Hidden Gems in Mexico: Top 9 Places to Visit

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Hidden Gems, Mexico

Traveling to Mexico will switch you into a fiesta mood real quick! The sun-soaked beaches of Tulum, the sizzling parties in Mexico City, and the delightful cuisines of Oaxaca are what you need for a perfect vacation. However, are you feeling like avoiding the crowds and looking for something more tranquil? Then, look no further to these beautiful Mexico hidden gems! Staying off the tourists’ radar, these 9 hidden gems in Mexico are worth visiting. 

Hidden Gems in Mexico – Summary

  1. Chiapas Highlands
  2. Atlixco
  3. Hierve el Agua
  4. Cabo Pulmo
  5. Yelapa
  6. Lacandon Jungle
  7. Zihuatanejo
  8. Puerto Escondido
  9. Cascada de Tamul

Chiapas Highlands

hidden gems in Mexico Chiapas Highlands

Imagine a scene of rolling hills cloaked with verdant vegetation. Behind its thick forests, ethnic Mayan villages, vast coffee plantations, and incredible historical sites stand for thousands of years. Chiapas Highlands fits the phrase ‘hidden gems in Mexico’ perfectly. The highlands are somehow overshadowed by the cities and ancient ruins of Chiapas. However, it shines its own light, making it worth visiting. 

Chiapas Highlands welcomes you for an authentic and raw cultural experience. Pay a visit to several Mayan villages, like Chamula. You can see women wove traditional fabrics and create colorful ornaments. Also, have a glance at the blend between ancient Mayan traditions and Catholicism in San Juan Church. Last but not least, have a sip of locally-grown coffee in this fertile land. 



Mexico is all about colors, but Atlixco brings it to the next level. Located only half an hour from the famous city of Puebla, Atlixco might sound unfamiliar. However, as you step into the town, you will be surprised by its flying colors. Gaudy buildings line the cobblestone streets, offering a cheerful scene. Moreover, the town looks artsy with its abundance of murals. 

Atlixco is one of the most interesting hidden gems in Mexico. Nonetheless, it is considered one of the ‘Pueblo Magico’ or magical towns. Of course, who wouldn’t be charmed by Atlixco’s dreamy scene? Then, make sure to walk up La Escalera Ancha, a set of stairs with a mural of a dancing couple. See a colorful scene of Atlixco from the top of Cerro de Saint Miguel. Also, snap a picture of the adorable Saint Miguel Church and its yellow facade. 

Hierve el Agua

hidden gems in Mexico Hierve el Agua

Although Mexico has countless beautiful natural landscapes, Hierve del Agua is ethereal. It is an extraordinary rock formation drenched with carbonated water streams. At a glance, Hierve el Agua looks like natural pools with beautiful turquoise waters. Centuries of geological and water activity form those stunning rock formations. Thus, travelers start to hunt for this Mexico hidden gem for its breathtaking beauty. 

Hierve el Agua offers more than a gorgeous landscape. You can dip yourself into the pools and experience the pleasant temperatures. Thus, ‘Hierve el Agua’ means ‘boiling water’, but you can enjoy cool and refreshing waters. Moreover, you can see a waterfall trickling down a cliff at the back of the pool. Therefore, you want to make sure that your camera is fully charged as you visit this place! 

Cabo Pulmo 

Mexico hidden gems Cabo Pulmo

Baja California Sur is a true primadonna with its sun-soaked beaches, glimmering sea, and crazy nightlife. However, are you dreaming of a more quaint side of the region? Then, head to Cabo Pulmo. This tiny beach town will show you how to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Untouched and diverse – it is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in Mexico for you to visit. 

Cabo Pulmo steals the heart of many scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. It is home to a spectacular coral reef in Mexico. Dip yourself into the crystal-clear waters and get ready to be captivated by the beautiful underwater scenery. Tons of colorful fish swim through the gaudy corals, turtles glide through kelp forests, and rays find a way through the sand. Moreover, you can spot some majestic sea lions hanging out on the beach or swimming next to your boat. 


Traveling to Yelapa means taking a deep breath and letting your worries go away. The golden-sand beaches and swaying palm trees will let you relax and soak up the sun. Yelapa’s colorful streets welcome you to stroll around and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the locals. Moreover, the smiling faces of the locals will warm up your heart as you arrive in this quaint village. 

Yelapa is one of the most interesting hidden gems in Mexico. Some travelers dream about a serene and authentic experience, so they head to Yelapa from Puerto Vallarta. Brilliant beaches, lush jungles, charming neighborhoods, and friendly locals of Yelapa are more than enough. Besides that, you might not spot any cars in this village. Mobile signals also sometimes seem out of touch. Therefore, it is a nice great to escape your everyday life. 

Lacandon Jungle

hidden gems in Mexico Lacandon Jungle
Source: Wikimedia Commons

When we talk about South America, we won’t leave out rainforests. The continent is home to the Amazon Rainforest, which plays a huge role as the lungs of the Earth. However, it is not the only rainforest in South America. Mexico also has its spectacular rainforest. Bordering the country and Guatemala, the Lacandon Jungle will make your jaw drop with its diverse wildlife and dazzling scenery. 

The Lacandon Jungle will make nature fans happy. The towering canopies of the jungle keep an abundance of animal species. Bright-colored macaws fly through the single-colored forest, jaguars hide between bushes, and spider monkeys jump through the trees. Stay in touch with Mother Nature by taking jungle walks, staying in an eco-lodge, or going for a guided-tour led by an experienced local guide. Therefore, it is one of the best hidden gems in Mexico. 


hidden gems in Mexico

Do you want to visit Tulum but despise its bustling crowds? Then, head to Zihuatanejo. This laidback beach town features the perfect blend between natural beauty and manmade wonders. Zihuatanejo has brilliant beaches, where you can watch the sunset or soak up the sun during a bright day. Moreover, the neighboring islands have untouched reef and crystal-clear waters. It is an amazing place to escape your bustling everyday life. Therefore, it is one of the most interesting hidden gems in Mexico.

Puerto Escondido

Tucked away on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Puerto Escondido is a charming place to visit. This small beach town describes the word ‘vacation’ perfectly. Amazing beaches with powdery sand, crystal-clear waters, a series of nice restaurants, adorable guesthouses, and many more. Those are the building blocks of Puerto Escondido. Moreover, it is often overlooked by travelers and not many have heard about this place. The laidback beach town stays quaint and pleasant without huge crowds. Therefore, it is one of the most interesting hidden gems in Mexico.

Mexico is vibrant and amazing! Thus, its hidden gems are something you should put on your bucket list. Do you want to explore Mexico and see the amazing hidden gems? We have a great idea for you!

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