The Best Destinations for Tea Lovers

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A cup of tea opens the world…

….that’s what the Japanese already said about this brew. Tea is a magical brew, which like coffee makes us awake or makes us sleepy. Tea helps against colds and digestive problems. Also, tea is the epitome of coziness. If you prefer coffee, we also have the best spots for coffee lovers. This is how you can experience tea around the world… 

Take part in a tea ceremony in Japan 

A person in typical Japanese clothing holds a cup of matcha to the camera.

Green tea has had an important place in Japanese culture for many centuries. Worldwide, Japan is famous for Sencha tea and Matcha. Matcha is finely ground green tea. The powder is mixed with boiling water and drunk directly. 

During a traditional tea ceremony, you can experience true Zen, because the calm and relaxed ceremony is based on the guiding principles of Buddhism. So relax and enjoy a cup of tea and the fascinating culture.

If you want to experience more of Japan, check out our Japan travel guide and plan your trip to a country full of history. 



Drink Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka 

The Cameron Highlands in Sri Lanka are home to many tea plantations.

Sri Lanka is one of the largest exporters of tea. The black Ceylon tea grown here is used for famous blends like Earl Grey. In the Cameron Highlands, you can experience the country’s long tea history and learn more about how tea is grown and made. Our Sri Lanka travel guide will take you to beautiful places like these unique tea plantations! 

Enjoy afternoon tea in England 

Afternoon tea in England with colorful cups and teapots.

Afternoon tea in England is world-famous! With a cup of black tea with a little milk, you are served small sandwiches, scones, and cakes. Simply delicious. 

Refresh yourself with mint tea in Morocco 

Glasses filled with mint into which tea is poured in Morocco.

At the heart of Moroccan hospitality is the refreshing mint drink made from green Gunpowder tea and fresh mint. The tea is poured from a height of at least 30 cm so that a small layer of foam forms. You show your gratitude by slurping the drink, not just sipping. And those who say that hot weather and hot tea don’t go together should know that warm drinks cause our bodies to cool down. So, drink hot tea on your trip to Morocco! 



Escape the heat of Istanbul with a cup of Cay

Turkish tea on a red table in Istanbul.

And while we’re on the subject of heat… escape the hustle and bustle and the heat of Istanbul by drinking a sweet cay in one of the countless cafes in the city. Cay is a black tea that is drunk without milk but with sugar. Apple and sage tea are also very popular with tourists. 


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TripLeader Katharina
on her trip to Turkey



Experience tea in the birthplace of tea 

A Chinese tea ceremony with white cups and black saucers.

China is also famous for its tea culture. Already in the times of Confucius tea was drunk here. The Japanese tea culture has its origin in China. The Chinese prefer to drink green tea, which is prepared in a special way. No milk or sugar is added so that the aroma of the tea can develop freely. 

Drink chai tea in India 

A man prepares chai tea in India.

Masala chai ( or simply chai for short) is a drink made from black (usually local) tea with milk and spices such as masala, turmeric, and cinnamon. India is also a major exporter of tea, so if you’d like to visit a tea plantation, check out our guide to South India to learn more about the culture and life that awaits you. 

Wake your spirits with Yerba Mate in Argentina 

A can of yerba mate on a table.

The consumption of mate is particularly widespread in South America. In Argentina, 80% of the population drinks mate tea at least once a week.

The tea is infused in a very specific way in an egg-shaped container with 70-80°C warm water. The tea is famous for its naturally high caffeine content, which truly awakens the spirit. 

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