Travel to Saudi Arabia: 10 Reasons Why

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Saudi Arabia is a hidden gem in the Middle East that awaits discovery. As mighty kingdoms and a prominent religion started in the country, Saudi Arabia is bursting with history and culture. Travel to Saudi Arabia and you will be spoiled with magnificent natural landscapes, majestic heritages, and a totally different culture. 

Besides being an Islam pilgrimage site, Saudi Arabia is open for travel. Tourists have been allowed to explore Saudi Arabia since 2019. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is relatively safe for travel, specifically in city centers and far from the borders. We will show you 10 reasons you should travel to Saudi Arabia and put it on your 2023 bucket list

Why Travel to Saudi Arabia? – Summary

  1. A Glimpse at the Glorious Pre-Islamic Arabia
  2. A Marvelous Spiritual Center
  3. Futuristic Cities
  4. Enchanting Landscapes
  5. Top-Notch Diving Sites
  6. The People are Welcoming
  7. The Cultural Diversity
  8. A Flavor Heaven
  9. The Coffee Culture
  10. Emerging Sustainability Aspects

A Glimpse at the Glorious Pre-Islamic Arabia

travel to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was the settlement of magnificent kingdoms centuries ago. For that reason, the country has extraordinary historical sites and heritage, spreading throughout its area. Some of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia belong to the pre-Islamic period. Historical sites like Al-Magar, Ruins of Al-Ula, Mada’in Saleh, and Al-Ahsa Oasis are popular destinations that lure tourists to explore. 

Visiting pre-Islamic Arabia will take you time-traveling. You will wander around an enchanting land that looks like Petra or ancient Egypt. Sand-colored palaces, magnificent ruins, and elegant tombs will leave you in awe. Therefore, visit Saudi Arabia to discover the otherworldly land. 

A Marvelous Spiritual Center

reasons to visit Saudi Arabia it is the most prominent holy site

Saudi Arabia is an important place for Muslims. Two of Islam’s holiest cities, Mecca and Medina, are located in the country. Muslims from around the world visit Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage and umrah. One of the places they visit during the pilgrimage is the Kaaba, a building constructed by Prophet Abraham, an important figure of Islam.

Saudi Arabia gives us a glimpse of how touching to see people gathering and praying deeply. However, only people in the faith of Islam are allowed to enter Mecca and Medina. Thus, non-Muslims can still see the beauty of Islamic culture and history in other places in the country. Mosques like the King Fahd Mosque in Jeddah and the National Museum of Saudi Arabia welcome those who are curious about Islam. 

Futuristic Cities

Riyadh in Saudi Arabia travel

You will find yourself stunned in awe as you visit Saudi Arabia’s cities, like Jeddah and Riyadh. The cities in this country are futuristic and fabulous, with gorgeous skyscrapers and artistic architecture. Besides, cities in Saudi Arabia offer an unbelievable scene as the sun goes down. Moreover, they are adorned with blinking, multi-colored city lights – something you can expect in major cities like New York City. So, travel to Saudi Arabia and see them for yourself!

Jeddah and Riyadh are considered the best cities in the Middle East. They are both economic centers of the region. Moreover, both of them display unique features that you can hardly forget. Located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh boasts futuristic buildings and marvelous gardens. Meanwhile, Jeddah offers a sumptuous seaside promenade and gorgeous sculptures as it is tucked nearby the Red Sea. 

Enchanting Landscapes

desert in Saudi Arabia travel

The natural beauty of Saudi Arabia is unbelievable. From vast golden deserts to verdant valleys, every landscape will take your breath away. Most of Saudi Arabia’s areas are complemented by deserts. However, you can find a fertile oasis shrouded in millions of date trees. Thus, you can also find rugged, rocky mountains tinted in blazing desert colors. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia has an exquisite ocean and marine life. Therefore, travelers love to visit Saudi Arabia for its enchanting nature

Best Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia for Nature: Al-Ahsa Oasis, Edge of the World (Jabal Al-Firin), Yellow Lake, Wadi Lajab, and Farasan Island.

Top-Notch Diving Sites

travel to arab saudi why reasons

Nestled on the shores of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia has spectacular marine life. With diverse coral reefs and abundant marine species, Saudi Arabia is recognized as one of the world’s best places for diving. Furthermore, the dive sites in Saudi Arabia are available for every level, whether you are a pure beginner or master diver.

There are various dive sites in the country, like shallow reefs and pelagic waters where manta rays roam. Thus, some of the best diving sites in Saudi Arabia include Jeddah, Farasan Bank, and Five Sisters.

The People are Welcoming

travel to Saudi Arabia people

Saudi Arabia is surprisingly welcoming and safe. People in Saudi Arabia have lived in a multicultural environment, practicing tolerance and peace with others. Additionally, they are also generous.  For that reason, the majority of people in Saudi Arabia are friendly and welcoming to travelers. 

Therefore, please be respectful of the people’s culture. Some of the things you should take note of while visiting Saudi Arabia are how to dress and act politely with the locals. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing that covers your legs and shoulders. Other etiquettes include respectfully not touching a person of the opposite gender and you should use your right hand when giving something to someone. 

Cultural Diversity

travel to Saudi Arabia culture

The people of Saudi Arabia come from different nations. As the holy site of Islam, Saudi Arabia welcomes pilgrims and scholars from all over the world. Moreover, as Saudi Arabia is advancing in its economy and natural resources, lots of people are working in the country. Thus, more than 30% of Saudi Arabia’s population comes from different countries.

As a result, Saudi Arabia is very diverse. You can easily meet people from all around the globe in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that Saudi Arabia is the cultural hotspot of the Middle East. 

A Flavor Heaven

food in Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is known for its delightful flavors and Saudi Arabia is one of the best. Moreover, the country boasts its gastronomical wealth, as it is blessed with diverse spices and numerous flavorings. Thus, a culinary trip to Saudi Arabia will excite anyone who is crazy about food!

One of the best Saudi cuisines is the Mandi dish. It features a plate of flavored rice (biryani or saleeg) topped with slow-cooked lamb and a garnish of fresh vegetables. Furthermore, this local dish is usually enjoyed while sitting on the floor and eating with hands. Other than delicious flavors, Arabian gastronomy is all about culture and experience! 

The Coffee Culture

why travel to Saudi Arabia

Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia due to its status as an Islamic country. As an alternative, people in Saudi Arabia enjoy delightful coffee. Whether it is for a morning boost or a nighttime chill, coffee is their best friend. For that reason, lots of awesome coffee shops are spread throughout Saudi Arabia’s major cities. 

Before modern cafes occupy Saudi Arabia, coffee has been an important part of the culture. Coffee is a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Moreover, people serve coffee to their guests or celebrate special occasions, like gatherings and weddings. For that reason, a cup of coffee in Saudi Arabia is always special. 

Emerging Sustainability Aspects

Saudi Arabia has a prominent agenda to be one of the best sustainable tourism destinations. For example, projects like the Red Sea Project and Green Riyadh highlight sustainability in their implementation. Building sustainable buildings, adding more green spaces, and removing plastic waste are part of the plan. Thus, Saudi Arabia has started to take steps toward sustainability.

If you love sustainable travel, you will love Saudi Arabia. Moreover, many tour operators, attractions, and other travel essentials in the country are run by locals. So, using their services can be a good way to help the community. Thus, Saudi Arabia also offers lots of eco-friendly accommodations.

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