The Cheapest Countries to Visit With Travel Mates

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What better way to save money than with these 10 countries! 

If your mind is telling you “You can’t travel because you don’t have money” then we are about to prove your mind wrong with the 10 cheapest countries to visit with travel mates! Not only are these countries affordable, but traveling with travel mates is even cheaper. Why? Because you are able to share the travel costs between you and your travel mates. Make sure to also check out the best European budget destinations to have a European adventure. So, let us begin! 


10. Vietnam

Green rice fields in Vietnam.

There is a reason why backpackers flock to this Asian paradise. With the natural beauty, temples, rice terraces, and beaches, Vietnam makes your hard-earned money worth it. The most expensive part of your trip to Vietnam will probably be the flights. Otherwise, you can easily stay in hostels for as little as 5€ per night! Of course, we also can’t forget about all the yummy street food that can be found wherever you go for a cheap price, you will most likely be tempted to order everything on the menu. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you need some tips and tricks on the best places to visit in Vietnam, check out our travel guide for first-timers in Vietnam




9. Lebanon


Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis that Lebanon is currently going through, makes the euro currency so strong in Lebanon. In an entire day of eating out and drinks, you wouldn’t find yourself spending more than 10 €. How crazy is that?! The country itself is absolutely beautiful and friendly faces wherever you go. Plus, due to the size of the country, you can drive with your travel mates from the most north part of Lebanon to the most south within 5 hours! 


8. Costa Rica 

Volcano in Costa Rica.

This tropical country must be one of the most popular destinations in Central America among travelers. Costa Rica is great for you and your travel mates who are looking to have an eco-adventure and just become one with nature at an affordable price. There are so many activities you can do, from surfing at the beach to hiking in the beautiful rainforests, you can check out some of the best things to do in Costa Rica here. Travel to Costa Rica and be amazed by its serene beauty. 




7. Romania

Peles castle in Romania.

Romania is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, so if you are planning a holiday with your travel mates to the east of Europe, better check out this mysterious little country. Since it’s known as the country of Draculas, you can pop a visit to the Dracula castle in Transylvania with your travel mates or visit the other many castles scattered around Romania. If you happen to have a little extra money to spare,  you are even able to spend a night in one of the coffins in the castle for a truly unique experience! If you dare… 👀




6. Mexico 

A city view of Mexico with orange buildings.

The home of salsa, tacos, and some of the craziest people you will ever meet and I mean this in a good way! You will never go bored when in Mexico because of all the incredible activities this stunning country offers. The culture simply just radiates in so many colors that you probably won’t even know what to do. But, we always have a solution for that. 😉 If you happen to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities, check out the top things to do when in Mexico. Mexicans really know how to have fun and if you were to travel to Mexico, trust me you will come back home with a lot of new tricks. Mexicans love to share their culture with you and it’s just so much fun to incorporate yourself within the culture for a week or two!  




5. India 

A view of India and the Taj Mahal.

India is a country full of experiences, rich history, and a destination popular for tourists to come to explore their spiritual selves. You can go explore the great Himalayas in the north or the tropical rain forests in the south with your travel mates. India is also the perfect cheap destination if you want to stay in the country for a long period of time exploring all the diverse cuisines, crafts, music, and nature within the country. India really has the best of both worlds when it comes to the old and new. You can find tall modern buildings to bustling old bazaars. 

4. Kyrgyzstan

Green mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

You might not ever think of Kyrgyzstan as a travel destination but let us tell you, it’s one beautiful country that hasn’t been explored enough! Its untouched nature and stunning mountainscapes will capture your heart in a matter of seconds. Once you look at the pictures, it’s easy to understand why Kyrgyzstan should be your next travel destination! 




3. Egypt

Egypt city.

Egypt has to be one of the most historically rich countries in the world! It has a special spot for everyone who decides to visit. You can find the great Giza Pyramid and Sphinx while giving you and your travel mates a fun way to have a history lesson at the same time. Egypt couldn’t be a better country to explore for cheap, it is home to the legendary queen Cleopatra after all. 👑  


2. Sri Lanka 

Sri lanka beach with crystal clear blue waters.

The foreign currencies enjoy a favorable exchange rate here in Sri Lanka, making it one of the cheapest countries to visit with travel mates! Similar to most Asian countries, Sri Lanka has a diverse landscape. You can spend quality time with turtles on the beach or hike one of the many magnificent mountains. You are the architect of your own journey and what you do! Start exploring Sri Lanka today with this travel guide


1. Moldova


In between Romania and Ukraine, you will come across this gem of a country known for its vineyards. Most Moldovan families make their own wine, so you can be guaranteed that the wine offered here will be absolutely delicious! If you and your travel mates enjoy sipping on wine as you spend a relaxing evening in the vineyards, then Moldova is definitely the place for you. Curious to know the best wine tasting spots in the world are? Check it out here. 


Now that you have 10 of the cheapest countries to visit with travel mates, which one of these 10 countries would you travel to next? 😍 Start packing your bags and take your travel mates along! Check out JoinMyTrip to kick start your incredible adventure. Here you will find like-minded travel mates and many cool yet unique group trips. Join already planned trips or lead your very own trip.




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