The Definitive Remote CoWorking Guide: Los Angeles Edition

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CoWorking in the City of Angels

Being one of the few people that is actually from LA, I feel like I can offer all our readers a nice guide to help you not only plan, but also experience what my wonderful city has to offer. BIG disclaimer, this is not a guide for people that are humble, low profile or in slightly modest. This is L.A. Baby!!! The town of towns, the place where people arrive as nobodies and leave as superstars.




Some History on LA

According to Wikipidia LA was founded on September 4, 1781, by a group of forty-four settlers known as “Los Pobladores” who founded the pueblo they called El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles, ‘The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels’. Since then the name has been shortened (thank goodness) and we now call it simply “Los Angeles”.

Over the years, the city has gone through a few changes, but it has managed to keep it’s distinctive flavor nonetheless. In the early 20’s as the movie industry started to take over the town, we saw this fantastic city transform from just another California coastal city, to the must be place on the west coast.

Remote CoWorking infrastructure

Recently, LA has become a great destination for Remote Coworkers as it offers great infrastructure, incredible weather and most of all a lifestyle that is not matched by any other place in the world. Trust me when i say it is sunny EVERY day, regardless of the season. In terms of working spaces, LA has many shared office locations from the Downtown area to the Beach.

You can also work at many coffee shops that are all around the city, or just take your laptop and go to the beach (most cities offer free wifi). If you are more of a nature person, then no worries as LA has incredible trails to hike, from the famous Runyon Canyon.

Things to remember when living in LA

The biggest thing you need to consider if you plan to remote CoWorking in LA is to pick the location carefully. Los Angeles is a drivers city and if you are not going to rent a car or maybe even buy one then sell it, I recommend that you pick a place to live that has all the key things like restaurants, bars, stores, etc.

I will list some of my top recommendations for places to live if you are remote coworking in Los Angeles. Please keep in mind that if you do rent a car, then your options are more open and you can save some money by living a bit outside these locations and just using your car to get there.

Santa Monica

This is one of LA’s best locations to work remotely, as it is a city that is packed with people and activities. It is a beach city and is also home to the famous 3rd street promenade, an open air shopping area with lots of restaurants and stores.

You also have Main Street where you will find a lot of bars and restaurants to visit. Everything is within walking distance and you will get the full “West Side” living experience. This experience is centered around the fabulous Santa Monica Beach, and its famous boardwalk.

You may find a large population of homeless people around the beach, but this is kinda common in Santa Monica and nothing that should scare you or prevent you from having a fantastic time.

West Hollywood

This is one of the few independent cities inside Los Angeles, so like Beverly Hills, even though they are in LA county and are literally in the middle and surrounded by Los Angeles, they are a city that has its own police, and fire department.

As such they tend to be a bit more well taken care of, and specifically in West Hollywood you will find incredible restaurants, coffee shops and many stores that will keep you visiting. This is a micro neighbourhood that has its own unique style and feel.

Style is a great word as this is also the LGBT area in LA, so they are very open minded and have many locations that are inspired by the people that live there. You can walk on Santa Monica Blvd, or the famous Sunset strip and truly feel like you are in LA. The streets are full of historic significance as they are the places where some of the greatest musicians, actors, and performance artists lived, played or hung out.



Ok, we are finally here. At the most famous place in Los Angeles. Hollywood is a region in LA that is centered by Hollywood Blvd and has a huge art and creative community. Many clubs and bar are located here, and at night it is always on fire.

Since the rent prices are lower here, you will find a lot of newly arrived people so you wont feel over whelmed by all the things around you, as many people in that area are also new to the city. There is easy access to great hiking trails along the Hollywood hill.

If you want to feel the energy of the city or the Hollywood most people experience when first moving to LA, this is the place to be, and I can guarantee that you will either hate it or love it. But be careful as LA is very addictive (yes you will never leave it) and before you know it, you will look back at 15 year flashing like 2 weeks.

Downtown LA

Over the last 15 years downtown LA has seen a complete makeover and renaissance. The influx of new living options by turning office buildings into lofts, and also the opening of the STAPLES Center. The growth has been dramatic and it is now offering an almost New York City lifestyle in California.

This area has so many things to offer, and will definitely keep you busy day and night. From the many restaurants and epic nightlife, you will also find a different style of living that counteracts the beach style that LA is known for. I recommend it if you are looking for a more city/urban experience. 

Public transportation has gotten better, but it is still not something that is easy to use or any true AL native would be using. I would consider renting a car or having some other transportation method. That said, there is a subway that can take you to Hollywood and many other places.

The Valley…

This is a suburb to the east north of LA, and All I can say is DO NOT GO!!! Stay away, avoid it like the pledge. As we use to say,”you need a visa to go to the Valley”. It’s ugly, hot, far, lots of traffic, no real identity (other than the porn industry). Just stay away (you’ll thank me)!

But if you must go or stay there, then be as close to Ventura Blvd as possible, and don’t get tricked by people that tell you Calabasas is great just because that is where Kim Kardashian lives. It’s NOT! It’s even more far away and with less things to do (I once broke up with someone just because I had to drive all the way there to see them).

Other notable locations

  • Venice Beach – Very artsy and historic
  • Manhattan Beach – outside LA, but with lots to offer
  • North Hollywood
  • Beverly Grove & Fairfax Area – A good choice that is not too far from the action
  • Beverly Hills – Costly, and you will mostly be in other areas anyways.
  • Silver Lake – Great for artists and if you are a bit of Hollywood

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