Travel for Food: Why Go on a Culinary Trip

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Travel Tips

Traveling the world sure sounds like an amazing idea. However, no travel agenda would be complete without adding food to the itinerary. Delicious and indulgent meals are the things that one can’t deny. Moreover, food unites us all, despite all the differences we might stumble upon. Whether you are traveling to a foreign land in Asia or a hidden gem country in Europe, the flavors of the country are something you can’t miss. Then another great idea is to travel for food. 

There are a lot of fantastic things you can get by doing a culinary trip. Travel for food and you’ll get the best out of every country you visit. It’s an experience that will enrich your palate, horizons, and memories. Then, why go on a culinary trip? Here are the seven reasons to book one! 

First Step to Learn about the Country 

travel for food culinary trips

Besides renowned landmarks and dazzling places, you can learn about a country from its food. National dishes give us a hint of how the country looks and how the people live their everyday lives. Moreover, it gives us an insight into the country’s proud staples. For example, we can’t travel to Mexico without sampling some tacos or Macedonia without going for a wine-tasting session. At a glance, we know that Mexico is proud of its maize, while Macedonia has top-quality grapes as its main products. So, travel for food and note down the new insights you get in each country. 

Soak into the Cultural Wonders

travel for food culinary trips

Food is an important part of a country’s or community’s culture. Food, especially traditional dishes, represents the way of life, flavor preferences, and even philosophy. Also, it gives us a deeper look into the diversity of each country. Some dishes are made for special occasions or distinguished events. For example, in Japan, oshokosu or a full set of rice cake soup must be available on New Year’s Eve. Other than that, people in Portugal celebrate Easter by eating bacalhau or salted cod. Therefore, going on a culinary trip will allow you to soak into cultural wonders and find amazing new things.

Do As the Locals Do

travel for food culinary trips

No one knows about the best food in the area better than the locals. Get the best out of your culinary trip by interacting with locals and asking for recommendations. They will lead you to delightful restaurants and fantastic food vendors. Of course, who can’t trust a local’s palate to lead you to mouthwatering dishes? 

Moreover, consider stopping in local-run restaurants and humble vendors. Usually, they have the best flavors and best prices. You can also expect hospitality and friendly faces as you sit in the restaurant. The food will taste better with some casual talk and smiles from the locals. 

Discover Hidden Gems

travel for food everyday

Travel for food and walk off-the-beaten paths to find hidden yet amazing places to eat. Going on culinary trips will be more adventurous as you decide to choose off-the-radar places. Of course, you can still go to Michelin-star restaurants or the best street food vendor in town. However, it is also amazing to find a humble yet warm local restaurant, a lovely hidden cafe, or a small dessert shop that is not on the list. 

Besides that, you can also choose the hidden gem countries. We all know that Italy and Thailand are on the top list when it comes to food. On the other hand, Cuba and Croatia are not so popular for their food. However, they have surprising flavors and extraordinary dishes that a foodie traveler like you should try.  

Bring a New Recipe Home

travel for food culinary trips

Another activity you must try while going on a culinary trip is taking a cooking class. Learn from the experts to craft the most delicious dishes from a country you are visiting. You will also have a hands-on experience of discovering the ingredients, figuring out the flavor profiles, and applying the correct cooking techniques. Taking a cooking class allows you to bring the recipe home. So, if you miss an authentic Indonesian nasi goreng or flavorful Spanish paella, you can recook them in your own kitchen.

Mingle and Meet Like-Minded Friends

travel for food culinary trips

What’s better than enjoying some delicious food with a group of friends? Travel for food and you will see how people mingle and connect with each other through food. Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or going solo, you can have an enjoyable time by savoring food. Culinary trips are meant to change strangers into friends through a tasty adventure. So, get ready to meet new friends and toast together with them as you hop on a culinary trip. 

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