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Beach vacation travel buddy

You and your beach vacation travel buddy yearn for some vitamin D and some rays on your back. This is probably part of the human DNA. Make a plan with your beach vacation travel buddy and get that golden tan you’ve been wishing for all winter. 

Beach vacation travel buddy

Of course, surfers head to Baja California, Goa, and Da Nang. Luxury lovers to the Côte d’Azur, Fiji, and Anguilla. Snorkelers flock to the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. The world is full of interesting options for beach vacations.

One man’s relaxing beach trip is another man’s nightmare. Before you and your beach vacation travel buddy hit the sand make sure you know what kind of holiday you are looking for.

Many people turn to the waters for some relaxation. They park themselves on beaches with little to distract from the rhythmic slapping of waves on land - no restaurants, no souvenir shops, and no bars and the loud music and noise that accompanies them. These beaches don’t have the currents required for intense water sports.

Top beaches to visit and rest in 2020

If you and your beach vacation travel buddy are in search of a serene afternoon, you should visit:

girl holding up her arms on the beach

1. Praia de Cacela Velha, near Manta Rota, the Algarve, Portugal

This lonely beach can be reached on foot or a short ferry across an estuary. Its dunes welcome several interesting species of birds — your closest neighbors in this secluded area.

2. Mlini Bay, Croatia

This old is about 10 kilometers from Dubrovnik but this secluded spot is filled with hard-to-spot bays and pine-shaded beaches.

3. Palm Beach, Barbuda

On this flat and wide beach, there is nothing to interrupt contemplation on the pink sands and the calls of the birds of that call a nearby sanctuary 

4. Rodas Beach, Cíes Islands, Galicia, Spain

Fine white sand, dunes, emerald waters, and a few restaurants are the only draws.

5. Tikling Island, Philippines

Soft, pink sand meets calm waters on this private island that is free for day visitors, who must bring everything they need with them.

Top beaches to have some action in 2020

Maybe you and your beach vacation travel buddy are looking for some action. Then, you need a place with a strong current, a place where you can make some noise. Beauty and brawn meld at these beaches. Standup paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and surfing are options at these attractive beaches decked in lush trees, crystal clear water, rock outcroppings, or dunes.

Wherever you decide to go, we recommend traveling in a group. The reasons why you can read up on our blog about why traveling in a group is more important than ever.

two surfers at the bach

1. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

This surfer’s paradise can only be reached by an unpaved road, so it’s never crowded.

2. Ibo Island, Mozambique

Beaches on this small island feature mangrove forests and sandbanks. Coral reefs are nearby, so you and your beach vacation travel buddy can snorkel or deep-sea diver among shipwrecks off this former trading post and wondrous wondrous sea life; dolphins, turtles, and whales are frequent visitors.

3. Puako (town), Big Island, Hawaii

End of the Road beach spot is considered the best diving on the Big Island. It has canyons with coral walls that reach up to 12 meters. While surfers are drawn to the wild surf at Paniau.

4. Lameshur Bay Beach, St. John

This Beautiful beach is home to a piece known as Donkey Bight. Snorkelers come for Beehive Cove, a maze of caves and tunnels brimming with sea sponges, reef fish, and coral.


Top beaches for Unique Eco-Getaway

1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala

This natural wonder is composed of a 300-meter-long limestone bridge that sits under a series of natural pools of calmly-flowing river water, caves, and underground waterfalls.

2. Currituck (country), Outer Banks, North Carolina

Four hundred years ago, Spanish explorers brought mustangs to the area and the horses have never left. The Corolla horses roam freely around the island. People are not allowed to get within 15 meters of the horses. There’s no petting or feeding but there’s a lot of photography.

If you're not sure where to head on your beach vacation, then check out our blog on the best Caribbean Islands to visit. Maybe you will find the perfect location for your type of beach holiday.

Get Acquainted

Once you know where to go, you and your beach vacation travel buddy have to get to know your beach. Are there irritating bugs lurking in the sand? Are there painful or, even, deadly things swimming in the water? If so, are these year-round or seasonal dangers? Are there microbes that hang out around water or forests that you need vaccination against? Some beaches are littered with cafes while others are deserted, so you may need to bring food and water. Plus, you and your beach vacation travel buddies may need to bring a bag or container, so you can take your trash with you when you leave.

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