The Dolce Vita Guide to Italy

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Enter Italy: Known for its contribution to the world in the form of art, architecture, cuisine, fashion and lots more – It’s no wonder that 94 million tourists visit this European country each year. This beautiful country enjoys a long Mediterranean coastline with Rome being its capital and where the Vatican is located. 

There are two sides of Italy, the North, and the South. While the North is usually known as the fashion capital and consists of 8 different regions: Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Trentino-Alto Adige with Milan notably being the most famous city, the South of Italy consists of Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Molise, and Sicily. The South of Italy is mainly a more suburban area, it has relaxing vibes and the inhabitants of the southern regions tend to be more family-oriented and friendly towards tourists.

Italy has a great public transport system, getting around by train is an affordable and great option to explore.

A little fun fact: there is still an ongoing clash of opinions on who exactly invented Gelato but is said that the first Gelato was invented in Florence.

Summer in Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, ItalySummer in Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy



Not only are Italy´s inhabitants known for their religious beliefs, art, and music. Italians also tend to value quality time, are known for prioritizing their families and relationships, and ey like to spend time with their family during meals such as dinners and brunches. A typical Italian Sunday would consist of the family members preparing meals and cooking ragu for hours, they would meet up and enjoy meals together that would last up to 5 hours! They tend to eat for the pleasure of eating and tasting each fresh ingredient and the leftovers from the brunches and dinners would turn into another epic meal the next day. 

Colorful Italian Ingredients Colorful Italian Ingredients


Where to go

There is an abundance of beautiful places in Italy and we have compiled areas that are definitely worth the visit and not as mainstream as other areas. The villas in Italy have beautiful architecture and are rich in histories such as the villa Rufolo, and Villa Cimbrone in Ravelli.

Monterosso Al Mare

This gorgeous town in the north of Italy is known for producing white wines, olives groves, and grapes! And if you love lemons, you’re going to adore this place. An array of lemon trees are sprawled out throughout the town.

Tip: wear comfortable shoes and explore the beautiful terrain. 

Monterosso al Mare, SP, ItalyMonterosso al Mare, SP, Italy

Amalfi coast
Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi coast is where you want to be if you want to soak in the sun! Here you can admire the glistening clear water, and the magnificent cliffs and beautiful pebbles adorning the coast. If it’s your first time visiting Amalfi it’s best to stay in Sorrento where there’s a bunch of architectural sites and cultural attractions for you to enjoy. Vietri Sul Mare is also a must-visit, it’s the ceramics capital of Campania.

Tip: It gets very crowded in the summer, so be sure to pack your stuff and arrive early to land a spot there. 

amalfiCostiera Amalfitana, Amalfi, SA, Italy


The beautiful island of Sicily is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has a combination of a multitude of cultures ranging from the Roman, Byzantine, Hellenic, Arab, and Normans. The capital is Palermo which is a vibrant city filled with wonderful architecture. Visiting the Egadi Archipelago is a must – it consists of three main islands: Favignana, Levanzo, and Marettimo, and the two smaller islands Formica and Marone. It is Europe’s largest protected maritime region, with a massive underwater tropical forest that provides a rich habitat for many fish species and their reproduction. It also is home to a diverse range of resident and migratory birds, exceptional cetaceans, Caretta sea turtles, and the uncommon Monk Seal.

Tip: Schedule a time to visit Mount Etna and enjoy the volcanic sights and wine.

sicilyTonnara di Scopello, Scopello, Castellammare del Golfo, Italy 

Lake Como 

One of the deepest lakes in Europe and home to stunning villas and private boat tours, Lake Como is a sight in itself. Its distinctive shape is the result of glacial melting mixed with the erosive movement of the old Adda river. This process caused the creation of two southern branches, one of which is home to the world-famous Bellagio. If you are visiting Lake Como in the summer, do enjoy the beaches there. It is the perfect place to relax and just unwind, or if you are into more extreme sports, taking up sailing or windsurfing are great options.

Tip: Stay in Bellagio as boats are easily accessible to explore other surrounding towns.

Varenna, Lake ComoVarenna, Lake Como


Deemed as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Tuscany is known for its legacy of being the “Art Palace of Italy”. Tuscany has the most collections of Renaissance paintings in the whole world. Besides that, it can pride itself on miles and miles of beautiful landscapes, and its influence on today’s culture. It has a high concentration of artists and has seen the rise and fall of many historical figures that are influential in art and science. 

Tip: if you’re wondering where is the most famous wine region in Italy, then be sure to visit Chianti. 

San Quirico dOrcia, ItalySan Quirico d’Orcia, Italy


If you’re wondering how people spend their daily lives in Rome, then head down to Campo de Fiori, enjoy a freshly baked focaccia from the farmers market, and treat yourself to some fresh fruits and tasty cheese. After a morning of strolling around town, take a breather and sip down some espresso before continuing the rest of your city tour. 

Tip: Rome has the highest number of cobblestone streets compared to other Italian cities, so be sure to pack comfortable footwear.

Colosseum, Rome, ItalyColosseum in Rome during the morning blue hour with no people, Colosseum, Rome, Italy


Pronounced as poo-li-ya, this quaint and captivating region is often overlooked by visitors and tourists although it has some of the best views anyone can find in Italy! It is mostly known as the largest producer of olive oil as it provides 40% of the countries total olive oil production. It also has the longest coastline in the entire country, meaning that you’re in for beautiful beaches such as Polignano a Mare which is famous for its cliff diving site where you can plunge into the Adriatic sea.

Tip: Puglia is the region where our most favorite cheese was created, such as the classic burrata cheese, and even a dish called Tiela which is a classic take on a Spanish Paella, and don’t forget to visit Valle d’itria.

massimo-virgilio-GWHkstcGkFM-unsplashTorre Sant’Andrea, Melendugno, Otranto, LE, Puglia, Italia


When to visit 

The best times to visit Italy would be during the springtime from March to May and in Autumn from September to November – the weather is just perfect then! Especially if you want to explore regions known for their vineyards, and while the harvesting season varies year to year, it is usually during September.

If you want to ski, then head straight to Dolomite Alps in the North of Italy.  January is generally the best month to visit the area.

Alpe di Siusi, ItalyThe Sassolungo or Langkofel on the left is the highest mountain of the Langkofel Group in the Dolomites in South Tyrol


What to do

When you’re in Italy it can be quite overwhelming when you have to decide what to do since there are so many places to visit and so little time! Staying for a longer period of time to actually stop and explore this magnetic country is definitely recommended before stopping and exploring other European countries! 

Below are some of the must-see and things that you need to do in Italy!


If it’s your first time in Rome, start with The Coliseum, The Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain. Make sure to head to the Trevi fountain in the early morning to avoid the tourist crowds.

Trevi Fountain, Roma, ItalyTrevi Fountain, Roma, Italy


Enjoy Saint Mark’s Basilica and head down to the famous Bridge of Sighs to snap a picture. When visiting Venice, it is vital to check the season before departing – you would not want to be in Venice in the rainy season, trust me. 

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy


The famous explorer, Christopher Columbus was actually born in Genoa, it is one of the most historical port cities in Italy. Take a stroll on the seaside promenade of Lungomare and Boccadasse to take a look at the eye-catching fisherman village.

genoaGenoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy


When you are in Campania, take the leap and climb Mount Vesuvius! This mountain was the famous volcano that covered the town of Pompeii in ash. Fast forward to today, climbing mount Vesuvius and trekking to the crater is considered safe and the breathtaking view is worth it.

Meta, Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, ItalyMeta, Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy


There are so many museums and galleries in Italy, and the Uffizi gallery has earned its title to be one of the most famous galleries in the world. The works of Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and so many more are proudly displayed in the area near the Arno River.

Castelfalfi, FI, ItaliaMagic panorama of Tuscany, Castelfalfi, FI, Italia


What to eat

When we talk about Italian cuisine, a bunch of delicious things come to mind such as gelato, pasta, lasagna, and so much more! Each region of Italy usually has its own unique dishes and that is why we have taken the liberty to compile the best places to eat in Italy recommended by a true Italian! 


  • Head down to Emilia Romagna for their amazing tortellini.
  • Orecchiette e rape (Puglia), Orecchiette is little bowl-shaped pasta cooked by hand in Italy with wheat and water.
  • Rofie con pesto alla genovese (liguria) 
  • Risi e Bisi (Veneto) is a twisted, spiral-shaped pasta endemic to Liguria as well. The ribbed spirals catch up the fine consistency of the pesto wonderfully, resulting in a great bite after a flawless mouthful that will transport you to the Ligurian coast.
  • Pane Frattau (Sardegna)
    Pane Frattau is a  recipe that uses up day-old bread and incorporates pane carasau, a paper-thin flatbread from Sardinia. The bread is soaked in broth before being stacked with tomato sauce and grated cheese to create a lasagna-like effect. The finishing touch, a poached egg with the runny yolk pouring over the top of the plate, gives the dish more flavor and depth.


Visiting and exploring a new country is of course fun but there are some things to take note of and you might want to be extra careful with your belongings. Always be wary of pickpockets, especially in Milan. It’s best to be anywhere with locals and do not carry so much stuff with you to not attract the wrong attention. Additionally, do not wander too deep into isles and corners that you aren’t that familiar with, or at least bring a travel buddy with you!

All in all, Italy is definitely a country you should put on your bucket list. There are a bunch of trips that are offered on JoinMyTrip to Italy and if you prefer to create your own trip and let others join in or just find travel buddies to go on your next adventure then you know what to do. So what are you waiting for? Plan and or join your next trip to Italy now with JoinMyTrip.

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