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You might be wondering, what is this "TripLeader" that we keep on mentioning?
A TripLeader:
Is someone that is able to put their dreams into action and share them
Enjoys leading a group and meeting new people
Most importantly is an open-minded and adaptable leader.

Here you'll find a video breaking down what a TripLeader really is...
What is a Tripleader?

To be a TripLeader...
You are a planner at heart
You know how in every friendship group there's that one person that everyone relies on? If you're not sure, then that person is probably you. You're passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures. It's something you wish everyone could experience through your eyes. Being organized is something that you enjoy and comes naturally to you.
You are open-minded & adaptable
You are open-minded and quick to adapt to fast changing environments, as we all know traveling never goes as planned; there will always be small hiccups along the way. You thrive in wanting to create new memories with people around you and you are the go-to person in a team. Most importantly you are open to meeting new people and want everyone around you to have fun.
You are a leader
A leader aka a TripLeader is someone that everyone can rely on, takes responsibility, and is easy to talk too. You are willing to make sure everyone is safe and sound by organising the activities, accommodation and transportation. It's important to you that no one feels excluded and that the people you're traveling with, who are also known as TripMates feel as if they are part of the adventure.
Meet some of our TripLeaders
  • Hannah Fischer
    Software Engineer, PWC
    TripLeader since - 2017
    Organised- 11 trips
  • Nicole Berger
    Graphic Designer, Student
    TripLeader since - 2018
    Organised- 7 trips
  • Max Holden
    Digital Nomad
    TripLeader since - 2017
    Organised- 18 trips
  • Daniel Smith
    Tourism, student
    TripLeader since - 2019
    Organised- 4 trips
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