenettes and living rooms in this IceHotel.

Book and Bed, Japan

book and bed
Copyright: Book and Bed

Are you a bookworm who loves to read wherever and whenever you are? If yes, this place is actual heaven on earth for you. Book and Bed is a capsule-type hotel in Tokyo, Japan, that offers a new and unique staycation idea for people to engage with books. If you have ever stayed in a capsule hotel, you know that each room is divided by a sealing capsule pod. In Book and Bed, this separation is a curtain tucked into a bookshelf full of books.

You can imagine yourself staying for hours from morning to night just sitting there reading your favorite books. You do not need to worry about food because you can grab delicious food and drinks that at the cafe in this unique capsule hotel. So, Do you want to make your bookworm dream come true by staying at Book and Bed?

The Seashell House, Mexico

the seashell house
Copyright: The Seashell House

Considered one of the most unique Airbnbs around the world, Casa Caracol or literally translated as The Seashell House. This is definitely one of the top unique staycations you must put on your staycation bucket list. What makes it unique is that the structure of this building is literally shaped like a seashell. Even more, the indoors are also decorated in the same theme, which looks even more astonishing.

Located in Isla Mujeres, you can expect the life of living on a tranquil beautiful island. This is perfect for you to escape from the hectic life of the city. Not only does it make this place a favorite place to stay, but this is also an ideal place to become your favorite coworking space if you want to do so. Do you want to go to experience it by yourself? JoinMyTrip has a full package of vacations in this famous Seashell House provided just for you.

Got any more ideas for staycations?

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