Best Wellness Retreats and Destinations Worldwide

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Take a break from your bustling everyday life and spoil yourself with sumptuous spa sessions and relaxing wellness retreats. Sometimes, a wellness trip is all that we need. Imagine yourself stretching in vinyasa poses while looking at a vast blue ocean. Alternatively, you can think about fragrant essential oils and indulgent massages in a world-class spa. Therefore, wellness retreats and vacations are always a great idea. 

Are you looking for the best places to have a wellness retreat? Or are you looking for the most amazing wellness vacation destinations out there? Then, you are in the right place! In this blog, we will show you the 12 best wellness retreats and vacations worldwide. Get ready to take a breath and unwind! 

Fonteverde, Tuscany, Italy

Tucked in the astonishing villages of Tuscany, Fonteverde is a wholesome wellness resort to visit. It features a charming mix between history, culture, and luxury. Get ready to be captivated by its dazzling facade, which blends modern and neo-classical architecture, and well-manicured gardens. Fonteverde’s infinity pools and thermal baths overlook the rolling hills, pretty monasteries, and enchanting villages of the Tuscan region. Staying at Fonteverde is simply dreamy and unforgettable. 

Wellness retreats in Fonteverde are all about spas, relaxation, and nutrition. With the blend of Oriental and Western wellness practices, Fonteverde offers the best sessions. Enjoy a single session of Turkish salt bath, melt your stress away in the sizzling thermal pools, and shoo away tense muscles through high-tech massages. Also, don’t miss Fonteverde’s diet and nutrition program. Munch on organic dishes that originated from the farms of Val d’Orcia and sip on detox shots to rejuvenate your body. Therefore, Fonteverde is one of the best wellness retreats to book, especially in Europe. 

SHA Wellness Clinic, Albir, Spain

Health is wealth – that’s what a famous quote says. Thus, if you want to level up your health and fitness level, you must check out SHA Wellness Clinic. This luxury wellness center gains popularity worldwide for its expertly-crafted programs, superb treatments, and world-class therapists. Moreover, it lures people to visit with its stunning architecture and gorgeous location. SHA Wellness Clinic is perched above the beach town of Abrir, overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean Sea and majestic mountains. Thus, the peaceful environment and pleasant climate make this wellness center a great place to unwind. 

SHA Wellness Clinic offers integrated treatments that blend both Eastern and Western practices. You can benefit from a traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment or join a personalized fitness program. Moreover, the clinic also has packages based on your needs. Whether you have a specific weight loss target or need an emotional detox, SHA Wellness Center has something for you. Thus, the clinic also offers special programs like anti-tobacco and maternity treatments. With all it has to offer, SHA Wellness Center is one of the best wellness retreats worldwide. 

Eleven Deplar Farm, Iceland

Eleven Deplar Farm Iceland wellness retreats

Winter is the perfect time to sip a cup of hot chocolate and curl yourself in a blanket. However, Eleven Deplar Farm in Iceland challenges you to spend a different kind of winter. Let the freezing yet beautiful nature of the Land of Fire and Ice recharge your soul. Eleven Deplar Farm crafts a series of wellness classes and experiences that can be found nowhere else. Therefore, it is one of the most unique wellness vacations in the world. 

Booking a wellness retreat program in Eleven Deplar Farm means staying in a luxurious lodge with geothermal-powered baths and spa facilities. Moreover, the remote location allows you to spot the Northern Lights during cold winter nights. The resort’s wellness program includes immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, including horseback riding, skiing, and going for a sauna. Thus, you also get the opportunity to sample locally sourced food that will nourish your body. Last but not least, you will end the day with a sound healing session or a meditation class. 

Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Tucked on the slopes of the mighty Mount Taygetos, Euphoria Retreat is a relaxing haven. The sustainably-designed resort is surrounded by fertile forests, rolling hills, and the ancient Mystras village. The charms of Greece’s natural beauty and the mystery of the surrounding archaeological wonders send good energy for you to unwind. Get ready to benefit from ancient Hellenistic programs and Asclepia medicines that originated from the country. Therefore, Euphoria Retreat will lead you to one of the best wellness vacations you’ll ever take. 

Euphoria Retreat has everything you need for your healing and well-being. Whether you are looking for an all-around detox program to inner balance classes, the resort has it all. Moreover, it has one-of-a-kind programs that challenge your mind and body. For example, ‘Spartan Spirit of Adventure’ is a 3-day program that includes a nutritious menu, meditation, and physical training such as wall-climbing, hiking, and weight lifting. 

The Lodge at Woodloch, Pennsylvania, USA

Set in the deep forests of the Pocono Mountains, The Lodge at Woodloch offers an amazing healing experience. The lush vegetation, calming sounds, and therapeutic aroma of the surrounding nature can naturally melt your stress away. Moreover, The Lodge at Woodloch offers you a myriad of therapeutic activities and wellness programs that are perfect to escape the busy everyday life. The Lodge at Woodloch believes that Mother Nature is a powerful healer and it is represented through their handcrafted program.

Go outdoors and reconnect with nature – that is what The Lodge at Woodloch trying to say. There are 35 therapeutic activities and classes to choose from. Don’t be surprised that lots of them include going outdoors, including gardening, archery, biking, and standup paddleboarding. Besides that, you can also choose a relaxing massage and spa service to recharge your energy. Eco-conscious and holistic – those are the things that make The Lodge at Woodloch special. 

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, USA

wellness retreats Castle Hot Springs
Source: Castle Hot Springs

Get the best out of Mother Earth in this hot spring resort in Arizona. Castle Hot Springs has no energy healing or Ayurvedic detox program on their menu. However, they offer mineral-rich hot springs, world-class spa services, and farm-to-table dishes for you to enjoy. Additionally, the sizzling yet fabulous Sonoran Desert invites you for a wholesome outdoor adventure. Therefore, Castle Hot Springs is one of the most-liked wellness retreats in the US. 

Nothing is better than letting nature heal you – that is what Castle Hot Springs has to say! Get ready to dip yourself in the natural geothermal pools and let the heat rejuvenate your body. Additionally, say yes to a massage and enjoy the relaxing sensation and therapeutic aroma. Last but not least, go outside as the sun goes down. Enjoy a sky of endless stars in the middle of Arizona’s enormous desert. 

Naviva, Punta Mita, Mexico

Take a deep breath and let Mexico’s lush jungles mend your soul. Besides that, get ready to benefit from authentic Mayan and Hispanic wellness practices and recipes, leading you to an experience like no other. Find them all in Naviva, a sumptuous Four Seasons resort surrounded by 48 acres of tropical rainforest. Inspired by pre-Hispanic cultures, Naviva looks different than any usual luxury resort. It consists of tented camps with a ‘biophilic design’, representing the connection between human and nature. 

Naviva is one of the best wellness retreat destinations you have to visit. Adapting traditional Mexican culture, you can experience an impressive blend of mindfulness and mysticism. Join meditation sessions guided by a curandero or healer, go nocturnal forest bathing, and benefit from indigenous healing ingredients. Nothing is less than ‘unforgettable’ in Naviva. 

The Retreat, Alajuela, Costa Rica

The lush rainforests, glimmering sea, and sun-soaked beaches of Costa Rica are the building blocks of the perfect wellness destination. Thus, book a program in The Retreat Alajuela and get ready to feel a lot better after the sessions. Tucked in the middle of a verdant jungle, The Retreat offers the best place to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 

Experience classic yet the best wellness programs in this luscious resort in Costa Rica. The resort features infinity swimming pools, saltwater pools, meditation areas, an organic restaurant, and a top-notch gym. Moreover, you can enjoy relaxing massages, therapeutic Ayurveda treatments, and healing yoga retreats designed by certified practitioners. Furthermore, The Retreat will also take you to go outdoors and benefit from nature’s healing properties. Therefore, The Retreat is one of the best wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

It’s always a great thing to take a break from your bustling everyday life, rejuvenate your body, and spoil yourself with pleasant treatments. So, are you ready to check out those wellness vacations? Or, you can also check out the curated wellness vacations designed by the passionate TripLeaders at JoinMyTrip!

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