The Best 11 Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece

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Reward yourself with a well-deserved vacation on this fabulous Greek island. Mykonos is all about luxury and excitement. Whitewashed buildings make a stair-like formation on the island’s hillside, glimmering blue sea as its backdrop. Days are gorgeous in Mykonos, but the nights mark the start of a fantastic time. Pubs, beach clubs, and bars blast hype music and invite you to dance the night away. Then, what are the best things to do in Mykonos? We will show you the best 11 activities for an awesome vacation! 

Best Things to Do in Mykonos – Summary

  1. Stroll Around Chora
  2. Chill at Little Venice
  3. Take Pictures of the Paraportiani Church
  4. Travel Back in Time at Delos 
  5. Soak Up the Sun at Mykonos’ Beaches
  6. Get Lost in Ano Mera
  7. Admire the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani
  8. Party like Never Before
  9. Eat at a Local Taverna 
  10. See the Armenistis Lighthouse
  11. Take a Day Trip to Rhenia Island

Stroll Around Chora

things to do in Mykonos Greece

If we talk about Greek islands, we will paint the picture of white and blue houses in mind. Well, like Santorini and other Greek islands, they are also Mykonos’ treasure! Step into Chora, the main town of the island, which features the iconic whitewashed buildings, blue-tinted taverns, and pastel bougainvilleaeas. It was one of the best-preserved historic towns in Greece, as well as the prettiest.

Make your way along Chora’s lovely white-tinted streets and alleys. Laidback neighborhoods, unique churches, and humble taverns beckon you to visit. The marvelous contrasft of colors between Chora’s white buildings and the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea ask you to snap a lot of pictures of it. Therefore, exploring Chora is one of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

Chill at Little Venice

Little Venice Mykonos Greece

Sitting on the edge of the island, Little Venice is a must-visit spot. Cube-shaped houses, tinted in white and pastel, line the rocky shores. This 16th-century quarter of Mykonos displays a nostalgic atmosphere, staying authentic amidst the modern life. It is no surprise that artists and painters make Little Venice an inspiration for their art pieces. The neighborhood’s scene looks dreamy and immaculate.

The best time to visit Little Venice is during the sunset. Restaurants, cafes, and bars set their table next to the splashing waves. You can enjoy a nice drink or meal while seeing the sun goes down. The scene turns more exquisite with the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Therefore, stopping by the Little Venice is one of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

Take Pictures of the Paraportiani Church

things to do in Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is brimming with beautiful churches and chapels. However, the Paraportiani Church stays iconic. It has a unique Mediterranean-styled architecture with a white dome and walls. Although it looks flawless, the church dates back as old as 1425. Paraportiani Church’s name translates as ‘Our Lady of Side Gate’, which refers to its location as Kastro neighborhood’s gateway. 

Paraportiani Church is one of the most photographed church in Greece. No wonder, the church’s location and facade are captivating. It sits on the edge of Kastro’s neighborhood, overlooking the glimmering sea. So, if you want to visit, make sure your camera’s battery is full and take a lot snapshots of it. 

Travel Back in Time at Delos 


No Greece itinerary would be complete without traces of Ancient Greece. Then, when visiting Mykonos, sign up for a cruise tour to Delos. Nestled a few miles away from Mykonos, the small island is a historical treasure trove. Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site notable for its temple ruins and museum. Moreover, it played an important role as the Ionian religious capital centuries ago. 

Delos tells the mythology of Apollo, Greek god of the sun and music, and Artemis, Greek god of wilderness and the moon. Legend says twin deities was born at Delos, so several temples and religious structures are dedicated to them. You can see Propylae, a giant marble archway, and the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo. Whether you are a history buff or a casual traveler, Delos is one of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

Soak Up the Sun at Mykonos’ Beaches

Make your Mediterranean dream come true by hitting the beaches of Mykonos. Glimmering sea with the enchanting aquamarine-turquoise gradient, powdery white sand, and sunkissed shores await your visit. So, get ready to dip yourself into the warm Mediterranean waters and get your glowing tan under the sun. Of course, it is at the top of the list of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

The island’s beaches are all immaculate, but which ones are the best? Well, the most popular ones are the Paradise and Super Paradise Beach. They come with silk-soft sand and an awesome beach club. If you are looking for a more quaint beach, you can head to Agios Stefanos Beach and Agia Anna Beach, which sit on the southern coast. If watersports are on your itinerary, Platis Gialos Beach and Kalafiatis Beach is for you. 

Get Lost in Ano Mera

things to do in Mykonos

Are you looking for a more authentic and serene side of Mykonos? Then, look forward to Ano Mera. The quaint village sits at the heart of Mykonos, a few miles of Chora. It is a dreamy local neighborhood, where family restaurants, bakeries, and shops run their business. Besides that, Ano Mera secures a fascinating religious history, as it is dotted with monasteries and churches.

Visiting Ano Mera means getting lost in its nostalgic and rustic atmosphere. Stop by a local tavern, where you can sample homecooked Greek dishes. Additionally, visit the island’s two monasteries – the Panagia Tourliani and Monastery of Paleokastro. Moreover, if you travel in the summer, you can expect the panigiria festival. This unique celebration usually takes place on July – August and is a religious event to honor the Virgin Mary. Panigiria features food, drinks, and bazaars that are interesting to see. 

Admire the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

Still in the village of Ano Mera, Monastery of Panagia Tourliani is one of the unmissable things to do in Mykonos. The monastery stuns with its classic whitewashed facade, which includes an intricate tower and small bells. Colorful bougenvilleas draped on the monastery’s walls and yard, enhancing its beauty. This well-preserved monastery dates back to the 16th century and has become one of the most important religious site in Mykonos. 

Although it looks stunning from the outside, Monastery of Panagia Tourliania is also beautiful in the inside. It features a grand dome adorned with wood carvings, embroideries, and vestments. You can also find an eyecatching altar decorated with carvings of apostles and saints. For that reason, travelers flock to the monastery to admire its architecture. 

Party like Never Before

things to do in Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is a party island – you heard it right! Nothing is better than spending a feisty night with great cocktails, some shots, and a crazy dancefloor. The sunset marks the beginning of Mykonos’ sizzling nightlife scene. Bars, nightclubs, and beach clubs blast exciting music that makes you want to dance. Crafted cocktails, bottles of alcohols, and chilled wine are ready to heat up the night. So, raise your glass and party like never before in Mykonos!

What are the best nightclubs and bars in Mykonos? – You might ask. Well, Paradise Club comes at the top of the list. The beach club is tourists’ favorite and is popular for big parties. Cavo Paradise beckons with stunning hilltop location, top-notch DJs, and massive dancefloor. Queen of Mykonos is the place for everyone who is looking for something luxurious. Also, Skandinavian Disco invites you for a classic disco time. 

Eat at a Local Taverna 

things to do in Mykonos Greece

Fresh salad drenched in olive oil, creamy yogurt topped with berries, and perfectly-spiced souvlaki. Those Greek dishes will make our mouth water in no time! Then, traveling to Mykonos means savoring delicious Greek cuisine. You can sample the authentic ones in a taverna. It is a small restaurant that offers various Greek dishes, ranging from breads to seafood. Moreover, Mykonos is brimming with fantastic tavernas for you to eat at. 

See the Armenistis Lighthouse

things to do in Mykonos Greece

This centuries-old lighthouse charms with its dramatic location. Armenistis Lighthouse sits on the edge of a cliff near the Agios Stefanos Village. Overlooking the Aegean Sea, it creates an eyecatching contrast with its white color. Thus, Armenistis Lighthouse keeps a record of Mykonos’ rich maritime history. It was built in the 19th century as a response to a British ship accident. Then, it operated until 1983 to guide ships safely to Mykonos. 

Now, the lighthouse serves as a museum and sightseeing spot. Travelers can learn about the history of the lighthouse by joining a guided tour. Moreover, it is a stunning sunset spot. Enjoy the magical scene of Mykonos’ sunset with the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and winding hills from this lighthouse. Therefore, it is one of the most unique things to do in Mykonos. 

Take a Day Trip to Rhenia Island

Rhenia Island trip

This tiny island is a playground for nature lovers. Rhenia Island is located southwest of Mykonos, just a few kilometers from Delos. The island features a crescent-shaped shore, dotted with powdery white sand. It has winding hills covered with brownish meadows – a typical Mediterranean ecosystem. Additionally, Rhenia Island offers a calm and beautiful sea, coming with a striking turquoise color. 

Rhenia Island is a well-loved spot for a cruise tour. You can hop on a fancy catamaran or a nice speedboat with your travel buddies and sail around the calm waters. Also, you can jump from a cliff and splash into the warm Mediterranean waters. Rhenia Island is undeniably stunning and it is one of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

Mykonos is a wholesome destination that is worth to put into your bucket list. If you are dreaming of a perfect beach vacation or a luxurious getaway, Mykonos is your place! So, do you want to travel to Mykonos and try out these awesome activities?

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