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Hi all, I have already offered several trips here and have only good experiences. This time we explore the highlights of the east coast of the USA and Canada! Details in the stop descriptions. I look forward to your messages :)
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It was an amazing 2 weeks co-working trip in Cyprus, filled with great weather, lots of fun and amazing people! I hope to join more of your trips in the future and may they be as successful as this one! :)


With Kathi it is just always great. It has been a super nice villa, we could easily walk to the sea and the excursions were also great 😍 and although we were such a large group, we also had enough time to do something separately. Always happy again with Kathi ❤️
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This was my first trip through JoinMyTrip. It had been wonderful. Kathi was a very good tripleader. Mega sweet and well organized. It had been a few beautiful days in Vienna.
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Trip Itinerary

New York

Day 1-3
Our trip will start in New York, from there we will do some trips and see the city in the beginning. It is planned to rent an apartment there.

Liberty Island

Day 3-4
We take the ferry to Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty is located.

Coney Island Avenue

Day 4-5
The Coney Island peninsula is the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, located directly on the Atlantic coast and best known for its large amusement parks and the adjacent high-rise housing development of Russian immigrants. We will explore the island and relax on the beach.

Niagara Falls

Day 5-6
From New York we drive to the famous Niagara Falls on the border of the USA and Canada.


Day 6-7
On we go to Canada! We look at the city of Toronto and spend the night there.


Day 7-8
The next day we continue to Montreal with a stopover in the capital of Canada - Ottawa.


Day 8-9
We will spend one day in Montreal, the next day we will go back to New York. On the way we will stop at the "Ausable Chase", a sandstone gorge.

New York

Day 9-10


Day 10-11
Philadelphia is the largest city in the US state of Pennsylvania. Among other things, we will see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall here.


Day 11-13
Our last stop will be Washington, D.C.. The capital is home to, among other things, the White House.

New York

Day 13-15
One last day in New York City and return flight the next day!

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