10 Ultimate Tips to Know for your Europe Travel in 2022

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Europe, Travel Tips

Traveling through the the many layers of Europe will be the adventure of your lifetime if you have these hacks under your belt. From money and banking tips to recent Covid-19 restrictions in Europe, we got you covered!

1. Get in Touch with your Sim Provider

Every traveler’s nightmare is to find a large phone bill waiting for them post-vacation. To avoid this predicament, get in touch with your sim provider as soon as you starting making plans for your Europe travel.

But know that international data roaming can get very, very expensive. An easier and cheaper alternate would be a prepaid multi-country sim that you can buy online or locally in Europe.

You can get one that covers the entire EU or country specific ones like Mamma Mia prepaid for Italy, Bonbon prepaid for France or Guay prepaid for Spain. 

The Holiday Europe SIM Card and the Holiday Europe eSIM Card from Orange; Eurolink’s Prepaid Regional eSIM and Cellhire prepaid sim card are some reliable options. These work in more 35 countries in the Schengen area on affordable rates.

2. Overcome Jet lag by Switching to European Local Time

Knowing how to overcome jetlag is one of the essential tips for traveling to Europe
Stretch your legs on long flights and stay hydrated

Jet lag has the power to make you regret planning a vacation altogether. It makes you tired, irritable and puts a big, wet blanket on your adventurous spirit. But there are some very simple remedies to avoid this. Follow these to get your energetic self back in three to four days.

Jet lag travel tips for Europe:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine or energy drinks before and during your flight. These dehydrate you and messes with your sleeping pattern. 
  • Change your routine and sleeping time to match the local time in Europe two days before you start traveling. 
  • Try not to sleep during the entire flying time. Once you arrive in Europe, power through your fatigue and hit the sack only at bedtime. Resist the temptation to sleep in the day.
  • Stretch your legs in connecting airports and drink lots of water. These will help in reducing muscle cramps and body pain.

3. Money and Banking Tips for your Europe Travel

Make your europe trave 2022l easy by knowing about international exchange rates and banking tips
Only 19 out of 51 European use the Euro

Informing your bank about your Europe travel trip in advance is as crucial as booking flight tickets. This must be the top task on your checklist. Get a list of their international partner banks to withdraw cash in Europe with the cheapest ATM charges. 

Always travel with a mix of payment options like hard cash, coins, debit and credit cards. In European countries like Germany and Austria, especially in smaller towns, cash rules.

As an international tourist traveling from US or Asia, always remember to pay in local currency only. Even while swiping your card, always go for this option. This way you can avoid paying exorbitant exchange rates. 

Keep in mind that only 19 out of 51 European countries use the Euro as their currency. So, make it a habit to withdraw cash from local ATMs after reaching your destination.

Here is some tourist banking tips from finance experts in Forbes for further reading.

4. Plan Itinerary with Hidden gems and Cliches

Plan your next EU travel trip with healthy doses of both hidden gems and cliches. Sometimes, it is totally worth it to follow in the footsteps of typical tourists. But you can balance it out by renting a car to travel through Europe’s off-the-beat destinations. 

The Eiffel Tower experience in Paris; a cable car ride over the Swiss Alps; a romantic boat ride through the canals of Venice; or a trip to the Stonehedge in Britain are cliches for a reason which shouldn’t be missed!

Brainstorm the best places to see in Europe with the help of JoinMytrip’s collection of blogs on Europe. Take a look at our handpicked top 10 hidden gems in Europe and must-see places for more information. 

If you feel pressured to make a thorough itinerary, plan your next Europe travel trip with JoinMyTrip. Leave the responsibility of planning and creating itineraries to our experienced and knowledgeable Trip Leaders. Explore the treasures of Europe with a travel buddy and share memories. 

5. Get all documents ready for EU Schengen area travel

If you an American traveling to Europe, or an Indian or an Australian, irrespective of you nationality, check all your travel documents ASAP. Valid visas, passport with enough pages, and travel insurance are some basics to look at first.

Europe is a massive continent with more 40 countries which have different visa requirements. If you are an US citizen, look at Department of State’s visa norms for EU. People from other countries should look at country-vice regulations put down by the European Union.

Alternatively, you can take the help of private websites like ivisa and Schengenvisainfo to see the list of travel documents and other important paperwork to get done. 

6. Travel by Public Transport with Affordable Tourist Passes

One the easiest and most hassle-free ways for traveling in Europe is by using their public transport system. They are well-connected, reliable and made easy to access for tourists. 

Look for train and bus passes designed specially for tourists. These will save you a ton of money and time while navigating through Europe’s endless landscapes. 

Traveling by train is the most efficient way to see the best destinations in Europe. There are intercity, international, local, high-speed and scenic route trains. Take a look at Eurail Global pass for this. Each country in Europe has its own national services, check these out for intra country train travel. 

See Europe’s stunning mountain scenery surrounded by beautiful lakes by taking scenic train routes specially curated for sightseeing. 

For shorter journeys, consider taking the bus. FlixBus, Regiojet and Omio are some popular options to check out. 

7. Book Everything in Advance

From train and bus tickets to museum and restaurants, reserve, reserve, reserve! Europeans love to plan ahead and resent last minute scheduling. Hence, if you are planning to travel to Europe soon, book everything in advance. 

This will make your Europe travel trip bereft of confusion and missed opportunities. From canal rides in Amsterdam to cable car services in the French Alps, everything can be booked online. 

Tip: Most shops and services shut their doors from 2pm-5pm in countries like Spain, France, Portugal for an afternoon Siesta. And all shops in Germany and parts of Austria are shut on Sundays and public holidays. Hence, read up and plan accordingly. 

8. Go on Free Walking Tours to Explore Europe like a Local

Traveling to Europe in 2022? Participate in free walking tours in Europe to see the best places in Europe
Participate in free walking tours in Europe for a complete experience

Europe is teeming with World War era heritage buildings, churches with grandiose architecture, cobbled streets lined with canals and more. And you can immerse yourself in this beauty by going on free walking tours in each city in Europe. 

There are many companies conducting such events and you can find tours focused on food, history, nightlife, architecture and more.

But these tours are not completely free. It is a common practice to tip your local guide around €5 to €20. Some popular companies offering such free tours are Walkative, and Sandeman’s New Europe

9. Most Public Toilets are Paid 

Yes you heard that right! If you a US citizen traveling to Europe, this might come as a shock to you. Most countries in Europe have a paid public toilet system to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. 

You will be able to find a toilet almost anywhere in Europe, but you will have to pay to use them. In bigger cities, you can even swipe your card to pay the fee (50 cents to €2).

But in smaller towns and cities, the system only accepts coins. So make sure to always carry some change. 

10. Covid-19 restrictions to know for your Europe travel

Is it safe to travel to Europe? Are there any Covid restrictions for Europe travel? Can americans travel to europe now? YES, you can.
Europe is open to Non-EU tourists with most countries relaxing Covid-19 norms

Is it safe to travel to Europe? Are there any Covid restrictions for Europe travel? Do you need to be vaccinated to travel to Europe? These are the most common questions posed by travelers planning to visit Europe in 2022. And the answer is yes and yes! 

Most countries part of the European Union have lifted all remaining Covid-19 restrictions for tourists and travelers coming from non-EU countries. This includes showing proof for vaccination. 

Such countries include Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Malta, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Albania, Austria, Croatia, Finland, and Greece. 

You can get further updates about Covid-19 rules and vaccination norms in Europe on the Re-Open EU platform. You can also follow Euro News Travel and Deutsch Welle for regular updates on this issue.

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