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Hi, if you are here, you should also be a travel addict! My name is Irmak. I am 24 years old and from Turkey. Traveling is the best way to get to know a person and have fun at the same time. I graduated from sociology, and now I am study in UX/UI design field :D It may not be the capital, but Istanbul is Turkey's cultural and historical center. Since Istanbul be the most important city for a lot of different civilizations, Istanbul has a lot of inns, hammams, palaces, and much more. Besides that, nightlife and food options are limitless. If you want to have it all this long weekend trip will be perfect for you :D We will stay in a nice Airbnb on the European side. But the trip will include the city's European and Anatolian sides. This trip includes: - Accommodation - Transport inside the city( the transport from and to the airport belongs to you). You will cover personal expenses like gift shopping or drinking in a bar. ✨ If you like the trip and join, please send me a message. Have a nice day to all! Any doubt? Check the Q&A and I will go back to you as soon as possible! Looking forward to meeting you in Turkey!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
On Thursday, we will meet in Istanbul. Go to the apartment and relax a bit. Then have a walking tour and explore the neighborhood. After walking around, have a nice dinner with fish, appetizers, and famous Turkish drink raki. Talk and try to know each other better.

Grand Bazaar

Day 2
On Saturday, we will go to Kapalı Çarşı ( Grand Bazaar) which is the biggest and oldest bazaar. It has almost 4000 shops and the perfect place to buy some souvenirs, gifts to remember your trip when you go back.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Day 2
Topkapı Palace is one of the most enormous palaces in Istanbul. It is a beautiful landmark and a must seen place that hosted lots of emperors for hundreds of years. It is a magical place and really close to our first stop!

Hagia Sophia

Day 2
After Topkapı Palace Museum our next stop will be Hagia Sophia. It is a basilica planned cathedral built in the old city center in the historical peninsula of Istanbul during the Byzantine Period (between 532-537).

İstiklal Caddesi

Day 2
Beyoğlu is one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul. And Istiklal Caddesi is the iconic street with the famous tram. After a long sightseeing tour, we can enjoy walking this beautiful street with lots of beautiful architecture in the early evening and visit Galata Tower at the end.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Day 2-3
On our last day, before we go past the Bosphorus, first we will visit the Dolmabahçe Palace. This palace, which hosted the Ottoman Sultans and Atatürk; has a magnificent view overlooking the Bosphorus. The architecture of this building will make you amazed.


Day 3
Having a nice ferry ride to Anatolia would be perfect for our last day. We will pass by Maiden Tower and also see the historical Haydarpaşa Railway Station. Kadıköy is a new cool place to hang out with its beautiful bazaar and nice bars.

Moda Sahil Yolu

Day 3
We will walk from Kadıköy to the Moda Coastal Road. This stop is a great place to rest and relax with its seafront location and wide green area. This is a pedestrian road so it's a quiet place away from car noises.


Day 3
And the last stop of our trip will be Maiden's Tower, another famous historical place. We will put a sweet end to our tour by visiting the Maiden's Tower with its fairy-tale story and naive appearance.


Day 3-4
We will check out from the apartments. I will guide you on how to go to the airport and which transportation you have to use. I am sure that you are going to love Turkey and we will see each other next time on another trip :).
Trip Summary
Apartments & Other & Bed & Breakfast
4 days trip
İstanbul, Grand Bazaar & 8 more
Train, Trekking, Boat
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Yes it is but maybe it changes the price a little bit.

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