We at JoinMyTrip have partnered up with LocaBoat Holidays to take your trip to the next level! Take advantage of our collaboration and discover unique experiences on a river boat.
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What is LocaBoat Holidays?
LocaBoat Holidays is a leading river boat holiday specialist, offering a unique way to travel around Europe since 1977. Ensuring that your vacation is a success is their #1 priority with over 200 routes throughout Europe to choose from!

Their boats are specially designed for river cruises and you don't need to have a boat license or any experience in skipping to rent one. Making traveling through the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterways of Europe an easy experience.

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Why did we partner with LocaBoat Holidays?
Working together
We at JoinMyTrip and LocaBoat Holidays both want your holiday to be a success and truly believe in working together towards accomplishing that goal.
Enhancing your experience
We are constantly trying to partner with companies that will make your experience with us even better. We believe LocaBoat Holidays will add that extra sparkle to your trip!
Growing community
Ever wanted to go on a cruise but you never got the chance to? Because now with LocaBoat Holidays you can rent a boat for a discounted price with JoinMyTrip and start finding travel buddies for your very own cruise!
LocaBoat Holidays Benefits
  • Cruising Made Easy
    All of the boats are self-driven, and a boat license is not required to be eligible to rent one! Cruising through the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterways has never been so easy.
  • Quality Time
    You are able to spend quality time with the people you love. Plus, there's no place for them to run away to if you're all stuck on a boat together!
  • Travel Light
    You don't have to worry about your luggage! Everything is within reach and you only need the essentials when you're on land. Freely explore with no worries.
Ranges of Boats Available
A small version of a yacht, ideal for fishing and bathing.
Cabins: 2 - 3
Capacity: 4 to 6 People
Length: 12,95 m - 14 m
One of the finest yachts with elegant and high quality furnishing
Cabins: 2 Double Cabins
Capacity: 4 to 6 people
Length: 10,70 m
Pénichettes Classique
Traditional and easy, great for families, couples, and a small group of friends.
Cabins: 1 - 2
Capacity: 2 to 7 People
Length: 9,30 m - 11 m
Pénichettes Evolution
This new boat adds technical innovation to set a new level of satisfaction.
Cabins: 1
Capacity: 4 Persons
Length: 9,50 m
Pénichettes Flying Bridge
Perfect for any season to sail along the canals.
Cabins: 1 - 4
Capacity: 2 to 12 People
Length: 10,20 m - 14,90 m
Pénichettes Aft-Deck
Elegant and spacious, great for friends and families.
Cabins: 2 - 4
Capacity: 4 to 12 People
Length: 11,20m - 14,50 m
Top 3 Routes
From Cahor, explore some of the most beautiful untouched spots in France! Cruising through this route you will come across the famous Valentré bridge that was rebuilt in 1880 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
From Bram you will cruise through the famous Canal du Midi which is one of the most popular routes for boat holidays. Start exploring the Carcassone and Medieval citadel or cruise to the Mediterranean at Agde.
Cruise towards Strasbourg and surround yourself with fortresses and churches while exploring the wines and stunning landscapes.
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