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Hello! Hallo! Hola! Bonjour! 🙋🏻‍♀️ My name is Gülçin but you can call me GG:) I was born in a spring🌸 evening🌜 in Aargau, a canton in Switzerland🇨🇭 and have been living in Istanbul🌉 for quite a long time. *** This trip is a culture & history-oriented trip to experience both the traditional side and the modern side of Istanbul. Plus, a budget-friendly trip led by a local — me 😁 *** The trip consists of 30+ stops for 6 days. 🕤Starting point: 📍Old town (Sultanahmet) 🗺️Destinations: 📍 Old Town / Sultanahmet (European side) 📍 Taksim (European side) 📍 Besiktas (European side) 📍Aşiyan-Beykoz (European - Asian side) 📍Üsküdar (Asian side) 📍Kadıköy (Asian side) 📌Trip will consists of ✓ Both European and Asian sides ✓ Local food ✓ Bosphorus Tour ✓ Free of tourist traps ✓ Historical palaces and fortresses ✓ Istanbul Aquarium - Sea World (not an amusement park; no performance includes sea animals)

📌Transportations used during the trip: ✓ Tramway ✓ Metro ✓ Bus ✓ Ferry (Transportation card is available at the airport) *** 🛎️ Accommodation: - Shared room - Private room optional — not included in trip price

📌Facilities: - Breakfast (included in price) - Wi-fi - Hot water - Café - 24/7 Reception service - 24/7 Security 📌Additional: • Museum tickets approximate costs max € 50-60 • Language during the trip: English In case of in need, make sure to take more cash with you before you actually take the trip. You will also need an Istanbul Public Transport Card. You can buy it at the airport station. ✈️ Pick-up from airport, if needed (Not included in price) *** Hope to meet you in person and see you there! :)

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Trip Itinerary

Topkapı Palace

Day 1
Topkapı Palace will be our first stop. There, we will spend a couple of hours. It is the first Ottoman palace built in Istanbul. Our next stop will be the famous Blue Mosque — it derives its name from its blue tiles around the minarets. Afterwards we will have lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Basilica Cistern

Day 1
After our coffee break, we will go to Hagia Sophia - first a church, then a mosque. Later on, we will go to the Basilica Cistern, there we will see the biggest cistern (water storage) of Constantinople.

Gülhane Park

Day 1
The next stop will be the Basilica Cistern — the biggest cistern (water storage) of Constantinople. Afterwards, we will pay a visit to the Archaeology museum. In this museum, we will spend quite a time since there is so much to see. All the Greek, Roman artefacts which were found in Anatolia are exhibited at the museum. It is basically the ancient side of Turkiye.

Hippodrome of Constantinople

Day 1
Our next stop will be the Hippodrome. We will first visit the Column of Constantine, the Serpent Column, the Obelisk of Theodosius and lastly the German Fountain. And finally, you will be able to see the famous Hagia Sophia — first a church, then a mosque.

Taksim Square

Day 1-2
On our second day, we will go for a walk on the famous Istikal Street in Taksim. We will pay a visit to the Republic Monument in the Taksim Square and take photos and stroll around. After our visit to the Republic Monument at the square, we will visit the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. Then we will have a coffee break. After that, we can visit the Painting Museum and relax. When we are finished with our art tour, we will have lunch.

Galata Tower

Day 2
Our next stop will be the Galata Tower. At Galata Tower, you will be able to enjoy the view from the top of it. After the Galata Tower, we will pay a visit to Pera Palace —the oldest hotel of Istanbul.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Day 2-3
On our third day, we will meet at the Kabataş station. We will visit the Dolmabahçe Palace — a more modern palace by the Ottoman. There, we will spend quite some time. After we finished, we will have lunch.


Day 3
Next, we will take a Bosphorus tour departs from Kabatas. The tour will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. After the boat trip, we will go to the Naval Museum in Besiktas. We will explore the marine world of Turkiye. After the museum, we will have a coffee break.


Day 3
Afterwards, we will go to Yıldız Park. It is a beautiful natural park. There are a couple of cafes where you can try Sahlep — a local hot drink. After we are done, we will head to Ortaköy on foot. It is a seaside place where you can take beautiful night photos near the Bosphorus Bridge.


Day 3-4
On our fourth day, we will meet at Üsküdar. It is located in the Asian side of the city. Our first stop will be the Maiden Tower. Then, we will pay a visit to Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and The Florence Nightingale Museum. We'll get back to the Üsküdar Square and take a coffee break. After the break, we will take a bus and go to Beylerbeyi Palace. When we are finished, we will take a bus and go to Kuzguncuk — a historical place, to stroll around the town. Then, we will stop by one of the historical cafes and have lunch and a coffee break. After the break, we can enjoy the rest of the town.

Rumeli Fortress

Day 4-5
On our fifth day, we will go to see the famous fortresses of Istanbul. First, we will visit the Rumeli Fortress which is located in the European side. It's a medieval fortress built in 1452 during the reign of Mehmet II. Next, we will cross to the Anatolian side on boat in order to visit the Anatolian Fortress. In fact, it is the first Ottoman fortress built in 1394 during the reign of Beyazit I. Afterwards, we will pay a visit to Küçüksu Pavilion which is located near the Anatolian Fortress. Then we will have our lunch near the area. Then we will take a small boat trip and enjoy the stops from the sea side.

Istanbul Aquarium

Day 5-6
On our sixth - also the last day, we will pay a visit to Istanbul Aquarium. There we will discover the sea world at first hand. Various fish, sharks, penguins, rain forrest and many more. We can take lots of photos. Our next stop will be the Tutankhamon exhibition. After the exhibition, we will go to Bakırköy by Marmaray.


Day 6
In order to go Kadıköy, we will take the ferry that departs from Bakırköy. At Kadıköy, we will be literally at the Anatolian side of Istanbul. We will stroll around the town, then we will have lunch. After lunch, we will stroll around a bit more, and take a coffee break. Then we will go to Moda and enjoy the remain hours of the trip by seaside .
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