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Binge watching Netflix shows is a thing of the past…..


When the pandemic hit us, we were confined into our homes – most of us binge watched Netflix shows for hours. Ahem! Ahem! Not proud of this but I have binge watched shows that are less memorable and less enjoyable (Yikes!). 

But there are so many of my favorite Netflix shows that are worth being left bleary-eyed on the couch.  


Today, I am going to list to you my favorite and top 3 Netflix shows that have transported me to another world. These shows were simply an escape from reality, day to day grind or pressures from daily life. But wait! I am not just going to list you my favorite shows (I mean, who cares!), but I am going to show you destinations that you can travel to which are inspired by these shows. One thing I realised is that, it’s not the show that we crave but it is simply the feeling of getting lost from watching episodes after episodes.

Wouldn’t you want to experience that feeling again? I know, you will think, why not just watch that Netflix show again? No! We are all travelers who love to explore, so we are going to travel to the destinations that are inspired by these shows to experience that feeling. So come travel along with JoinMyTrip

Here are TOP 3 destinations inspired by Netflix shows that you have to BINGE TRAVEL with JoinMyTrip.







Ok, I know it’s been a long time since anyone spoke about this series because the last season was aired couple of months back. But, with the recent launch of it’s new season trailer, the timing cannot be more fitting. Yes! I am talking about “Stranger Things” and I am going to shamelessly confess that I have binge watched this series so badly! 

So, who’s excited for Season 4 ? With Season 4 rolling around next year, I thought I could kick in some excitement and talk about the best destinations to visit for your next group trip if you are a “Stranger Things” fan like me.  



Georgia, U.S.A: Georgia, a state in U.S.A is known for it’s costal beaches, mountains and farmlands. Most importantly, the Stone mountain hiking trails are approximately 25 km of hiking and walking trails. A number of memorable scenes of Stranger Things have been shot in this particular location including the scene where the boys are seen walking on a train track with Eleven. So, are you ready to experience the “Upside down”? 

The trail is of varied difficulty and perfect for walkers, cyclists and joggers of all kinds. For all the nature enthusiasts, Stone Mountain is also home to beautiful birds such as Bluebird, Northern Cardinal and White Breasted Nuthatch. Apart from these, this national park is the most visited year round as it has a cinema, camping resort and annual family festivities. 

Apart from this, The Cumberland Island is a perfect destination for a day trip or to set up overnight camp because of it’s tranquil scenery. This island will feed your curiosity as it is also filled with historical secrets.  







This Spanish crime thriller is my next pick for your remote group travel. Why? The series is shot in the beautiful country of Spain. Though the series revolves around the Royal Mint of Spain, the producers were not allowed to film there obviously because of security reasons. However, the location of choice was the Spanish National Research Council’s (CSIC) exterior which is located in Madrid. What you can experience here is a walking tour where you can trace the steps of our favorite notorious criminals. Looking to be inspired more? Then why not check out our Tips and Tricks for a group travel to Spain and 2021 travel guide to Spain! This will certainly help you get started. 


Are you up for a group travel adventure in Spain? Then check out our TripLeader Gianluca’s trip:
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Join Gianluca on an adventure and discover Ibiza’s magical secret places




From Madrid you can check out our TripLeader Diego’s itinerary and embark on an adventure to Cordoba and Seville. 

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Join Diego for 3 days in Cordoba and Seville 





CROWN – United Kingdom 


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This award winning original series by Netflix is my next recommendation. The episodes covered a lot of locations between Australia and Scotland, but a majority of its scenes were shot in the United Kingdom.  Before I started with Crown I never knew I would be so addicted to the series. I have always wondered what it is like to live like a royal and who doesn’t love a good royal moment? This series gave me a glimpse into the royal family and made me realise that they too have life problems just like any of us. To be able to tell a story that we all knew about and still have us intrigued, is what reeled us in. If the intimate portrayal of the Queen’s life as a monarch hasn’t convinced you yet to go ahead and experience United Kingdom it for yourself in your next group trip, I don’t know what will. 




Buckingham Palace: This is an obvious recommendation as it forms one of the most monumental spots in London and is filled with so much history and I am sure each one of you will be taken aback by it’s grandeur and charm. I recall one of the scenes when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were completely against moving into Buckingham palace but it all changed when she officially became the Queen. 

Wilton House: This is an 400 year old English country house near Salisbury. It is currently inhabited by the 18th Earl of Pembroke and his family. The house is open for visitors and it is used as a double of Buckingham palace throughout the series. Wilton House is not only used for filming The Crown but also for another famous Netflix series Bridgerton and for several other movies. 

You can add Buckingham Palace and Wilton house to your list while discovering the U.K with our TripLeader Razvan Gabriel. 

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Join our TripLeader Razvan for an adventurous trip involving hiking and camping in the U.K



Part 2 of this blog series will be coming soon……… So watch out for that!! But, has this inspired you to plan your own group trip? Then check out JoinMyTrip now and easily create your own trip. 


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