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Vacation Buddies Wanted

Vacation partner wanted and found: this is how you do it right

Finding the right vacation buddies can be really exhausting and difficult. Our community will tell you today how they looked for vacation buddies and how they can give you valuable tips by hand.

Where did you look for vacation buddies?

There are tons of places where you can find travel buddies. We'll show you our 2 best ways that will definitely work well

Facebook groups

Do you only use Facebook to always know when your friends' birthday is? Then you missed a lot. After all, Facebook has one of the most effective ways to find travel buddies: groups! These groups are there to bring people together who have the same interests, such as "Going for a walk in Berlin", "Molecular cuisine in Hamburg" or "Vacation buddies wanted"! So you can not only get to know cool travelers but also plan your next adventure together, such as a road trip. If you already have concrete plans in mind, it is best to write a post in a group that contains the following points:

How long do I want to travel and where to?
What kind of vacation do I envision?
How should my vacation buddies be?

Of course, we also have some Facebook groups! You can find the list of our Facebook groups here.


Of course, we also want to show you why our platform is extremely useful if you have not yet successfully looked for vacation buddies. JoinMyTrip connects the so-called TripLeader and TripMates. TripLeaders have specific travel plans and are now looking for holiday partners. They go out of their way to book all accommodation and transportation reservations on site. TripMates, on the other hand, book these trips from TripLeaders. The only thing they have to worry about is how to get to the destination and how to get back home. For example, traveling around the world becomes much more relaxed! The JoinMyTrip community has more than 150,000 members and every day there are more people looking for new vacation buddies and finding them. Now take a look at how JoinMyTrip works.

The top 3 tips to successfully complete the topic "Vacation partner wanted"

1. Adjust expectations for the trip

It is imperative that you discuss your expectations of the trip with your vacation buddies. Do you want to go on an expedition but your travel buddies prefer to be out and about in a motorhome? Talk to you! Either you find a common solution that you all like or you have to keep going until you have looked for and found your right holiday partner.

2. Allocate and present costs correctly

If you travel with other people, sooner or later you will get to the point where you have to share your costs. Therefore, it is extremely important that you write down the costs that you have shared with your group as accurately as possible. Apps like TravelSpend can be very useful. You can find even more helpful tips in our article "How to manage the costs of a group trip" This way you don't get into the uncomfortable situation of arguing with your group members about money and messing up your memories.

Camels with travelers in the desert.

3. Set your "mindset" correctly

Before you go looking for your vacation buddies, you should deal with yourself a little: how would I like to act in a group? What happens after I successfully search for vacation buddies? What should the trip look like for me? You should ask yourself these important questions so that you can assemble your group based on the results. You should also be aware that your trip might not go 110% according to your ideas. If you travel with other people, you should always be flexible and be able to adjust your plans from time to time. And that's not a bad thing! By exposing yourself to new situations, you get to know yourself better and can also enjoy the journey even more.

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