Andifli, Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye 🧙 Enchanting Waters: A First-Time Journey to Antalya's Warm Waters 🌊 Discover the Magic Together!

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We will be living in the center to be able to walk around to experience the city to the fullest. We will be sharing rooms in an apart. What I truly want to show you is not the touristic side of Kaş, the nature, and the full extravagant presentation of the Turkish culture. On the contrary, I will be showing you the beautiful side of Kaş, Antalya but also the real one. We will be walking to historical places, but also to neighborhoods that are making history at the present. We will also be going to the mountain Sleeping Giant, where there is the perfect spot to relax and take breathtaking photos of nature after a short hike to a beautiful viewpoint. As far as the last day is concerned, I wanted it to be free to decide together, after having seen Kaş, what would we all like to do. We can also go on a private yacht tour depending on the weather forecast. Reasonableness to say that if you would like to discuss the trip, to add or change something, I will be glad to do it!

About me: I am 🖐🏻 Hakan, your enthusiastic and cheerful TripLeader, ready to guide you on an exhilarating exploration of the world's most captivating destinations. With a passion for adventure and an insatiable wanderlust, I've curated the ultimate travel experience tailored just for you! For me, this journey represents the realization of a lifelong dream 📸 —a chance to combine my love❤️ for photography with the magic🧙 of the water.🏊🏻‍♂️ It's a milestone that will forever hold a special place in my heart❤️ and my memory. So, let's seize this extraordinary opportunity and embark on an unforgettable adventure—a journey that will allow us to create images that reflect the sheer magnificence of this trip. ✈️

Accommodation: In my quest to fully immerse myself in the cosmic✨ wonders of Antalya's warm waters🌊, I am committed to finding accommodations that embrace the beauty of natural water🌊. Recognizing the importance of staying connected to the sea throughout our journey, I will seek out lodging options that boast ample windows and open spaces, allowing us to keep our eyes on the sea even during our moments of rest. Join me on this intimate adventure where photography and magic intertwine.

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4 nights accommodation in a shared room
Private yacht tour
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Hellooo, my name is Hakan a.k.a. Harry. You will mostly find me outdoors, exploring, or in the digital world. Excited to meet you all!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We will meet at the place we will be living for the next 5 days (4 nights). Depending on the time of your arrival, we will settle down and then arrange the program of the day. We will of course have a welcome lunch/ dinner so as to meet each other!

Sleeping Giant, Kaş

Day 2-3
On the second day, we will be walking to the Kaş Old City, after that we will visit Sleeping Giant. A beautiful mountain next to Kaş. It has a wide, amazing view. We can end or start our short hike. It is a well-kept secret, away from any noise or pollution, but without being difficult to reach from the city center. We will also be able to see the sunset from the beautiful hill of Sleeping Giant.

Patara Beach

Day 3-4
Patara Beach and Xhantos The third day will be a sea holiday. We will go to Patara Beach, which has endless, pure sand. Our day will be filled with sea, sand, sun, and a little history. We will go on a historical journey from Patara Beach to Xanthos.

Kekova Island

Day 4-5
Private Yacht We will spend a day in the endless waters of Kaş on a private yacht. We can visit a few more beautiful beaches. We will visit Kekova Island. We will fly in magical waters all day. This will be our endless sea vacation.


Day 5
Antalya, Myra Ruins On our last day, I want it to be free to decide together! We can continue our walking tour. You can visit the Myra Ruins on your way back to Antalya. We can spend time in the center of Antalya city. Of course, I can suggest more places or activities to do, but I want to make this decision together! Some of the things I have in mind are: continuing our walking tour, slacklining in the park, napping at home, swimming, and checking some museums.
Trip Summary
5 days trip
Kaş, Sleeping Giant, Kaş & 3 more
Trekking, Car, Boat
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