Road Trip travel buddy

Find yourself some cool travel buddies and enjoy the freedom along the road. Ditch mundane airplane travel and hop into that car parked in your driveway instead. Keep reading for some helpful tips for an amazing road trip.

Road Trip travel buddy

Ditch the mundane airplane travel and hop into that car parked in your driveway instead. See what the road really has to offer and plan your next road trip while taking note of our road trip essentials first.

The lure of the road is undeniably familiar as we grew up driving from point A to point B. The endless freedom and the unknown are exciting. Makes driving no longer seem like a chore but something completely new. Before setting off on the road with you and your road trip travel buddy, take a look at the list of essential tips we've put together.

1. Do Your Research

pick you speed during your road trip

First things first: Figure out where to go. Some of the top destinations for 2020 are Route 66 in the United States for adventure; New Zealand for scenic beauty; Greece and Thailand for the ability to pop into villages and Croatia for drives along the sparkling Adriatic and in mountain ranges. Germany is also a popular place for road trips. Only 30% of German highways have speed limits. Driving as fast you can attracts a lot of tourists to the central European nation.

Once you and your road trip travel buddy have decided where to go, you have some learning to do.If you leaving your home country, learn the requirements for driving legally. In some countries, a valid drivers license from your home country is enough. However, in many places, it’s not. Also, learn the rules of the road. Different parts of a country may have different regulations for the road. Of course, know the rules of road of any foreign country you visit. Most countries depend on symbols to communicate road rules but words do come up, so study the street signs and learn a few words in the native tongue. Even if you’re not going to drive, you should be aware of the rules Two minds are better than one.

2. Engine Check

If you decide to your or your road trip travel buddy decide to use a personal car, have a mechanic check the car and provide any maintenance. This includes checking your spare tire is inflated and you have jumper cables on hand. Maybe you want something sportier or stronger. Then you have to rent a car. Know the rules for car rental in your destination before you head off. Plus, check terms of your credit card and car insurance before you rent the car.

3. Pack Carefully

Packing gets way more complicated due to space constraints. You have to bring only the personal items that you need (clothing, a jacket, etc.), gear for driving (a map, replacement for engine liquids, cleaning items, etc.), accessories for electronic devices (charging cables, headphones), and food. Don’t forget to bring something to hold garbage, because you and your road trip travel buddies don’t want to mess up the place where you’ll be spending most of your time. If you have the space, bring a cool bag or an electronic car cool box. These will keep drinks and salads at safe temperatures.

4. Pick Your Speed

A road trip is not a race. Road trips are meant to be taken slow and to enjoy all the changing vistas around you. You know the saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” Keep this in mind. Try to slow down and look out the window. The best part of road trip travel is to witness everything that's around you. Not to mention, you will get better mileage on your tank if you maintain the same speed the whole time. While ripping around corners is fun, it's wasting a lot of fuel. Every mile counts!

5. Pull-over

If something catches your eye while driving, give it try. Pull-over and delve into it, because if you keep driving you will regret not pulling over and checking it out. Some of the best discoveries are those on the sides of highways and turnoffs.

6. Get off Highways

Take the road less traveled. Of course, highways will be faster, but remember, this isn't a race. Side roads will offer way more character and memorable towns you and your travel mates can enjoy.

7. Talk to the locals

talk to the locals during your road trip

Say you and your road trip travel buddies pull over for a break, find a someone from the area to talk to. Get their recommendations for lunch or an interesting afternoon activity While Yelp can be our friend, locals know better. Just image in someone came driving into your town. What would you recommend? 

8. Ultimate Playlist

put together a playlist during your road trip

This may seem obvious, but it's important. You know those iconic scenes form a movie where a car full of friends drive down the wide open road listening to that perfect song? Well, that can be you and your road trip travel buddies. Before setting off, put together the a playlist that none of you will get tired of listening to. This list should cover the maximum amount of time you can withstand in a car, probably three or four hours. This way there are fewer repeats and less chance of burnout.

For something a little different, bring a long a several audio books (For the uninitiated: any book on a smartphone or tablet can become an audio book with your device’s speech recognition capability.) or podcasts. Several streaming services allow downloading, so you can add to your audio options on the road.

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