Best Cities To Live in Germany

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Destinations, Germany

Top 8 cities to live in Germany

Want to settle down in a place with one of the strongest economies in Europe? However, with around 2,000 cities in the country, it can be challenging to choose the loveliest one. Every city has its own authenticity and attraction. Thus, Germany is a country full of different variations, depending on which part of Germany you decide to live in, it can be very different from the “Germany” you know. Check out this list of the best cities to live in Germany to find your perfect fit!

Best Cities to Live in Germany – Summary

  1. Berlin
  2. Hamburg
  3. Cologne
  4. Munich
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Stuttgart
  7. Dusseldorf
  8. Nuremberg

8. Nuremberg

Best cities to live in Germany, Nuremberg

The second-largest city in Bavaria after Munich is an urban and relaxed place with over 1000 years of history. The city is popular amongst foreigners, so living in Nuremberg will make you feel a little more at home due to the high percentage of foreigners staying there as well.

Nuremberg is also one of the more open-minded places in Bavaria, where the state of Bavaria is known to be the least liberal and most reserved. If you want to live in a place that gives you a daily medieval look and feel, then this may very well be one of the best cities to live in Germany for you. Do you happen to be traveling here with your travel mates? Then, don’t forget to try the famous Nuremberg sausages and indulge in its classic atmosphere! 

7. Dusseldorf

A view of Dusseldorf buildings with a brown tint

Being ranked 6th in the world for the best quality of life and infrastructure, we simply could not leave this city out! The city is known for its arts and fashion scene. So for all you fashionistas, you have found your best city to live in Germany. You have multiple boutiques and vintage stores to shop at and show off your individual style.

Due to the city’s affordable prices and easy access to all the important business districts, a lot of locals move here to settle down and start a family. Oh, don’t worry though if you happen to be a person looking for a fun time there are others out here too, not only families. Trust us when we say, no matter which city you go to, the Germans know how to drink!

6. Stuttgart

best cities to live in Germany, Stuttgart castle view

Are there any wine lovers reading this? Because this one’s for you. Stuttgart is full of vineyards and picturesque mountains. You will come face to face with the true beauty of German nature. After a long day at work, you could go hiking, taste some local wine and have a picnic on one of the many mountains.

In addition, Stuttgart has a flourishing economy due to its strong presence in the automotive industry, and home to the world-famous car brand… Can you guess what it is? Mercedes Benz, also known as Daimler! If you would like to live in a city filled with fancy cars and wine, then consider to stay in Stuttgart.

5. Frankfurt

a city of view of Frankfurt with skyscrapers.

The New York of Germany, with its impressive skyscrapers and headquarters of the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt stock exchange, and more… makes it one of the best cities to live in Germany if you are looking for new opportunities in the financial sector. Plus, with such a strong economy in the financial sector, a heavy paycheck will most likely be guaranteed. The full name is Frankfurt am Main, which people have given it the nickname “Mainhattan ” as it resembles Manhattan. Living in Frankfurt gives you many advantages, the first one being, Frankfurt has the biggest airport in Germany with great international connections and flight deals. You can also easily take a train to Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, making it the perfect city for travelers. If you would like to find other like-minded travel mates to travel with head over to JoinMyTrip to find out more. 

4. Munich

One of the best cities to live in Germany, Munich view in the day time

The capital city of the state Bavaria and home to Oktoberfest lie in the south. Munich is the best place to live in Germany if you are looking for a true German experience and – of course – Bavarian beer that can’t be missed. The more down south of Germany you go, the more reserved the people get. Don’t get us wrong though, being reserved doesn’t mean they aren’t nice or helpful, it will just take a longer time to get acquainted.

If you are a student and looking to move abroad, it’s good to know that Munich is top-ranked in the best student cities in the world. Also, it is home to many large corporations in the automotive and electronics industries such as; Siemens and BMW. Munich could be a great stepping stone for you to start your studies or career. 

3. Cologne

A view of cologne in the evening with the bridge lit up and church in the background.

If you have heard of the infamous carnival here in Germany, then you should know Cologne is its home. Living in Cologne would be a blast to anyone. The people are known to be much warmer than in other cities in Germany. So, if you think Germans are cold, move to Cologne and change your mind. They are liberal towards all sorts of lifestyles and are generally quite relaxed.

Cologne is also home to many famous museums, where you can find Picasso paintings and other world-known artists. It is the cultural hub of West Germany after all. So, have we lured you into possibly exploring and living in Cologne?

2. Hamburg

One of the best cities to live in Germany, Hamburg

The port city of Germany, Hamburg is the third-largest port in Europe located in the north of Germany. In this green charming German city, you are surrounded by canals, rivers, and bridges. It will remind you of the canals in Venice! During the warmer months, you will notice that the locals love to spend their time doing various water activities in their beloved “Alster”.

In the summer, the Alster brightens up with large colorful animal floaties, stand-up paddleboards, and people of all ages gather together enjoying the summer season. Besides that, you will have an easier time finding a job opportunity here than in any other city in Germany, especially if you have a career in marketing and communication.

1. Berlin

Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

The capital city of electronic music has become a popular place amongst internationals with its alternative ways and booming start-up scene. It is also the only city in Germany that kind of tolerates the English language. Although it is not awarded as the most beautiful city in Germany, Berlin offers an interesting charm.

The city is filled with many important historical buildings and statues from World War II that cannot be missed. Then, the best thing about Berlin? It’s cheap! The living costs are one of the lowest in the country, making it affordable for everyone to live in. Although, the housing market is quite competitive. Everyone wants to have a chance of living in the best city in Germany. For any young professional out there looking for a buzz, Berlin will never fail to surprise with its unique nightlife and laid-back environment.

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