Travel Horoscope 2021 for all Zodiac Signs (Part 1)

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Here you can find travel destinations for your star sign

Do you already have an idea where you will spend the year 2021? And are you also interested in zodiac signs? Perfect! Today we give you your travel horoscope 2021 (part 1). For each destination, we’ve carefully picked out the destinations for your lucky month so you can gather a lot of inspiration.

Capricorn – winter destinations for December

You’re a Capricorn and you already know that you definitely need to relax at the end of 2021? You deserve it! You’ve worked so much and really need to chill out, otherwise you’ll collapse. For that, we have the perfect destinations for your lucky month of December.

First, stay close to home in the German Alps. Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Berchtesgaden are the perfect destinations for this. You can go skiing or snowshoeing and spend the evening with your travel partners in your cabin.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): German Alps with view over Berchtesgaden
German Alps

You want a snow guarantee with the best conditions for winter sports? Then it’s off to Norway for you! You should start in the capital Oslo. Then you will go to Trolltunga, a rocky outcrop with a unique panorama over beautiful fjords. In Western Norway you should take the Flåmsbana train to discover the landscape. With your Norway travel partners, this trip will be magical!

Northern lights in Norway over snowy landscape

The third destination is Iceland. The best way to discover the country is on the Ring Road, which leads once around the island. You will pass beautiful places and unique natural spectacles. By the way, you can also marvel at the northern lights with your travel partners.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Beach in Iceland with black sand

Aquarius – discover spring in April

You Aquarians want to discover something extraordinary? Then check out your travel horoscope 2021!

Let’s start in the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Azores it is spring and summer all year round, so the nature is beautiful. You can also see a lot of wildlife here, with most tours going out on the water so you can see the whales. Here you can find out why they are the island paradise for nature lovers.

Green lake on the Azores, a group of islands in the Atlantic

Speaking of the Atlantic Ocean, let’s go to Madeira! The island of flowers welcomes you with bright colors and unique hiking trails.  The capital Funchal offers you cute little stores and wonderful restaurants with the best food ever. We have a lot of cool trips for Madeira ready for you!

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Coast of Madeira

The third country on your list of destinations for your lucky month of April is Cuba! The island nation is still relatively undiscovered due to its past and is extra extraordinary for it. From the lively city of Havana to the quiet beaches all around, you’ll learn to love the island. But be careful: for Cuba you need a visa. We have compiled even more information on visa requirements for Cuba for you.

Cuban coast with blue water and beach

Even more inspiration for travel in April 2021 can be found here.

Pisces – first summer feelings in May

Pisces are sensitive people who understand their environment very well. You will definitely find these abilities in your travel horoscope 2021 (part 1), because you are all about getting to know people and nature!

The people of Morocco await you with great hospitality and a wonderful culture. From colorful mosaics to ancient archaeological sites, you can discover so much here. The country is often underestimated and that’s why you should explore it with your Morocco travel partners.

City in Morocco with trees during the sunset

Next, head to the other side of the Mediterranean – Spain! Over tapas and Rioja you will get to know your Spain travel partners better and experience the cultures of the Basque Country, Southern Spain or the Balearic Islands. There is so much to discover here away from the tourist crowds, you just have to decide how you want to spend May.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Sevilla in Spain

If you speak Spanish well, you’re headed across the Atlantic to the jungle paradise of Costa Rica. With your Costa Rica travel partners, you’ll explore the depths of the jungles, relax in hammocks on the beach and mingle with the people in cool beach bars. Your 2021 travel horoscope (part 1) has so many cool adventures in store!

Beach in Costa Rica with palm trees during the sunset
Costa Rica

Aries – Making the most of the golden autumn in October.

All Aries among you are united by the following trait: you are incredibly adventurous. That’s why you should travel away from the crowds and discover the world for yourself. Your travel horoscope 2021 (part 1) shows 3 cool destinations: Scotland, USA and Switzerland. Doesn’t sound exciting? Wrong! 

In Scotland you should definitely go with your road trip travel partners and explore the Highlands by road. The Isle of Skye is perfect for this. Read more in our blog article “The best road trips in 2021: Europe Edition”.

Castle in Scotland on a lake with hills in the background

The USA is the land of opportunity and holds a lot of secrets for you. The laid-back lifestyle of California, the concrete jungle of New York City or the swamplands of Florida…it’s up to you to choose!

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during the sunset.

Switzerland seems boring at first compared to the other two destinations, but it definitely belongs on the list of destinations for your lucky month of October. Beautiful forests, deep valleys and the first snow will lure you to our neighboring country. Especially in a group, Switzerland is optimal, because you can share the costs, which are relatively high in Switzerland. At JoinMyTrip you can find the perfect Switzerland travel partners.

Small town in the Alpes in Switzerland

Taurus – Getting the last summer feelings in September

The Taurus is a real rock in the surf. Your zodiac sign is the Taurus? Great! Have you ever thought about leading your own trip and doing it as a TripLeader at JoinMyTrip? We have a feeling you would be made for it, here you can find more about what a TripLeader does. Since you Taurus are epicureans, today we have three completely different countries for you to explore during your lucky month of September 2021. 

Italy is of course the stronghold of indulgence! Especially in September, you can enjoy the last warm rays of sun on the Italian Riviera and let your eyes wander over the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying a pizza. Rome and Naples are also beautiful in September.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Italy

Your travel horoscope 2021 (part 1) also predicts Sweden as an optimal destination. Sweden will teach you the Slow Life – rent a log cabin in the middle of nowhere by a beautiful lake with your travel partners and September will be wonderful. 

Red house at a lake in the nature in Sweden

Also on the list of destinations for your lucky month is Turkey. Istanbul in particular is perfect for all of you looking for bright colors and the country’s wonderful cuisine. Huge bazaars, small side streets and lovely people await you here. If you want to learn more about Turkey, read our article “The most beautiful places in Turkey”.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Istanbul, Turkey

Gemini – Escape the winter in February

Do you Geminis feel like experiencing something? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your travel horoscope 2021 (part 1) predicts great adventures for you in February and you can spend them right here:

Egypt is at the top of your travel list. The country is perfect for the winter of 2021, because here you can already experience the spring and fill up on vitamin D. Whether you spend the whole day lying on the beach or visiting ancient archaeological sites is up to you. But keep in mind the visa requirements for Egypt! 

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Cairo, Egypt

Tunisia follows directly afterwards. You only know this country as an all-inclusive paradise? There is a lot more to discover here! As in Egypt, you can learn about the ancient history of North Africa and enjoy incredibly delicious food. You will definitely find Tunisia travel partners in our community! 

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): colorful roofs in Tunisia

Do you prefer to go further away and still feel at home? Then head to the Canary Islands! The cool thing here is that you don’t even have to take a vacation to explore the country. Many of the islands have extremely good internet connections, so you can work comfortably and have adventures after work. You can read more about this in our coworking article about the Canary Islands.

Travel horoscope 2021 (part 1): Canary Islands
Canary Islands

That’s it for our first part! For all other zodiac signs you can find our travel horoscope 2021 (part 2) here!

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