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Around the World Trip travel buddy

Grab yourself an around-the-world trip travel buddy and start planning your trip around the world if you're tired of short holidays.

Around the World Trip travel buddy

Figuring out how to do this is no easy feat, but with the help of good travel companions you can plan an epic adventure that you will never forget.

1. Duration

The first thing to do is to figure out how much time off you want (or can) take from work. Perhaps this means you have to leave your job permanently, or it could be that you can have your job back upon your arrival. Around the World Trips shouldn't be rushed, and you don't want to feel pressure to hurry or leave a country you love because you set your time to tight. TripLeaders suggest at least one year for your journey.

2. Before You Go

Of course there is a million things to think about before you head off on your big adventure, but be sure to include these points to your checklist:

Get your documents in order:

  • Up to date drivers license
  • Visas depending on country
  • Passport - does it expire within the next year?

Vaccinations - 4-6 weeks before you leave

Get the right credit card: skip the foreign transaction fees!

3. Work Exchange Programs

It's no secret that travelling, especially travelling around the world is expensive. But there is a lot of options to make money while you travel. One of these ways is to find a work exchange program. This will not only cover the cost of your Around the World trip you will also get to feel like a local for awhile, contributing on a social scale. You will also be able to add this experience to your CV to impress your future boss.

4. Go With the Flow

A bit of a cliche travel tip, but it's a good one. The best experiences are likely to be ones you didn't spend hours stressing over. Plan the countries you and your travel mates want to see, but other than that, go with the f l o w. You are very likely to meet interesting people along the way and follow them on their ventures anyhow.

5. Enjoy Every Minute

You and your travel buddies will have good days, and you will have bad ones. Highs and lows are a real part of travelling, but this is what makes it so interesting. Missed the train? Got on the wrong one? Laugh about it. There is always another solution - you're never stuck. Being able to find humor in our fails makes our around the world trip days brighter and more memorable.humor