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After realising you want to just sit back and relax whilst someone else is doing the planning. It's important to understand the 3 steps on how to join someone else's trip so you can be guaranteed a spot. All the best of luck on your search!

Simply let our video guide you through the whole process or scroll down below to read more.
Beginning Your Journey
3 Steps on How to Join a Trip...
1. Find your Ideal Trip
Start finding your trip by using the search bar, add filters depending on what you're searching for (date, type of trip, destination and duration). Read the trip description as well as the TripLeaders profile to ensure that it's a match.
TIP: Have your profile already filled with information about yourself. This makes it easier for TripLeaders to get a first impression of you.
2. Write a personal message
When you find a trip you can see yourself joining, send a message with a personal touch so the TripLeader has a better idea of who you are. Let them know about yourself, your travel style, and why you would like to join their trip.
3. Secure your Spot!
Once you and the TripLeader have agreed to travel together, make sure you secure a spot by paying a 20% deposit of the full trip price. The money that has been paid will go to the TripLeaders to cover any necessary reservation expenses.
To Keep in Mind
Let us help! If you are still unsure on how the payment system works or you are missing information, we are here to support you all the way! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email, phone, WhatsApp or any of our social media accounts.
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