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Three local destination experts who will show you the best time

We at JoinMyTrip believe that anyone can be a tour guide. As long as you’re open-minded, love meeting new people, and have the ability to plan and organize, then you, my friend, can be a tour guide too. But we also think that the people who do this as a profession have a different kind of special touch when it comes to trips. They have turned their passion into work and people who do this, never really work a day in their lives. They love what they do, which is something you can really feel when you become part of their adventures. This is why we want professional tour guides to join our quest at bringing people closer together and making it easier for everyone to see the world and experience moments they will never forget. 

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to three of our top local destination experts. Even though all three of them offer trips in completely different destinations across the globe, one thing that they have in common is their love for traveling and their passion for guiding people on trips they will brag about to all their friends. Carry on reading to feel inspired and really start dreaming – the next adventure is right around the corner!

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Lucrezia Della Sala

traveling with professional tour guides two women standing on a bridge in Venice
Lucrezia Della Sala

Born and raised in Venice, Lucrezia is the perfect person to guide you around this beautiful city. She has traveled a lot in her time but she knew that her heart belongs to Venice. She offers ‘’off-the-beaten-path’’ tours so travelers get to see the real side of Venice. Lucrezia tries to avoid the crowded and touristy places and instead gives you an insight into the charming and quiet neighbourhoods. She knows all the hidden corners, where you’ll be able to really feel the magic Venice has to offer. Her tours are not only about the secret gems but also packed with historical insights. At the core of Lucrezia’s trip is the desire to make you feel like a local – showing you all the little traditions and habits and letting you taste the real Italian cuisine like a truly professional tour guide. 

‘’My mission is to let travelers see and appreciate my city as if they were locals, sharing my passion and enthusiasm for my hometown with them, as only a local could do. I’d like travelers to feel at home here as if they were simply having a relaxing walk with a longtime Venetian friend!’’ 

Evan Panagopoulos

traveling with professional tour guides man sat in a dark room with a stuffed tiger next to him
Evan Panagopoulos

The kind of guy who will transport you to a different century with his historical knowledge and stories about forgotten times is Evan. He prides himself on being an urban storyteller, an avid fan of brutalist and mid-century architecture, a knowledgeable WW2 and Victorian-era enthusiast who likes to engage with abandoned spaces and obscure history. Evan takes his groups to forgotten and unseen spaces hiding in plain sight, making his tours truly special. He realized that he had a passion for travel from a very young age and traveled to many countries around the globe, always on the lookout for those special spots. He runs international tours in Greece and Finland, featuring weird and wonderful locales, dark stories, abandoned sites, and fringe cities, where he weaves fascinating, well researched social and historical narratives related through authentic local experiences. 

‘’ I aim to show travelers a different, more atypical side of the country we all think we know.  I wanted it to be about different perspectives and interpretations of its history, culture, and people.’’ 

Garry McRae

traveling with professional tour guides man standing on his car in Scotland
Garry McRae

Promising a trip that is truly special is no other than Garry. You will travel from Edinburgh to the isle of Skye in his custom-built Jeep Wrangler. Equipped with a pop-up roof making it possible to sleep under the stars. You will get to see some of the most spectacular parts of Scotlands, off the beaten path; touring around some epic scenery, visiting some ancient landmarks, and even swimming in ice-cold pools before retiring to the campfire. Garry realized that Scotland has so much more to offer than those easily accessible spots. He really wants to bring the beauty of his country a little closer to his guests while always striving to create the most unique trip possible. 

“I have always been passionate about creating environments where others can thrive, and this is where Wolfie was born. Our central value is “comfy” which to us is all about getting people to amazing and remote places but in an easy and comfortable way so they can relax, and just be”

No matter who you decide on; our professional tour guides really and truly are experts in their field, so you are bound to experience something wonderful. Check out their trips and many others on JoinMyTrip now. 

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