Hidden Gems in France: Top 9 Places to See

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France has never ceased to amaze travelers. From the glamorous Paris to the sun-soaked Nice, there is always something special in France. As one of the world’s top destinations, we have heard about Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Versailles. Then, what about the off-beaten-path places in France? In this blog, we will show you nine beautiful hidden gems in France for a one-of-a-kind vacation. Make sure to add them to your bucket list! 

Hidden Gems in France – Summary

  1. Cote D’Argent
  2. Riquewihr
  3. Eze
  4. Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle
  5. Monet’s Garden
  6. Menton
  7. Rambouillet
  8. La Rochelle
  9. Porquerelles

Cote D’Argent

hidden gems in france Cote D'Argent

Besides glorious architecture and charming cities, France also boasts its sun-soaked beaches. Head to Cote D’Argent, a 143-mile-long coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and find an endless choice of beautiful beaches. Moreover, as it is quaint and remote, not a lot of tourists come to the area. It is one of the best hidden gems in France to visit, especially in the summer. 

The unspoiled beaches of Cote D’Argent look wonderful, but the region offers more than that. It displays a vast area of forest that keeps an interesting history. The forest was grown by Napoleon III for his soldiers in the 18th century. Other than that, Cote D’Argent is dotted with historic sites, small towns, and isolated villages that date back as old as World War II. Therefore, Cote D’Argent is the perfect destination for both history buffs and keen explorers. 


Walking through this village will make you feel like you are entering a fairytale land. A series of medieval-styled timber houses line the cobblestoned streets, creating a dreamy scene. Verdant vineyards shrouded the hills around the village. As you arrive in Riquewihr, you will understand why it obtained the status of ‘The Most Beautiful Village in France.’ 

Riquewihr is one of the most charming hidden gems in France, especially in Alsace. It keeps the legacy of the medieval period alive. Besides that, Riquewihr also grows the best grapes and acts as the home to centuries-old vineyards. You can expect extraordinary wines in the area. So, go for a wine-tasting session and sample some delightful Riquewihr wines. 


France off the beaten path Eze village

A single glance at Eze will take your breath away. This seaside village in Southeastern France is nestled on the top of a rocky peak overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Medieval houses, neat stone structures, and gaudy towers complement the picturesque scene. With the perfect mix of manmade art pieces and natural wonders, Eze is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in France. 

Eze looks like a place out of a Disney movie. Sand-colored rock buildings stand along the winding seaside hill, adorned with swirling vines and colorful flowers. Thus, you can find yourself strolling through the village and admiring its beautiful surroundings. Other than that, you can get the perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea from Jardin Exotique or a hilltop cafe in Eze. 

Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle

Haut Koenigsbourg Castle hidden gems in France

We have heard about the opulent Château de Chambord. However, are there other stunning castles in the country? Maybe something that is located off-the-beaten-path in France? Then, head to Alsace and found Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle. The 15th-century castle is one of the best-kept secrets of France.

Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle will take you back to the Middle Ages. On the outside, the castle displays classic, medieval-styled architecture made out of brick. Getting in, you can see lavish chambers adorned with crystal chandeliers, fine furniture, and stunning frescoes. Moreover, as it is situated on a 757-meter-high hill, the castle offers a breathtaking view of the verdant Alsace region. 

Monet’s Garden

hidden gems in France Monet's Garden

France is all about everything artistic and beautiful. Even when you walk off the beaten path in France, you can find an ornate place to visit. Monet’s Garden, a lush haven in Giverny, is one of them. Besides keeping the legacy of painter Claude Monet, the garden charms everyone with its marvelous scene. Furthermore, it is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in France to visit. 

Monet’s Garden features a wide area of well-manicured gardens and a quaint lake. Vibrant-colored flowers, like orchards, roses, and poppies, grow all over the area. They were grown by Claude Monet himself, as he had a passion for gardening. Thus, the best part of Monet’s Garden is the water garden. Water lilies, willows, and wisterias adorned the quaint lake, offering a majestic view. The scene might look familiar, as it is depicted in Monet’s painting. 


hidden gems in France Menton

Colorful and sunny – those are the two words that describe Menton. Situated on the French Riviera, the vibrant seaside town is perfect for a summer vacation. Flawless beaches with glimmering waters, artsy buildings, laidback ports, and sun-soaked boulevards are what Menton has to offer. Thus, as it is not as popular as the neighboring Monaco, Menton is serene and relaxing. It is a great hidden gem in France to visit. 

Menton is also brimming with historical and cultural scenes. It keeps impressive baroque-styled buildings, such as Basilique Saint-Michel and La Chapelle des Pénitents-Blancs. You can also see the works of poet Jean Cocteau in the Musée Jean Cocteau. Additionally, Menton is famous for its lemons. It is where the flamboyant Citrus Festival takes place annually. 


Rambouillet hidden gems France
Photo by: Rambouillet Tourisme

Are you looking for a unique place to visit in France? Then, get ready to be captivated by Rambouillet. This historical town shows an interesting mix of lavish royalty and laidback countryside. Opulent castles, royal gardens, and stunning churches are all over the town. On the other hand, Rambouillet is home to quaint villages, laidback barns, and a serene forest. It is simply dreamy and worth visiting. 

One of the best places to see in Rambouillet is the Château de Rambouillet. Dating back to the 14th century, King Louis XVI once resided in the palace. The castle displays an impressive exterior, but the interior is extraordinary. Find ornate chambers with Neo-Pompeian decorations, Art-Deco styles, and gorgeous statues inside the castle. Of course, it is as expected from King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette!

La Rochelle

best-kept secrets La Rochelle hidden gems France

Visiting La Rochelle means traveling back in time. The seaside town looks antique and nostalgic, as it is dotted with centuries-old buildings. Thus, the most iconic part of La Rochelle is the two towers standing on the harbor, Saint Nicholas Tower and Tour de la Chaine. Find yourself unwinding from your bustling everyday life by exploring this tranquil town. 

La Rochelle is one of the underrated hidden gems in France. Not many people have heard about this seaside town. However, with its impressive historical structures and quaint atmosphere, La Rochelle is great to visit. Not to mention, the town also offers a wide choice of dining, shopping, and nightlife. 


unique places to visit in France

Are you looking for a serene place to spend your summer in? Then, head to Porquerolles. This remote island off the coast of Southern France is worth visiting. With a population of only 200 people, Porquerolles stays untouched and off the radar. 

The small island boasts a brilliant blue sea, powdery white sand, and lovely greeneries. Other than that, it displays a series of laidback neighborhoods. You can explore the villages, have some refreshments in a local-run coffee, and spend the day on the flawless beach. Therefore, Porquerolles is one of the best hidden gems in France.

France is incredibly fabulous! Thus, its hidden gems are something you should put on your bucket list. Do you want to explore France and see the impressive hidden gems? We have a great idea for you!

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