Travel Horoscope 2021 (Part 2)

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How the zodiac signs Cancer – Sagittarius travel

Welcome to part 2 of our 2021 travel horoscope! Today we will show you some great travel destinations for 2021 based on your zodiac sign.

Cancer – Discover the big cities in March

Cancerians should spend the year 2021 in a big city. The loving and empathetic nature makes them open to foreign cultures and are always there when you need them. This trait is always needed when traveling in a group, you will never feel alone with Cancers. But where does it go for you? We’ll show you.

Paris, the city of love! We are not only talking about romance, but also about love for your travel partners. Paris is the perfect place to meet new people and soak up the charm of the city together. The artists’ quarter Montmartre is one of our favorite places and belongs to the travel horoscope 2021 (part 2).

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): Paris, France.
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris

London calling! London is an ever-changing city with unique people and lifestyles. The different neighborhoods of the city reflect its character and form a beautiful mosaic, which you should definitely share with your London travel partners.

London at night from above with the Tower Bridge in the center of London, England
Stunning London at night

The third city on your list of destinations for your lucky month of March is Budapest. The city is still an insider’s tip for many travelers, so don’t wait too long to check out what you want to do there with your travel partners. Budapest will certainly remind you of Prague, because both cities have a long history with beautiful buildings and a charming old town.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): Budapest, Hungary
The historic city of Budapest

For more on the coolest cities in the world, check out our top city breaks for a short trip (part 1).

Leo – Enjoy August under the sun

Lions are proud people, they want to experience as much as possible. They are also true organizational geniuses and know exactly how to plan the perfect trip. That’s why extra cool destinations that require a certain amount of planning are waiting in your travel horoscope 2021 (part 2).

The first destination is the beautiful island of Bali. Here your island dreams will come true. Wide sandy beaches, turquoise waters and cool vacation homes for you and your Bali travel partners. The tropical sun is especially cool if you want to experience activities on the sea! Many girls go here with their girlfriends. If that’s your plan too, you’ll love our other tips for the best girls trips for 2021.

Rice terrace in front of a vulcano in Bali, Indonesia
Marvellous Bali Rice Terraces

The next destination is special because even though you’ll be flying more than 11 hours, you’ll have almost no time difference. Do you know which country we are talking about? That’s right, South Africa! The country has something for every type of traveler – from secluded beaches to bustling cities with a rich history, you’ll find it all. You can also find the darkest spot in all of Africa here. Sound interesting? Find out more in the 6 most beautiful places in South Africa.

Downtown Johannesburg in South Africa at sunset
South Africa is a great destination that has a lot to offer

The last place for your travel horoscope 2021 (part 2) is Mexico! In the Central American country you will find so many undiscovered adventures and cool places waiting for you. From the long beaches in Cancún, to the beautiful bay off Puerto Vallarta, you’ll definitely find it. You and your Mexico travel partners have a lot to discover, the country has so much to offer.

Mayan ruins in Mexico
Visit the famous Mayan ruins in Mexico

Virgo – December holidays with a difference

Although Virgos are known for not taking risks, we’re going to let you off the hook today. December on your travel horoscope 2021 (part 2) is all about discovering new things. 

To discover new things, your first option is Australia. The outback has a lot in store for you and with your Australia travel partners you can discover the country anew. In the south of the country you will find impressive cliffs, while the west will impress you with long distances and untouched nature. Many use Australia as a work and travel destination.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): Sydney harbor with boats and the opera house
Sydney harbor

Next you will go to the “great white North” – Canada! Here you can spend the holidays the way music videos and Christmas movies tell us to – with as much snow as the eye can see, crackling fireplaces and great company from your Canada travel partners. You can either travel to a big city, like Vancouver or Montreal, or out into nature, to Banff or the Great Lakes Region around Toronto.

snow-covered mountains in Canada
Beautiful mountains in Canada

Do you want to really challenge yourself and experience something unique, where many of your friends have probably never been or thought of? Then it’s off to Ghana for you! The country in West Africa is especially special because of its nature. In the south of the country you will find beautiful sandy beaches directly on the Atlantic Ocean, while the north of the country is more like a savannah, with flat trees and swamps. There you can also observe elephants. The capital Accra also offers a lot, especially you can experience the culture of the country and get in touch with the people. You and your Africa travel partners will have a lot of fun!

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): jungle in Ghana, Africa
Get lost in the beauty of the jungle

Libra – Catching the first rays of sun in June

You are a Libra and prefer to avoid conflicts and want to find the optimal middle? Then you will like your travel horoscope 2021 (part 2), because there is something for everyone.

First you will go to France. Whether Paris, the Champagne region or the French Riviera – in June it’s beautiful everywhere! The best way to explore France is with a camper, there are many campsites in unique places. France is also a real paradise for surfing.

Coast of France on a sunny day
Coast of France

Portugal is also perfect for every travel wish. Lisbon offers you the charm of a southern European metropolis, like Barcelona, while the Algarve in the south shows you how to really relax. Portugal is also perfect for a coworking adventure in 2021, so if you’d rather not plan a trip yourself and feel more comfortable being a Coworking TripMate, discover our coworking trips for 2021!

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): colorful houses in Portugal
Enjoy life in Portugal

The third destination on the list of destinations for your lucky month of June is Croatia. The country is becoming increasingly popular with travelers, so it’s getting crowded at the major sights. If you want to do something good for yourself and the locals, travel away from the crowds and discover the country anew. For more on sustainable travel, check out the article “Why travelers are already planning their 2021 vacations”.

The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia
Discover the beauty of Croatia

Scorpio – do water sports in July

Scorpios are passionate and do not do things by halves. So that you can continue to live out these character traits, your travel horoscope 2021 (part 2) includes really cool travel destinations for your lucky month of July.

First of all, we introduce you to a perennial favorite: Greece. With your Greece travel partners you will discover the mainland with the impressive cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the beautiful islands of Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. You can find even more beautiful places in our article with the top 5 islands in Greece.

Colorful houses on a hill on an island in Greece
Greece is waiting for you

The second destination is more unique. For you it goes to Madagascar! The island in East Africa is a beautiful destination in July, here you can see so much natural beauty. The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is particularly impressive. In the Montagne d’Ambre National Park you can explore the lush jungle with its unique animals like the lemur.

Sailing boat on the ocean in front of the sunset in Madagascar
Discover Madagascar on a boat

Finally, we have prepared a wonderful jungle adventure for you: Thailand! With your Thailand travel partners you should definitely explore the highlands of the mainland. The most important place for this is Chiang Mai with its numerous temples and beautiful works of art. For an island adventure there are of course a lot of places like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Samui. You can explore the country especially well with a backpacking trip, tips for Backpacking in Southeast Asia can be found here.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): Thailand
Explore Thailand’s stunning south

Sagittarius – Make the most of October

You Sagittarians are bursting with joie de vivre – you should definitely take advantage of this on your next trip and share it with the world! In your 2021 Travel Horoscope (Part 2), you’ll find countries that will put you to the test and be especially fun.

Finland is not exactly known for warmth and affection. But that doesn’t mean that you are not welcome with your Finland travel partners! Take your time and explore the country at your own pace. You should start in the capital Helsinki, in the south of the country. But why are we sending you to Finland in October? For the Northern Lights, of course! But for that, you’ll have to go way up north to Rovaniemi. And who knows, you might even meet Santa Claus – after all, Finland is his home.

Helsinki, Finland, with snow during winter
Finland is a cold but beautiful travel destination

The next destination is England. Autumn on the islands can be very rainy, of course, but that’s what makes your trip. Whether you stay in London and spend your time in pubs or explore the countryside, your time with your England travel partners will be unforgettable!

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): Autumn Landscape in England
Autumn in England is magical

If you’d rather be warm and hate the rain, we have a destination for you that is definitely warm and has no rain at all: Dubai! The desert metropolis is so impressive for those who have never been there. Just the drive from the airport to the city is extraordinary, as you don’t expect what you will see: Skyscrapers that just appear to emerge from the sand. From the Burj Khalifa, of course, you have the best view of the entire city.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 2): The skyline of Dubia with the Burj Khalifa.
The breathtaking skyline of Dubai

And with that we have reached the end of our travel horoscope for 2021! Wherever you decide to go, we wish you a lot of fun on your travel adventures.

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