Easy steps to create and share your next Adventure
How to create your Trip
Do you already have a Trip in mind? Easily design your trip with our itinerary creator and start finding TripMates today.
Follow our guide to sucessfully plan your next adventure with JoinMyTrip.
Do you altready have a plan on mind? Design your Trip and start finding your TravelMates
We will show you how to create a Trip to ensure your journey in the creation process is simple and hassle-free.

This will ensure that your trip is sought out by TripMates who are the right match for you and you are able to experience the adventure of your dreams.

Here you will find a step by step guide on how to create your Trip.
Step by Step
3 Easy Tips to Create your Trip
1. Add a Catchy Name & a Clear Description
    • Be creative with the name of your trip and make sure it stands out. Imagine yourself as a TripMate would you rather go on either "Greece Trip" or "Explore beautiful Greek islands"
    • State key aspects such as if it's a "Boys only" or "Girls only" trip.
      • When writing your description, clearly describe your travel style, planned activities, and expectations.
      • Make sure to be as detailed as possible so TripMates know exactly what to expect.
      2. Add Descriptions to your Stops
      • Include each place you plan on visiting in your trip itinerary and clearly explain what you will be doing. For example, are you going swimming, watching the sunset or taking a hike?
      • And, don't forget to add pictures as well as mode of transportation in-between each stop.
      3. Calculate your Trip Costs
      • The costs of your trip should include accommodation, local transportation as well as any group activities, depending on the trip.
      • Understand the costs of your trip and calculate accordingly. Use our cost calculator as a tool to help you determine the trip costs.
      • We recommend including a buffer for your trip, as you never know what other costs may occur.
      To Keep in Mind
      Always have a Plan B, as a TripLeader you need to be aware that surprises may occur along the way, so having a backup plan is always smart.
      If you are still unsure on how to plan the costs or if you have any questions, we are here to support you! Get in touch with us via email, phone, WhatsApp or any of our social media accounts.
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