About us

JoinMyTrip is the community of travellers that like to discover new places and meet new people.

Here you plan and share with others the most exciting times of the year - your trips. We believe nothing brings strangers with different backgrounds together better than traveling. We all want to experience a unique trip with a personal touch. Some of us like to plan and guide the trip, others prefer to relax and enjoy.

“A trip is better measured in friends than in miles”

Tim Cahill

JoinMyTrip is here to empower and connect both sides to share their travel interests, costs and unforgettable memories. We inspire travelers to live the experience of their lives and they inspire others to do the same. We invite them to join our community and they invite others to join their unique trips.

We invite you to join us on our mission and come back with new friends from around the world. Join our trip!

Our Vision

Be the global go-to community for open-minded travellers

Our Mission

Connect and empower travellers to create, discover and join unique trips around the world

Our Values





Our Team


Customer everything

Most of the time, you will find Alex chatting with all of you lovely travelers as she is in charge of our customer support. She spent the past few years studying in the UK and is now working here at JoinMyTrip. Alex helps out in many different areas within the marketing department and her loud mouth & cheeky smile are the perfect addition to our team. Spending last year in Australia, has made her realise that traveling is the key to eternal happiness which is why she decided to work with us. In her free time you will find her (sleeping, most of the time) researching what star sign her best friends crush is, drinking (too much) wine or hanging out with her friends.

Marketing Manager

Our force of nature. With her experience in the tourism sector and the know-how of a passionate tour guide, she is the perfect fit for the company. But her eager work ethic is not the only thing she brings to the team; without her positive and happy energy, we would all need a few more coffees a day. Her main responsibilities lie within the coordination of our marketing team: She fills our social media channels and blogs with exciting content, takes care of our users' concerns, is in charge of blogger relations and hiring new team members. When she's not working, you can find her doing exercise, having a glass of wine with her friends or in some sort of wonderful location around the world.

Performance Marketing

Clara is from Colombia and moved to Germany in 2017 to do her Master's degree. She is a marketing professional and currently leading the performance marketing team of the company. She is taking care of the advertisement and internationalization projects of the brand. Clara is passionate about traveling, getting to know (and experience) new cultures, and lifestyles.


Charismatic and passionate about visual brands and arts in general, Dani is one of the most creative designers we have met, his language is music and his voice the colour palette. If you don't remember his name, you will remember his key-visuals.


Hello world :) My name is Dzmitry. Here should be some text about me, but I suspect it is better to wish you all to find awesome trips and new friends here ! Enjoy your life ! See ya (Guess what Dzmitry is a developer ;-) )


Ihor loves traveling as much as he loves coding. Maybe that’s why he is a Web Developer precisely in JoinMyTrip. Ihor says that here he has a great opportunity to combine this two hobbies and to be a part of a team that creates the best platform ever for the travelers like himself.

Something of everything

Niels traveled half of the world and met an awful lot of super interesting people while doing so. He loves places far away from tourists but at the same time likes crowded cities. With JoinMyTrip he wants to empower everyone to travel and experience the world in a groupd of like-minded travellers. At JoinMyTrip he does everything that noone else wants to do - also he takes care of our strategy, finances and HR.


Sebastian is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip and likes building feature rich backend services. He started working part time for JoinMyTrip while finishing his masters degree in computer science, now he is full-time with the company. He will always be employee No.1


Sergey believes that good software can change lifes. That's why he is a fullstack developer at JoinMyTrip. He cares about user-friendly and pixel perfect interfaces and a nice backend. When not coding Sergey likes to learn new things, travel and play video games.

Content & Community

Stella is responsible for Content Marketing, Community Building and in the Product Team. With her help we organize Community Meetup Events around the world. Like a headhunter, she finds the coolest people in the world’s metropoles and makes them our Community Ambassadors. Additionally, she reviews the incoming trips that you can see and participate on our website. Her hobbies are travelling and cuddling kitties.


Valle likes to travel, but has no money. He has, however, already seen much of Europe. Valle builds the website and takes care of everything that has to do with technology. If the website is up and running - it is because of him.

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