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England travel buddy

Get lost in the busy streets with your England travel buddy. Big Ben, royal palaces, stunning countryside and dramatic coastlines. England has something for everyone. Have biscuits for breakfast, and beer for lunch. You won’t run out of things to do in England!


Plan Your Next Trip to England

England is one of the oldest and most widely known nations in the world, however, it rarely considered as a go-to holiday destination. But we think that you should add this to your bucket list.  

If you are a royal fanatic then your English travels will be filled with as many visits to the monarch’s palaces, castles, and museums as you can. Whether you want to live like the Queen or just one of the locals, this guide will help you plan your next trip to England. 


Top Things to do in England

Watch Live Sport

Sports bring the world to England. You and your England travel partner can catch thrilling football matches in Liverpool (Liverpool and Everton), Manchester (both Manchester City and Manchester United are traditionally good), Leicester, London (Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, and Crystal Palace are the top teams), Sheffield, and Newcastle. 

Every June, Wimbledon draws tennis enthusiasts from around the globe. The following month the Henley Regatta, the world’s largest rowing competition, takes over the waterways not far from Oxford.


City Trips

England is a country for city lovers. After World War II, it evolved from a nation primarily focused on its rural areas to one centered on the cities. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bristol, and London all have over half a million residents and are surrounded by large clusters of villages and towns. With England's extensive rail system, it’s easy and fast to travel to each of its cities and everywhere in between.


Immerse Yourself in the Music Scene

Ever since the Beatles went international, English bands have been making their mark on pop music. As a testament to the connection between England and pop music, the first Hard Rock Cafe was set in London. The Manchester Sound dominated the radio in the 1980s and 1990s. Joy Division and its later form, New Order; The Smiths; Morrissey; the Happy Mondays; and the Stone Roses. During bus and walking tours, you and your travel buddy can visit the Hacienda Club, where these legendary bands played; the offices of Factory Records, which produced these groups; the homes of the musicians; and other places that helped mold the music and the musicians.

Both Liverpool and London are bursting with attractions connected to England’s most famous musical export, the Beatles. Be mindful to not block traffic in northwest London, so that you can recreate the iconic Abbey Road album cover. England even has flavors of hip hop that originated here — drum & bass, garage, and grime — so if this is more your scene, don’t worry! There is something for everyone to enjoy.


Go to the Markets

London alone has plenty of great markets that are well worth a visit. Camden and Borough Markets are considered the best for the great food and their cool set up. Outside of London, you can find weekend markets selling fresh produce. Bristol has St Nicholas Market, Oxford has The Covered Market, and Leeds has Kirkgate Market. 



Experience London

England’s capital city is expensive, loud, and full of beautiful architecture. It has a mix of cultures that in turn has formed a cool art scene, great restaurants, fashion, music, dance, theatre, poetry, and nightlife. New York rivals London for its diversity, but London beats the City that Never Sleeps for its accessibility. 

Government support for the arts allows for lower prices, therefore ensuring that more people can attend West End masterpieces, symphonic and operatic works, and dance performances, all of which you will be able to enjoy during your trip. London is also home to several free, world-class national museums and galleries, including the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the Science Museum. Pick a selection to visit while in London for the days that require as slower pace. 


London Nightlife

One cannot talk about London without mentioning its nightlife. You can leisurely sip cocktails at cool rooftop bars, neighborhood bars, and gastropubs. Or, if you want some entertainment, head to a comedy show or other performance that London is so famous for. There are clubs for every type of music, attitude and budget. Check out TimeOut magazine or its website for schedules and reviews of nightclubs, comedy clubs, radio performances, theatre, dance, and music.


Over the last few years, Londoners have left the dance floor and instead opted for a more recreational evening. Indoor minigolf, trampolining, bowling, darts, and table tennis are just a selection of some activities that have nightspots devoted to them. For those who would rather putt than party, you can head to one of these establishments for a night of friendly competition.


 London has an extensive subway system, the Tube, which you can use to get around the city. There are five lines (Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines) that run all Friday and Saturday, meaning you may find it easier to get home after a night out. These are in addition to the Night Bus routes.

Go on a Double-decker bus

Often the first image that comes to mind when mentioning England is the bright red double-decker buses. If you want to see more of the city, we suggest taking these buses to get yourself from A to B, as it is a great opportunity to see the city, rather than the underground.


Ride the London Eye

The London eye is now engrained in London’s skyline, so why not take a ride on this large Ferris wheel? We suggest that you go at either two time: Firstly, during the day so that you can see a clear, 360∞ view of London. Or, you can instead go at night, so that you may see a spectacular view of the city when it is lit up.



The 6 best Instagram Spots in England

Ribblehead Viaduct

This viaduct is 32 meters high, 400 meters long, and has 24 arches in total. Marvel at this impressive construction while you take a nice walk here. 


Tower Bridge

Often confused for the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge is beautiful structure that you can see or walk across on your visit to London.  


Notting Hill

London has a few different streets that are lined with colorful houses that are a favorite spot for all our Instagram content lovers. 



Head to Salisbury Plain to see Stonehenge, one of England’s best known prehistoric monuments. 


Big Ben

This is arguably the most well-known clocktower in the world. It has been newly restored after years of being under construction. Keep an ear out for the hourly or quarterly chimes coming from this massive and iconic landmark. 



Home to the second oldest university in the world, ancient architecture, and numerous pubs, Oxford is a great place to spend while on your travel in England.



The Best England Travel Itinerary

We believe that you will have an amazing time if you spend one week in England. See below our ideal travel itinerary for what to see and do during your time here.

Day 1-3:


London is the perfect place for a short getaway and to start your travels before the rest of England. The city is quite expensive, so it's good for a long weekend where you can explore and discover all the main sights without feeling like you're missing anything.


Some of the best things to do in the city is visit the Sky Garden, Camden Markets, Buckingham Palace, and enjoy a cocktail near the river Thames.


Day 4:

The Cotswolds

England is relatively flat. While the borders aren’t holding imposing mountain ranges, England has some beautiful, rolling hills. The Cotswolds region in south-central England is famed for its quiet beauty. 

Here are a few of the things you can do in the Cotswolds:

  • Wander through historic houses and gardens, such as Blenheim Palace and Berkeley Castle.
  • Tour ancient castles, churches and country houses or take a ride on an authentic train driven by steam.
  • Surf at the Severn Bore. The bore is a small inland waterway that creates very strong waves as a result of its funnel shape and location.
  • Walk or bike over green hills, through river valleys and country lanes, and through the countryside. Then dine at one of the region’s charming tea rooms.


Day 5:

Bath and Stonehenge

The ancient city of Bath was formed by the Romans and, just as the name suggests, is full of historic baths. There is plenty of history to absorb here with many museums and monuments. Following on from the ancient theme, head to the must-visit site of Stonehenge.  


Day 6:

The Lake District

England’s Lake District is famous for the large number of lakes it features and for being the home of the country’s highest point, Scafell Pike in the Cumbrian Mountains. In the northwestern corner of England, a circle of mountains envelops a series of lakes and idyllic woods, towns, and villages. Windmere, Coniston, Ullswater, and Derwent Water are the four major lakes in the area. 

You and your England travel buddy can walk or cycle along the 3,100 kilometers of lanes. Try canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Cruise on a steamboat or modern boat or visit Roman ruins, ancient and mysterious stone circles, historic houses, and gardens. Check out sites that were once major forces during the Industrial Revolution.


Day 7:

Newcastle upon Tyne

This city is a great way to see the nightlife that England is so well known for. It is a university city, so it is well equipped with great bars and clubs. The Tyne Bridge is a nice landmark that will help orientate you while you explore the history of this ancient city.


Best Time to Visit England

England has a lot of pursuits to make you and your travel partner happy. There is no “best” time of the year to come, however, you will be able to see and do different things at certain times of the year. Come in winter to climb the Cumbrian Mountains and enjoy the Christmas markets that take over both big cities and small towns.

Check out Premier League football that runs from August through May. Summer has a full roster of music festivals, like Reading, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Wireless, and Download. Autumn was a time of harvest festivals. Food festivals have sprung up all over England in their places.


Hidden Gems in England

Durdle Door

The Jurassic Coast is where you will find amazing natural cliff formations with Durdle Door being the star of the show. At the end of a long beach is an arch reaching out of the cliff into the sea.



Hope Cove

Located in the Southwestern corner on England is Hope Cove. This small village is nestled on the seaside and treats visitors with bright blue waters and sandy shores. 


St Ives

Did you know England has some great surf beaches? If you are visiting England during summer, then put St Ives on your list. This quaint seaside town is a great city escape to spend some time at the beach or to just hang out at the nice cafes.



This is a great day trip from London. Visit the Palace Pier to go on the amusement rides or enjoy some fish and chips on Brighton’s long pebbly beach.



Getting Around England


Buses are cheap and frequent, the perfect way to go between cities. You can also use the local buses to get around the city itself.



Taking the train around England is a great option. The railway system is extensive and a very popular form of transport for both locals and travelers. 



To make the most of your time and to travel on your own schedule, you should hire a car. Doing a road trip is a nice way to visit the small villages in more remote areas and see how the locals live.



What does it cost to travel to England? 

Average daily costs to consider when traveling in England:

a) Budget-friendly: £27 (31€)

b) Mid-range budget: £127 (148€)

c) High budget: £247 (288€)




a) Budget-friendly:

· Hostel: approximately £15 (17€) per night for a single bed in a shared dorm

· A small, basic hotel room: approximately £60 (70€)


b) Mid-range budget:

· Hotel room with private bathroom can be anywhere around £72-76 (85-90€)

· A simple one-bedroom apartment: £94 (110€)


c) High budget:

· A private hotel room: £120 (140€)




a) Budget-friendly:

· Fast food or cheap eats at £7 (8€)


b) Mid-range budget:

· A meal in a standard restaurant will cost around £17 (19€)


c) High budget:

· Upper restaurants: about £27 (31€) and upwards



a) Budget-friendly:

· Bus: A bus ticket from London to Manchester will cost around £5 (6€)


b) Mid-range:

· Train: The train from London to Bath costs £38 (44€)


c) High budget:

· Hiring a car is the preferred mode of transport as it allows you to see more, however it is not the cheapest. It could cost approximately £700 (818€) for one week.



Must-Try Foods in England 

Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

An easy and delicious go to for anyone visiting England is Fish and Chips. If you want to try it in its most authentic form, you should try mushy peas and top your chips with vinegar.


Cottage Pie

This dish is also known as Shepard’s Pie and it is made by topping a dish of mince with mashed potatoes. 


Full English Breakfast

The perfect cure for the morning after a night out is the Full English Breakfast, which consists of hashbrowns, eggs, baked beans, toast, and streaky bacon. There are many additional items you can add to tailor it to your taste. 


English Tea

Earl Grey and English Breakfast are the most commonly drunk tea in England, with an impressive two to three cups a day per Brit. If you normally take your tea black, we suggest you try a cup with a dash of milk while you are in the land of milky tea drinkers. 


Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

A great family tradition in England is to have a nice roast dinner on a Sunday evening. Pile your plate high with vegetables, meat and, most importantly, drown your Yorkshire Pudding with plenty of gravy.



Travel Tips for England 

Entry Requirements

Many passport holders are granted free entry into the United Kingdom on a tourist visa. Before traveling here, you should double-check your own entry requirements on your country’s official government website.


The currency used in England is the Great British Pound Sterling. You can pay for most things around the country with card, but it may be wise to take some cash out of a nearby ATM so that you always have a way to pay.


1 Pound = 1.23 USD

1 Pound = 1.17 Euro


Tap water

The tap water in England is safe to drink.


Public Toilets

If you are out and about and need to use the bathroom when in England, you should be able to find one not too far away from you. Keep some coins with you in case you need to pay.


Plug Type

The United Kingdom uses the plug type G. If you are traveling here from a country that uses a different socket type, then it is best to buy an adapter to take with you to keep your devices charged.