10 Best Countries to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa

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Nowadays, working from anywhere is happening around the world. Many people consider this type of living and working environment has made their life more meaningful.  You can work everywhere, even abroad. Who does not love this kind of idea? Even more, many countries around the world have opened the possibility for foreigners to stay in their countries as digital nomads. Do you wonder how to acquire a digital nomad visa? Check out this blog!

Visa Requirements for Digital Nomads

  1. Basic Information about digital nomads
  2. Countries offering a digital nomad visa
    1. Argentina
    2. Costa Rica
    3. Croatia
    4. The Czech Republic
    5. Estonia
    6. Germany
    7. Iceland
    8. Malta
    9. Portugal
    10. United Arab Emirates

Basic information about digital nomads

What is a digital nomad visa
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Before knowing more about digital nomad visas, let us know more about the benefits of being a digital nomad and their legal status.

What is a digital nomad?

First of all, you need to know what is a digital nomad. A digital nomad is a person who lives nomadically and uses technology to allow them to work remotely everywhere outside their home country. Most digital nomads work from many sectors such as freelancers, IT professionals, travel blogs, and many more. Nowadays, there are a lot of jobs offering people to work everywhere they want. So, be one and enjoy the world!

There are also many benefits you can have from becoming a digital nomad. First, you can enjoy a long vacation while, at the same time, you also work. This may sound crazy, but you do not need to put your career on hold though. Second, not only do you have the flexibility to work remotely without bothering to go to the office every day, but you also get to work in flexible hours. This is surely what many people seek from being a digital worker.

What is the legal status of digital nomads abroad?

You need to keep in mind that it is illegal to work abroad under a tourist visa. Therefore, many countries provide these highly-skilled professionals with a digital nomad visa. A digital nomad visa is usually offered short-term and does not offer a shortcut to becoming a citizen of the country. However, it is still an excellent opportunity to live and work like locals if you have a digital nomad visa.

In order to acquire a digital nomad visa, most of them have some general eligibility requirements to meet for a digital nomad visa. You must be over 18 years old, have a specific monthly income that varies depending on the country you are applying for, and have an occupation that is not based on the host country. However, you must check regularly the official website of the host country you are applying for since each country has its own requirements.

Countries offering a digital nomad visa

As of October 2022, more than 40 countries have announced that they are welcoming foreign workers to work in their country under a digital nomad visa. However, dozens of them are in the process to make it work so you need to be patient to apply for one. In this blog, we have compiled the best 10 countries to apply for a digital nomad visa.


argentina digital nomad visa
Copyright: Fermin Rodriguez Penelas

Why you should apply for a digital nomad visa in Argentina? The country offers a low cost of living, which is good for you to save your budget. Moreover, its natural wonders also await you to discover. So, whilst you are working, why do not you also go to Patagonia and explore its wilderness? Another thing, you can also get to experience a different culture from your own while you are in Argentina.

Currently, there is no official information regarding the documents required to get the Argentinian digital nomad visa. Therefore, you need to patiently wait for the official details announced by the Argentina Government. However, many resources said that you need to provide a valid travel document, proof of income as a digital nomad, a rental contract, health insurance coverage, job certifications, and a CV. Additionally, you will also need to go through a thorough background check. 

Costa Rica

costa rica
Copyright: Nat Fernández

Costa Rica is a truly tropical paradise. Its beaches, wildlife, and culture have attracted a lot of people not only to come for visiting but also to live temporarily by working remotely there. The country also indulges you with a lot of benefits to staying as a digital nomad. Some of them are a lower tax payment system and an opportunity to apply for a permanent residency.

Required documents you need to prepare for applying for a digital nomad visa in Costa Rica include the Rentista visa application form, records of your fingerprints, proof of paid application fees, copy of passport, passport-size picture of yourself, police clearance certificate, income certificate, registration at the consular office, and a cover letter. Additionally, if you want to bring your children and spouse, you need to provide the birth certificates of your children and a marriage certificate.


croatia digital nomad visa
Copyright: Matthias Mullie

Do you want to explore beautiful Croatia? Now, you can enjoy living in Croatia without losing your job because Croatia opens announced a temporary digital nomad visa for those who want to live and work remotely in Croatia. What are you waiting for, then? Its natural wonders, crystal-clear Adriatic sea, and rich historical sites are there for you to discover.

According to its official website, you need to prepare an application form, a copy of a valid passport, proof of health insurance, proof of purpose, a police clearance document, and an address in Croatia for applying for a digital nomad visa in Croatia. Additionally, you also need to provide proof of bank statement with at least HRK 17,822.50 or €2,350 per month. If you intended to stay in this country for 12 months, you must have at least HRK 213,870 or €28,400 in your bank account.

The Czech Republic

czech digital nomad visa
Copyright: Vlad Kiselov

Who does not want to live in Prague, which is one of the most romantic cities in Europe? The Czech Republic opens a new opportunity for you to live and work in this beautiful country. Moreover, its rich historical heritage and low cost of living have made this country listed as one of the best places to visit in Eastern Europe. There are also a lot of coworking spaces everywhere around the Czech Republic where you can spend your time working peacefully and enjoy the vacation afterward.

Referring to the official website, you can work in the Czech Republic as a digital nomad under the Zivno visa. To get the Zivno visa, you need to provide a completed application form, valid passport, proof of purpose from trade license, proof of accommodation, criminal background check, and proof of medical insurance, and you must have at least CZK 12,500 or €510 in your bank account. 


Estonia digital nomad visa
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The next country that offers a digital nomad visa for foreigners is Estonia. This baltic country has a diverse range of attractions that you can discover while working at the same time. Just imagine, you can work in front of your laptop and watch the beautiful scenery of many uninhabited islands in the country. Absolutely, this is one of the best countries to enjoy a nature getaway.

If you want to become a digital nomad and live in Estonia, you need to provide documents such as a valid passport, application form, application fee, health insurance, bank statement, thorough background check, documents indicating that you can work remotely, documents indicating that you can with clients from overseas or as a freelancer, documents indicating your income for the last six months, and a description of your professional life course and your study.


Copyright: Roman Kraft

Among many countries in Europe, German is on top for attracting a lot of people to come work, live, and study there. Even more, now the country has opened its doors to foreigners living in Germany with a Freiberufler Visa or so-called Freelancer Visa. This visa works for those digital nomads who can work everywhere without office boundaries

What are the documents required for Freiberufler Visa? The answer is your passport, online application form, biometric passport photo, proof of financial means, and proof of adequate provision for retirement if you are older than 45 years old. Based on the official website, you can also make an appointment with the Germany Embassy or Consulate General in your home country for approval of your digital nomad visa to Germany.


Copyright: Kristin Wilson

Do you want to work with the beautiful view of the dancing northern lights? Why do not you go to Iceland for working remotely? This country offers remote workers from around the world to explore Iceland’s beauty by working there with a long-term visa for remote workers. So, digital nomads like you should not miss this chance.

If you want to apply for this digital nomad visa in Iceland, you need to provide a payment receipt for the application, a passport photo, a copy of your passport, medical insurance, documents stating your purpose of staying in Iceland, the bank statement that you have at least ISK 1,000,000 or €7,000 per month, and a criminal record certificate. If you also want to bring your spouse to Iceland, you need to prepare a marriage certificate.


malta digital nomad visa
Copyright: Ostap Senyuk

The Mediterranean country of Malta encourages digital nomads around the world to move to Malta for working remotely. Malta is always a good option for working abroad since its nature, culture, and its delicious food are the main reasons people want to visit this small archipelagic country. Moreover, Malta is also among the top low-cost countries to live in Europe. So, you still can save a lot of your income by choosing Malta as your digital nomad destination.

What do you need to become a digital nomad in Malta? You have to have a gross monthly income of at least EUR 2,700 to apply for a digital nomad visa in Malta. Additionally, the required documents for this visa include a passport, medical insurance, and proof of address in Malta. Besides, you also need to go through a thorough background verification check based on its official website.


portugal digital nomad visa
Copyright: Nick Karvounis

Portugal is among many countries in Europe that welcome foreign professionals to work remotely in their country. Just imagine, you can work anytime in Portugal with warm weather all year long. If you are stressed out at work, you can also go to the beaches easily to relax before starting your work again. Or better, you can work on many beautiful beaches in this country! So, why do not you give it a try?

If you are interested in applying for D7 Visa, which is the visa for digital nomads in Portugal, you need to prepare specific documents. Those documents include a passport, evidence of regular entry to Portuguese territory, evidence of adequate means of subsistence, police clearance from the home country, proof that you have an address in Portugal, proof of registration in Social Security, tax registration, and job contract of your freelance or remote work.

United Arab Emirates

uni emirates arab
Copyright: David Rodrigo

The United Arab Emirates is often dubbed one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rates in the United Arab Emirates are very low due to the high surveillance there, especially in Dubai. Besides, if you want the new adventure of riding a camel in the desert, enjoying your weekends at the waterpark, or going for a hot air balloon ride, this is the place for you. Even more, this rich country also offers a virtual working visa or we call it a digital nomad visa for remote workers. Interested?

Based on its official website, in order to get a digital nomad visa in the United Arab Emirates, you need to provide proof of employment, have a salary of at least USD 5,000 per month, and provide salary slips and bank statements. If you have this digital nomad visa in the United Arab Emirates, the benefits you will have include medical, schooling, utilities, and telecommunications. More importantly, you will get zero income tax. What a place to live, is not it?

So, are you ready to get a digital nomad visa for your dream country? Or, do you want to check out those countries first before deciding to apply for your first digital nomad visa? Do not worry, JoinMyTrip can give you a good deal for you to explore many countries around the world at affordable rates. In addition, you will also be accompanied by our dedicated travel buddies and fellow like-minded travelers that will make your adventures even more memorable.

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