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Are you looking for Travel Buddies, TripMates, or simply new friends to travel with? No worries, JoinMyTrip is made for that! We bring together travelers on unique trips all around the world. Whether you want to travel the world as a digital nomad or are looking for someone to join your unique adventure - we’re here for you. Find your next Travel Buddy here today!

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What is JoinMyTrip?

We are the Revolution of Travel!

We connect travelers all over the world who don't want to travel alone anymore! Find a true travel companion for your next trip or find your next unique trip experience with like-minded Travel Mates!


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Secure Payment 

Your Money is safe with us! We make sure you’re going on the trip you paid for and if there’s a problem we’ll fix it for you! 


German and Austrian residents are automatically insured when traveling with us! Leave your worries at home and travel with one of our TripLeaders around the world! 

24/7 Customer Service 

Any questions regarding trips?  You can’t quite figure JoinMyTrip out? We’re here to help! Contact us! 

Handpicked Trips 

All of our trips are handpicked and reviewed by our Trip Designers. These trips are unique and not like any other trip you’ll find anywhere! Unique trips, unique experiences, amazing travel companions! 

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A trip with JoinMyTrip means travel companions turn into friends and trips turn into adventures. There’s never a dull moment when traveling with travel buddies!  

Meet our Pro TripLeaders


Our Pro TripLeader Angel loves all things food and is an absolute expert when it comes to trips to Bali, Indonesia!


Our Pro TripLeader Kathi loves the desert and traveling on a budget! She will find the best deals for your trip anywhere in the world!

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