Best Places To Vacation At Sea

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Top 5 destinations for sea lovers

Do you love being near the water and are you a true sea lover? Here at JoinMyTrip, we have the 6 best destinations from all around the world for you to vacation at sea. We carefully picked out these locations to ensure you have variety and fulfill every sea lover’s needs. Buckle up and let us surf the waves.

5. Sunny Australia

What’s a better place to vacation at sea other than Australia, which is practically an island surrounded by water. The country is filled with surfers, who live by the beach 24/7. Surf in the Australian sun and go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Watch as the fishes swim past and colorful corals peacefully lay. Once your done snorkeling you’ll find yourself not knowing which of the many beautiful beaches you want to lay at. A vacation at the seaside can’t get better than in Australia… Other than the other 4 destinations we have waiting for you. 😉 Don’t forget to head over to JoinMyTrip to find like-minded travelers and create unforgettable memories together. Memories are best when they are shared with others!

Australia with a city view and a boat driving in the ocean.

4. Vikings vacation at sea in Lofoten Islands

Head up north to the archipelago in Norway and find your way to Lofoten Islands. This place isn’t your typical vacation at sea, as you would normally imagine a nice warm tropical beach somewhere. This place, however, is cold and was home to Vikings with a spectacular view of Norwegian nature. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you pack warm clothes when traveling here, as the warmest it gets is around +12-15 Celsius. So, start huddling up with your travel mates to keep each other warm. Lofoten Islands is popular for its water activities such as scuba diving in the arctic or whale watching. The beautiful Norwegian island situated in the arctic circle cannot be missed.

a view of lofted islands with mountains and dark grey clouds.
Lofoten Islands

For packing tips, make sure to check out our YouTube video where Jasmine, gives you 6 tips on how you can start packing like a professional. Start watching it here:

3. Asian paradise, Koh Chang Island

We head to the south-east of Asia to the country that is popular amongst many western travelers, Thailand. Thailand is crawling with tourists all year round wanting to experience the beautiful tropical beaches, islands, and simply to vacation at sea. The island that stands out the most, however, is the second-largest island in Thailand, Koh Chang Island. Koh Chang actually means “Elephant Island” in Thai, and surprisingly you won’t find any elephants on the island. The only things you will find on this beautiful island are lush jungles and incredible waterfalls. There are many other islands in Koh Chang as well that surround it, so make sure to explore them with your travel mates and keep in mind that some of the islands are only accessible by boat.

The best places to vacation at sea in Koh chang island, Thailand with white sandy beaches and emerald green water.
Koh Chang Island, Thailand

2. World’s most beautiful city, Cape Town

Ah, incredible Cape Town claims the prize for the most beautiful city in the world for many years now. It’s no surprise, after all, it has one of the most stunning beaches just minutes away from the city center. Imagine having the beach right as you walk out your door. Sounds like any ocean lover’s dream, because life couldn’t be any better. The only thing missing is the perfect travel mate to experience it with. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of Table Mountain that surrounds the city either. You can hike up the mountain or take a cable car up, saving your energy on a hot day. Plus, you will be surprised to know that the top is actually flat! Cape Town is the perfect spot to vacation at sea, as its rich sandy white beaches and mountain views wait in South Africa.

a view of Cape Town with the mountains and sea in  the day time with a clear blue sky.
Cape Town, South Africa

1. Lush vacation at sea in Hawaii, USA

Let’s get into the Aloha spirit. Next up is a popular destination for beach vacations, Hawaii. The paradise island of active volcanoes, cliffs, jungles, and of course it wouldn’t be a vacation at sea without some of the best beaches. In Hawaii, you can find areas where lava rocks have been formed and can only be looked at by driving over them with a helicopter. Watch as the waves crash against the rocks and take in the view from above with your travel mates. One of the best ways to explore Hawaii by water is to go mountain tubing. Hop on a tube and explore the secret canals and tunnels through the water.

best places to vacation at sea in Hawaii.
Hawaii, USA

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