10 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas for Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Destinations, Travel Bucket Lists, USA

Known as Sin City, Las Vegas is home to a luxurious lifestyle and gambling arenas. Most of you may think of coming to this city because of its entertainment. As a matter of fact, besides gambling, Las Vegas has many other activities you can do, especially outdoor adventures. There are a lot of hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking and outdoor activities that are worth doing. What are they? Check out this list!

What are the hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking?

  1. Lost Creek Falls
  2. Emerald Cave
  3. Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail
  4. Valley of Fire State Park
  5. Clark County Wetlands Park
  6. Lone Mountain Trail
  7. Red Rock Canyon Nature Preserve
  8. Mary Jane Falls
  9. White Pinnacle Peak
  10. Corn Creek Desert National Wildlife Refuge

Lost Creek Falls

lost creek falls hidden gems in las vegas
Copyright: Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly hiking trail in Las Vegas that also offers a beautiful view of waterfalls, then you should go hiking at Lost Creek Falls. Located only half an hour from Las Vegas, the hiking trail is also suitable for bringing kids or family to enjoy nature.

The trail is very short, so you can go here for a weekend getaway. The gorgeous views of the canyon and waterfalls, combined with the diverse floras like the native cacti and wildflowers, have made Lost Creek Falls one of the best hiking spots in Las Vegas.

Emerald Cave

Among many other hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking, Emerald Cave probably holds the true meaning of hidden treasure. Located on the Colorado River in the Black Canyon, this small cave is hidden and unseen from the surface.

In order to get into this cave, you need to go through the river by kayak. You can take a kayak excursion to go to this mesmerizing cave. The water around the cave is pristine and emerald, so it looks super beautiful. Such an interesting outdoor activity, isn’t it?

Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

historic railroad tunnel train hidden gems in las vegas
Copyright: Travel Nevada

Another easy hiking spot, which is also one of the best-hidden gems in Las Vegas, is the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail. Located near Lake Mead, this trail is easy to hike, so you can bring your dogs to explore nature here.

At the same time, you and your family can also learn about the historic railroad route. In the past, the trains ran through this trail to bring supplies to the construction of the Hoover Dam. Now, the train tracks have been removed. On this trail, you can explore several rock tunnels with beautiful views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Valley of Fire State Park

valley of fire state park hidden gems in las vegas
Copyright: Caryle Barton

Valley of Fire State Park is one of the wonderful hidden gems in Las Vegas that many people have missed out on! The preservation area spans about 46,000 acres of Aztec Sandstone. So, there are a lot of places you can explore and discover while hiking in this park.

Featuring 2000-year-old petroglyphs, the park is only one hour away from the Vegas Strip. Moreover, you can also stay at this park. You can spend some nights in a luxury RV with electric and water hookups in Atlatl Rock Campground.

Clark County Wetlands Park

clark county wetlands park hidden gems in las vegas
Copyright: Elizabeth Villalta

The next hidden gem in Las Vegas, best for hiking, is Clark County Wetlands Park. Located on the east side of Vegas, Clark County Wetlands Park has a nature preserve, nature center, and many hiking trails that you can walk along.

During your hiking journey at Clark County Wetlands Park, you will see little streams and long trails leading to different paths. You can also get the chance to come across little animals during the hike, such as quail, beavers, and jackrabbits.

Lone Mountain Trail

lone mountain trail hidden gems in las vegas
Copyright: U.S. National Park Service

Lone Mountain Trail is one of the family-friendly hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking. You can definitely go here with your little kids for a wonderful picnic. With only 30 to 90 minutes of the hike, you can get to the top of the small Lone Mountain.

You will have the chance to see the scenic views of the whole city of Las Vegas once you are on the top of the mountain. It must be such a rewarding experience! Also, you can go to the top of the mountain at night, watching the amazing city lights. So, do not forget to bring a headlamp!

Red Rock Canyon Nature Preserve

red rock canyon nature preserve
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

Red Rock Canyon Nature Preserve is the perfect place to escape the city life’s hustle and bustle, and is only 45 minutes away from the Strip. 

Red Rock Canyon Nature Preserve is located in the Mojave Desert. This nature preserve features Native American petroglyphs and stunning towering Red Rock stones. Moreover, the park is also prevalent for its vibrant red rock formations. Some hiking trails you can explore in Red Rock Canyon Nature Preserve include Petroglyph Wall Trail, Ice Box Canyon, and Calico trails.

Mary Jane Falls

mary jane falls
Copyright: Keely Klenke

Mary Jane Falls is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in Las Vegas for you to visit if you are looking for outdoor activity. Hiking trails in Mary Jane Falls are moderately difficult, so you must bring proper hiking essentials. However, the trails offer breathtaking views of forests, mountains, and waterfalls. 

Going to Mary Jane Falls from Las Vegas is only less than an hour away by driving car. Once you get there, you can enjoy and explore the evergreen forest, stunning rock formations, mountain views, and beautiful waterfalls streaming down from a rocky cliff. You must note that the trail is only open from April to December. In addition, it is subject to change based on seasonal closure.

White Pinnacle Peak 

white pinnacle peak
Copyright: Las Vegas Hiking

White Pinnacle Peak is the highest sandstone summit in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. Moreover, White Pinnacle Peak has challenging class 4 climbing, so it must be challenging for those looking for a moderate to a difficult hiking trail.

White Pinnacle Peka is not only one of the must-visit hidden gems in Las Vegas. The place is also a beautiful hiking spot featuring an iconic view of the rocky summit. If you want to go hiking in White Pinnacle Peak, the best time is spring and autumn.

The Corn Creek Desert National Wildlife Refuge

corn creek desert national wildlife refuge
Copyright: Travel Nevada

The Corn Creek Desert National Wildlife Refuge is the last place for the wonderful hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking, located in the middle of the desert of Nevada.

This hiking spot is interesting because it has a distinctive ecosystem containing a grassy meadow, a freshwater creek, and various floras and faunas. Moreover, this national wildlife refuge is family-friendly, meaning you can explore the place with your children.

Those are the must-visit hidden gems in Las Vegas for hiking. So, if you feel like you want to find some tranquil places to escape from the lush culture of Las Vegas, those natural wonders are always there for you. Do you want something more? JoinMyTrip got your back! JoinMyTrip has it all for you to explore the best vacations worldwide, accompanied by our dedicated TripLeaders. Check out our upcoming trips now!

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