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Group travel buddy

A group travel buddy might be a great option for you if you are planning on going traveling but don’t have anyone to go with. Are you too nervous to set off on your own? Here are a few tips to find a travel group travel buddy:

Group travel buddy

For some of us, travel is a dream, not something that will really happen. The idea of filling seven days is daunting. How do you know what to do in a place you’ve never been to before? The idea of driving in a foreign country is frightening. Being able to speak only language keeps many people at home. Some closet Indiana Jones desperately want to rapel, go spelunking or sail through a breath-taking archipelago. Unfortunately, things like the coronavirus have pushed many to carpe diem. Unfortunately, none of these people are friends or family and you can’t sail with several hands on deck.

Some call it the “solo tax.” Hotels and tour operators create amazing holiday packages at great rates. These low prices are based on two or more people traveling. People traveling alone who want to take advantage of one of these packages usually have to pay at least 150% of the price for one person.

This is where group travel comes in. Not only will you have company for your trip. You get the use of  everyone’s strengths. Your group travel buddies can bring different skills to the trip. Someone will speak the language native to where you are traveling, another has no fear driving on any side of the street in any country, a few will be experts in whatever adventure you dive into, and somebody knows everything about where you are traveling and will create an itinerary that everyone will enjoy.

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Once you find your desired travel mates, the next step is to plan your trip. As exciting as group travel is, there are some things to keep in mind before setting off into the wide world with strangers. 

1. Keep the Peace

Of course, there will probably be tense moments when traveling with strangers. Travel can put a lot strain on everyone and emotions get heightened. Try to blow off the little stuff and keep peace with your travel mates.

Prevention is the best cure. Before you set off, set up some ground rules and expectations. You’re all adults but some adults turn into children when they are in vacation mode. At what time does loud music have to be turned off? Is marijuana consumption OK? Is there a schedule for cleaning or driving?

If it’s possible, meet in person or, at least, have a video chat before the trip starts. Ask thought questions, like, “I’m a recovering alcoholic. Is it OK that anyone who I share a room with not drink in the room?” Get a feel for your group travel buddies. Soon these strangers are going to be the closest people to you in the world.

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2. Be Friendly

You can make your group travel partners into whatever you want — friends for life or temporary acquaintances. Life is short. Why not try to turn these strangers into friends? At the beginning of the trip, share as much information about yourself as possible. The faster you learn about each other, the faster you will be friends.

Most importantly, get rid of your prejudices. Don’t assume women on the trip won’t want to go out drinking of the men won’t want to explore a contemporary art exhibition. Invite everyone to everything. Within your moral limitations, accept every invitation.

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3. Split Up

Just because you decided on group travel, doesn't mean you are stuck with your group travel buddies 24/7. The good thing about group travel mates is that you have so many different people to get to know and chat with. You have the opportunity to take breaks from people who are may be getting on your last nerve. If you feel like you need some time away from your pack, go on a solo adventure for the afternoon and meet up with the gang at dinner. Don’t forget that this is your vacation, so complete without too much stress and need another holiday when you return. Plus, if you had your heart set on an activity and cannot convince the group to go along, don’t be afraid to strike out on your own. Go home with no regrets. 

4. Sharing is Caring

Another perk of group travel is you have an abundance of people sharing their resources (and snacks!). Consider this when traveling. In your pre-trip meeting, you should find out if anyone wants to share things like chargers or bring extras like batteries. No need to pack things that you don’t need.

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5. Be Positive and Open-Minded

Group travel is an incredible opportunity to make friends for life. Be open to people from all walks of life Often these people could be the most interesting to talk to and most memorable.

Best of all, be ready to try things and do things in ways you have never done before. With the support of your group travel buddies, you could learn new ways of living and thinking that can change the way you live your life.

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